The Adventure Starts Here: Farm Fun - Pumpkins, Hayrides, and Slingshots

Friday, October 14, 2016

Farm Fun - Pumpkins, Hayrides, and Slingshots

One of our favorite fall traditions is to go to the farm, that's why it's on our bucket list every year!.  Last year we weren't able to go to our regular farm, but this year we went back to our local farm that we go pick strawberries and apples.  Not only is there a lot more going on in the fall, but it's also more crowded.  In addition to the normal fruit picking there are also hayrides, corn and hay mazes, and a pumpkin slingshot!  While we had planned to go when my brother and husband were visiting, the weather wasn't really ideal.  So instead, Chris and I took Noah on our own Monday after school.  

One of the main reasons we love our local farm during pumpkin season is the pumpkin slingshot they have!  While we have never managed to hit any of the targets, there's something really fun about slinging pumpkins through the air!

After the slingshot, we headed over for a hayride.  The tractor took us around the perimeter of the farm, with a pretty amazing view at the top of the hill.  The hayride ends at the pumpkin patch where every rider gets to pick a "free" pumpkin.  

While part of me wishes they had a legitimate pumpkin patch, I don't miss having to carry a heavy pumpkin back to the parking lot.  Instead, we got to pick a few small pumpkins from the field and then go buy our big pumpkins from the store.  

^^^ pumpkin smiley face!

When we got to the farm, it was a little windy and Noah wanted his jacket on with the hood up.  We finally convinced him that it had warmed up and it was no longer needed.  

^^^ while it looks like he's picking out a pumpkin, he's actually complaining about something in his shoe!  

At this point Noah was getting tired and asking to be carried.  We talked him into showing daddy the hay maze and picking out some pumpkins.  I think the promise of an apple cider donut definitely helped!  

Even though we didn't spend that long at the farm, it was another great year filled with a lot of fun!  The combination of the morning at school and then the afternoon outside in the sun, Noah was totally worn out.  Carrying him and letting him play with my hair (his soothing technique) definitely helped, and he fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.  

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Is a trip to the farm a must for you in the Fall? 


  1. What a fun trip! I love all you did while there. Pumpkin patches are so much fun. The sling shot is awesome and one near us has one too, which the boys love. It's such a great idea that they don't put large pumpkins out where you choose them. Smart! I'd be happy to end the trip with a donut too! Noah and I have like minds. Ha ha!

  2. Looks like fun! I don't know that farm! We used to go to Von Thun's.

  3. Your pumpkins are perfect for Noah. We had our pick on Wednesday and they were so big. Connor said he muscles were still sleeping so I needed to pick them for him!

  4. Love pumpkin patches :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  5. What a perfect day!! Those pumpkins are the perfect size for kids. Looks like everyone had a great time and a donut ending sounds lovely :)

  6. We've missed going to the farm the last couple years, but I'm definitely hoping we find one local and go soon. I love so much about visiting a farm, picking some fresh apples and a pumpkin or two. I've never been to a farm with a pumpkin slingshit, but that sounds hilarious!

  7. What a fun place to visit! It kind of cracks me up that they spread the pumpkins out to give it a patch feel. I have never seen anyone do that before. Look like a fun adventure for sure.

  8. I love that this farm is open during the week! All of the ones around here are only open on weekends, which makes it so much more crowded. The pumpkin slingshot looks like so much fun! Nathan and Mason would have a blast with that. You got some great pictures!

  9. That slungshot is awesome! I LOLd about the something in his shoe ;) Its common around here that the pumpkins are trucked in and not actually grown at the farms we visit lol Guess we take what we can get!


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