The Adventure Starts Here: Halloween on Sesame Street

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween on Sesame Street

While we've gone to Sesame Place multiple times (this summer and last), this was the first time we've gone for "The Count's Halloween Spooktacular". Not only was it fun to see the park decorated for Halloween and the characters in costume, but it was a nice change of pace to go when it wasn't super hot!   I also love it when we get to go with Chris.  It's always fun doing things as a family, but it's also great to have a second set of eyes on Noah and it means I can take and be in more photos :)

When we go in the summer, we usually spend a good chunk of time on the water rides.  Since they were obviously closed, our agenda was a little different this time.  Where the water slides are located, they had a hay maze set up that ended with finding Abby.  They also had little trick or treat stands set up throughout the park with workers handing out treats like pretzels and juice boxes.    

^^^ we always let Noah pick out a little stuffed animal (or other souvenir) from the gift shop whenever we go.  Usually we do it at the end, but this time he wanted to get it at the beginning of our visit.  This time he chose Ernie and was having fun showing him all over the park.  

This visit, we had made plans to meet up with some of our family friends.  We got there a little earlier than they did, so we ended up doing the maze on our own.  When they arrived, they told us that people were lining up right outside the gates for the hayride.  We went out to meet them, and while we didn't make it on the first two tractors, we were first in line for the next round of rides.  At first we were bummed that we missed that second tractor, but then we realized we were really lucky, because it meant we got first dibs on seats when it was our turn.  As a result, we got to sit next to Ernie for the entire hayride.  What a happy coincidence that Noah had just picked out Ernie at the gift shop! 

After the hayride we explored the park a little bit more and then headed to lunch.  We had reserved a table at "Zoe's Monster Mash Party" where we had a buffet lunch, followed by photos and a dance party with some of the characters!  While the food isn't anything special, the kids love it.  I definitely preferred the time we went in the summer though, because it was way less crowded.  But because the park is only open on the weekends in the Fall, it was at full capacity.

After lunch, we met some more characters and went on some rides.  Noah isn't the bravest when it comes to rides, but he was a little better this time.  There's a ride called Elmo's Flying Fish where you can control if it goes up high or if you just stay down low the entire time it goes around and around.  Usually he is adamant to stay at the bottom, but this time I was able to talk him into going up high!

We ended our visit with the guys taking the boys into this netted climbing gym.  My friend and I stayed outside with her younger daughter.  We got to chat for quite a while since the boys were having so much fun and didn't want to leave.  I think it's safe to say that it tired them out, because Noah fell asleep almost immediately in the car!

Who's your favorite Sesame Street character?


  1. So fun and SO cute! Marissa had a HUGE Elmo phase when she was between one and two, I mean HUGE! I however have always been a Cookie Monster kind of gal myself.

  2. This would be a blast!! We went to Sesame Street when Connor was really little (when we were in TX) and I would love to take him again.

  3. Oh how fun!! I love that they decorate the park for Halloween! That's one of my favorite things about Disneyland :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! I love Abby's ladybug costume and the hay ride with Ernie!

  5. How fun!! Love that you guys got to sit next to Ernie! Was Noah completely star struck?

  6. We've never watched Sesame Street so I guess Aria wouldn't have any idea about the characters, but it looks like a blast..minus being at capacity. I hate crowds. If only Disney were always empty. I'm digging his pose by Cookie Monster..the wooden one up top.

  7. This place sounds like so much fun…especially in the fall. I adore all of these pictures! Noah is the cutest little guy. You guys have fun amusement parks around you!

  8. Oh goodness! The picture of Noah looking up at Ernie adoringly- all the heart eyes! I love when theme parks get all decked out for Halloween!


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