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Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I can't believe we have already finished a week of October.  These Fall months really do seem to just fly by.  And yet I can't help but remember how January and February seem to drag on and on!!!  So while I try to cherish the season and will it to last longer, here are some of my current Friday Favorites...


While I've already shared how I decorated the inside of my house for Fall, I didn't show you our front porch.  One day last week, I stopped by our local nursery and picked up a floral arrangement and some pumpkins.  I just love how the cabbage looks with the mums.  And I was drawn to the more muted pumpkins this year.  While we will still be buying some traditional orange pumpkins for painting and carving, I really love how these look displayed on my porch.  

I contemplated getting some bales of hay for the porch too, but decided we had enough hay covering our front lawn!  My dad, aka our gardener, is trying to grow grass in the numerous patches we have in our front and back yard.  The hay is supposed to help the seed stay put, keep moisture in, and keep the turkeys (and other animals) from eating it before it takes.  We have about another week left with the hay and I'm looking forward to having my beautiful lawn back!  Now you know why my outfit photos will be shot inside for the time being ;)


This Summer, Noah was given this Melissa and Doug DYO (Decorate Your Own) Monster Truck for the "BoyMom Box Swap".  We loved it so much that I've picked up a few more of them for him as well as these Butterfly magnets as birthday gifts for some of his girl friends.  


Noah rode a pony!!!  This is a big deal in our house because Noah is a rather timid person.  We've passed by pony rides plenty of times at the zoo and he's never wanted to do it.  One of his best friends was having his birthday party at the local horse stables and Noah even told me he couldn't go to the party because he didn't want to ride a pony.  We obviously still went and told him he didn't have to ride the pony if he didn't want to.  That's why I was so shocked and impressed when he decided to give it a try.  He wanted Chris to walk along with him, and was very cautious while on it, but he did it!!!  And while he doesn't necessarily want to do it again any time soon, he did say he was glad he did it because it wasn't scary like he thought it would be... yay!!!

Noah's shirt


Noah loves puzzles, always has.  And this makes me so happy because I love puzzles too.  I have very fond memories of doing huge puzzles with my grandma (as well as playing backgammon) whenever we'd go to visit.  Until recently, the largest puzzles we've been doing are the Melissa and Doug 48 pieces puzzles.  While he can now do those on his own, we've now graduated to the 100 piece floor puzzles with some adult help.  Since he loved doing this safari puzzle, when Chris saw this Avengers puzzle at the grocery store for only $3, he decided to pick it up.  I thought it would be too hard for Noah, but he proved us wrong and has done it 3 times so far.  While we do need to help him, I was surprised at how many pieces he put together on his own and how long he stayed focused and interested!  


October is a really busy month for our family.  In addition to all the Fall activities we have planned, we have quite a few birthdays.  We have 4 family birthdays and Noah has 3 classmates who are turning 4 and having birthday parties.  Noah is going to be a pro at the whole singing and candle thing by the time his birthday arrives!  My nephew turned 6 on Sunday and it's my dad's birthday today.  My dad's birthday just happens to fall around Canadian Thanksgiving (which also happens to be Columbus Day).  Last year, we decided to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. My whole family is Canadian, but we had stopped celebrating in October when we moved to the States.  But my younger brother and his husband currently live in Canada and since they have a 3 day weekend, decided to come visit us last year.  My mom and I used it as an excuse to have a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving.  We loved it so much that they are coming to visit again this year and we are doing another family dinner.  As if celebrating my dad's birthday and hosting a thanksgiving dinner wasn't enough, we will also be squeezing in a trip to the farm.  It's sure to be a busy and fun weekend!!!

^^^ from our trip to the farm last year

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  1. Your front porch looks beautiful. I just finished mine yesterday and it makes me so happy. :) Love the Melissa and Doug truck craft. That's adorable. HAve a great weekend.

  2. So cute!! Love the front porch décor!! Chelsea @

  3. Visiting from the link up! Happy Thanksgiving from a fellow Canadian! :)

  4. That is cool that you will celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving! Your local turkeys might like that too! Just kidding! Go Noah for riding the pony!

  5. Your porch looks great! I'm loving all the cabbage plants I'm seeing mixed in with mums and fall planters this season. I've purchased one decoration for the outside of our new house - a wreath! My summer flowers are all still blooming on our deck and I really should probably put the money towards some landscaping. We'll see :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I LOVE your porch decor! I need to finish mine up!

  7. Love your looks beautiful!! Enjoy your big weekend with family!

  8. Okay so I'm in awe that you are my only connection to Canada. I need your back story! How long have you been here? What brought you to America? What's your favorite parts of Canada? I want to treat you like a normal friend but with your background, I can't. I haven't been out of the country much so I like quizzing others that were born out of the USA.

  9. What a fun weekend you have planned! Also Stephanies comment made me lol. You should really do a post on that.


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