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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Noah in September | The Picture Perfect Project

One of my goals for 2016, was to take a photo of Noah each month. While I take lots of iPhone photos, I wanted to take the time to use my DSLR and get at least one photo of him each month that shows his personality, his interests, and reflects the current season. I hope that at the end of the year I will have an amazing collection of photos that represents our year. So when I saw Stephanie post about The Picture Perfect Project I knew I wanted to participate! 

This month's photos are football themed, and there are a lot of them!  Since moving to our new house and town in 2014, we have dressed Noah in his Penn State jersey and headed over to the local high school at the beginning of each football season to throw the ball around. I love looking back at 2014 and 2015 and see how much Noah has grown.  Not only in size, but also in how he can now throw a ball better and how much more interested he is in it.  He's also become less interested in posing for photos.  This year, when I told him what we were going to do, he told me he didn't want me taking photos.  I compromised and told him that he could just play with daddy and I would just follow him around, I wouldn't ask him to pose for any photos.  He agreed :)  I am personally obsessed with so many of these photos.  I am so glad we headed over after dinner, during the "golden hour".  As the sun was setting, Noah noticed the sky and commented that the sky was so "boo-tiful".  I love that he notices and appreciates these things.  

It was really fun to watch Chris show Noah some football skills.  They played catch, punted the ball, and Chris even taught Noah how to spike it!  While Chris would have liked to punt the ball himself a few times, Noah was pretty adamant that it was his turn every time.  It could have been worse... Noah could have shown no interest in the entire activity.  

Right before the 2014 Super Bowl, Chris bought some penalty flags (and whistle), similar to these.  Noah had just started walking and Chris thought it would be super cute for Noah to play with them while we watched the game... and it was!  We brought the penalty flags with us to the football field, and Noah loved them!  The funniest part was after we explained what the flags were for.  Noah would tell Chris to "say bad words" so that he could throw the flag at him.  So Chris would come up with phrases like "I don't like Paw Patrol" and "I don't like watermelon" and then Noah would throw the yellow flag at him.  I couldn't help but laugh that Noah thought these were "bad words" and that he was so into doing it over and over again!

While I figured Noah would be tired after throwing the ball around, he still had some energy left.  So he and Chris had some mini races on the track.  It was so cute to watch Noah want to race in each and every lane!  Chris was definitely tired by the end of it!

After seeing the beautiful sky, he told me he had an idea of what he wanted to do what we got home.  I had a feeling I knew what it was, and guessed that he wanted to draw a sunset... and I was right.  The look on his face when I guessed correctly was too funny!  I don't know how to describe it in words, but his little half smile just slays me!  

So off we went, to draw that sunset!

Are you a football fan?  Do you have traditions that you do each and every year?


  1. Wow! You got some beautiful photos Meghan! Noah looks so big in some of them. Great job!

  2. Cutest little father son moments captured!! Candids are always so much better in the end anyway, the personality is all over them! I love it. Great shots.

  3. The lighting is perfect! I love these photos.

  4. LOVE how these photos turned out. The lighting in them is fantastic Meghan. Such sweet memories too. Picking a favorite out of this group is pretty much impossible.

  5. What a great tradition you've started! You're lucky to be so close to a football field. And these photos are so good. The light is amazing!!

  6. Meghan, these are so precious! Talk about the most perfect father-son photo shoot EVER. The light is beautiful and those penalty flags make me chuckle.

  7. I absolutely love this little tradition of yours! And I love that these are totally candid and shows a father and son spending quality time together. So much love radiates from these photos! These are precious and I know you all will cherish them for a lifetime. I am dying over the ‘bad words’ Chris said to earn the flags! Hilarious!

    PS – I am coming to NJ to visit you! And then you can show me your ways and teach me all your ways with the camera! You take the BEST photos, friend!

  8. These pictures are phenomenal!!!! The sky, the sunlight, the football field, and the fact that Daddy is right there playing is just icing on the cake! Perfect shots!


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