The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's First Day of School & Some Friday Favorites

Friday, September 9, 2016

Noah's First Day of School & Some Friday Favorites

Noah had his first day of school on Wednesday.  Last year, Noah was in a 2 1/2 year program and went two mornings a week.  This year he's in a 3 year old class and will be going 3 mornings a week with the option of extra enrichment classes.  Because of Noah's fall birthday, he misses the cutoff and though he's almost 4, he will have 2 more years of preschool before starting kindergarten.  To be honest, I'm relieved I get an "extra" year of him only going half days!  But since this was his second year of preschool, he was a pro and wasn't nervous at all!  On the first day, they have the parents stay for the first hour.  Last year, Noah was a little hesitant about us leaving, but this year he questioned why we even had to come and was like "see ya" when it was time for us to leave.  

While Noah was very excited for his first day, he was not as excited about the picture part.  To get these photos, we ended up bribing him with a new (but small) Octonauts toy.  And even with a bribe, we still got many of these...

He was definitely more interested in being goofy...

^^^ he's instructing me on how to fold my arms ;)

And I couldn't resist sharing a side by side of Noah's first day from last year compared to his first day this past Wednesday!  Not only has he grown in size, but he's just so much more confident about starting school.  While he was pretty nervous last year, this year he was just very excited to get there!  

Now on to some of my favorites from the week...


I am a huge fan of Hanna Andersson pajamas!  Yes, they are a little on the expensive side, but they are such good quality, so soft, and hold up to constant washing!  While Noah is a huge fan as well, right now, he's an even bigger fan of mismatched pajamas!  He loves mixing prints, whether it's different color stripes, trains with space, or even two different construction prints, he just isn't a fan of wearing the pajamas the way they were meant to be.  Thankfully we have lots of pajamas so the options are endless!   We are currently trying to find these in size 110, and I told Noah that if we do, he's not allowed to mix and match them ;)

^^^ here we are taking our traditional US Open ticket photo and Noah had something to tell us.  I wonder what people driving by must have thought of his mismatched pjs with sneakers look! 


Octonauts Gups.  We are still huge fans of the Octonauts and we seem to be on a mission to own every single Gup (there are probably 20???).  When we were gone all day at the US Open, my mom surprised him with a scavenger hunt that ended with him finding the Gup-K (which just happens to be remote control operated!).  In the show, this Gup is used when they are in the Amazon and it's good at chomping through fallen trees.  Noah and my mom of course had to make their own logs out of construction paper ;)  


Labor Day Sales.  I mentioned earlier this week that I got to do some solo shopping on Monday.  Loft was having 60% off sale items, so I couldn't help but look.  I instantly fell in love with this black polka dot top.  I figured it was perfect now on it's own and since it's black, I could easily add a blazer or cardigan and wear it in the fall/winter as well.  While not on sale, I'm also in love with these black jeans.  I often find I have an outfit that I think would look good with leggings, but want something a little more dressed up.  I'm waiting for a good sale at Loft and then I will be ordering them immediately!

top (sized down to Medium) | black jeans (size 30) | bracelets (similar)


Loft was also having a sale on their new Fall pieces.  But since I know Loft has better sales, I'm holding out.  So I used this past trip as recon.  I tried on a bunch of things that caught my eye online, and I'm glad I did.  While they describe these three tops as tunics, I was surprised at how long they actually are.  First off, I'm long waisted, so things usually fall short on me.  Second, I sized down to a medium in these (usually a large), and they are still loose and long.  So here's my question, do we like the tunic look, do they look better tucked in (as shown below), or should I just skip this style completely?

chambray (Medium) | white plaid tunic (Medium) | plum plaid tunic (Medium) 
white jeans (size 12) | black jeans (size 30) 


I've always loved photos of the sky and panoramics, but this one is just so cool to me.  We took Noah out for pizza and ice cream after his first day of school on Wednesday.  When we were leaving, we noticed that to our left, the sky was very dark and looked like it would storm at any minute.  But to the right, the sky was the prettiest shade of blue.  We were amazed at how different the sky could look.  If it had started raining, I wouldn't be surprised if we could find the spot where it was raining on one arm and dry on the other!

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  1. Noah looks adorable on his first day. And I'm such a sucker for comparison shots. I love that he mixes his pajamas. Sounds like Cam. It kinda drive my OCD side nuts, but I have to remind myself it isn't hurting anything. Ha ha! What are the extra enrichment classes Noah can have?

  2. So great that you get 2 more years before Kindergarten! Enjoy those, mama! I love all of these photos, especially the goofy ones. They show how fun and silly he is at this age! Those Hanna pajamas are so cute. I hope you find them. I like them both ways – untucked and tucked! That panoramic is awesome. What a pretty area, too! Happy Friday, friend!

  3. Love the first day of school pictures. That is so funny that Noah mixes up his pajamas! I like the tunic shirts on you both ways - you can style them multiple ways to feel like you have multiple outfits!

  4. Aaaahhh I love all the first day photos and that you got one with each of you too. Noah changed SO much last year. I remember being floored by his first and last day photos. Surely that won't happen again, right?!?! Time will tell. I hope y'all have an awesome weekend.

  5. So glad that Noah had such a great first day! I love how year 2 is totally different than year 1 in the fact that they kids are always so excited for the parents to leave lol.

  6. Thrilled to have found your blog today! LOVE those first day of school photos. Seriously the cutest! Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! - McKenzie //

  7. That Gup K is insane. I love it! Reed asked for Kwazi's Octosuit for when we move to CA so of course we have that ordered and ready to go. I also scored a random deal on the Gup I the other day from a neighbor with an Amazon store that received some damaged boxes. Brand new, but she can't sell it so she sold it to me for $5. I was way too excited about it, but I'm sure you understand!

  8. Yay for preschool! Noah is so cute. He can totally rock a little mowhawk like nobody else. I like the tunic style because like you I have a long torso and you look great with it tucked in too! I have a similar white and black plaid but that plum color is stunning.

  9. How fun is Noah?! His personality reminds me a lot like Connor!


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