The Adventure Starts Here: Diggerland in October

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Diggerland in October

This weekend we took Noah to Diggerland.  For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's an amusement park located in South Jersey, with a bunch of construction vehicles turned into rides.  Basically, it's a boy's (big and small) dream amusement park!  While it was our third time going, we just so happen to always go with families that are visiting for their first time.  So each time we go, we get to see it through a newbie's eyes.  And while we have operated our fair share of diggers at this point, it is pretty spectacular when seeing and experiencing it for the first time.  

Our first two visits were in the Summer, and we just so happened to go on super hot days.  When we made these plans with our friends to go in October, I was really looking forward to going and not sweating like crazy in the hot sun.  Well I definitely didn't sweat... instead I froze!  Not only was it cold, but it was really windy and rained on and off.  We persevered because we didn't have an alternate date that worked for both families and the boys were really looking forward to it.  So we packed every coat we own and hoped for the best.  We were starting to second guess our decision on the drive down when it started to pour, but we "lucked out" that once at the park, the most we had was a light drizzle.  

I wouldn't describe myself as a person who is always cold (maybe Chris will disagree).  I'm constantly asking for the air conditioning to be on (and lowered), even in October.  But there I was, with more layers than I've ever worn before, shivering.  I'm not joking when I say I had on a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a quilted vest, a quilted winter jacket, topped with a rain coat and a scarf, and I was still cold!  If I had to pinpoint my biggest mistake, it was not bringing gloves.  Noah had on a winter coat and a rain coat and he wasn't bothered by the weather at all.  He occasionally said his hands were cold, but nothing his pockets couldn't cure.  He either isn't affected by the cold like I am or he just didn't care since he was having so much fun!  On the bright side, the park wasn't crowded at all and we never had to wait in a long line.  

Noah's raincoat

We went on all the same rides we normally do, like digging with the excavators, driving the skid steers, and riding the trains.  But this time, Noah did something for the first time... he drove the mini land rovers all on his own!  The first time we went, Noah wasn't tall enough to do it.  And even if he was, I wasn't really confident that he'd be able to drive the car all by himself and stay on the track.  But this time, it looks like they moved some of the rides around the track is now a little smaller and more manageable (not as many turns).  And since Noah was tall enough and eager, we let him give it a try. I definitely think it helped that his friend was doing it too... an example of when peer pressure is a good thing :)  It was kind of strange for me to see him ride the car all on his own and it reminded me that he's really growing up... he is going to be 4 in a few weeks after all!  We were all so proud of how well he did, including himself!

So while the weather was less than ideal, we still had a really fun time.  I just made sure to spend the rest of the day under the covers ;)  Maybe next year we will manage to go on a day where the weather isn't even a discussion!

Our past visits: June 2016, July 2015


  1. The weather may not have been that great, but it looks like you had a great time. I know I've seen photos from your trips before, but I can't get over how cool the place is. Who doesn't love playing with all the construction trucks? So cool.

  2. We need a place like that in our lives. How cool! Cash, Wyatt & let's face it, Luke would flip!

  3. This place is just the coolest. I love that you made the best of you day even if the weather was less than amazing.

  4. I'm dying to go there before my kids have totally outgrown it!

  5. The Larrabee boys would loooove this place! How fun!

  6. So I just opened your post to read it and Seth saw it and goes " You know someone who went there?!?!" And I'm like yeah, she lives by there, she goes all the time. And he thought that was the coolest thing EVER. Needless to say, we might need to book a trip there, for Seth, not for Mason. Ha!

  7. First of all I just want to say that I love how many pictures you are in these days! I need to take a lesson from you. And then give the hubs a lesson on the camera! Ha. Diggerland seems like the perfect place for little boys. I know Mason would have a blast there. Noah looks so much like you in the close up picture of him through those little bars. Your little twin! I think the mini Land Rovers are my favorite out of them all. How cool! I bet Noah felt so big driving on his own. Your pictures are perfection!


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