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Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Pumpkin Day Mouse | Our Favorite Halloween Books

A blogging, turned real life friend, recently introduced me to the Monthly Crafting Book Club that Raising Fairies and Knights hosts each month.  We love to read and we definitely love to craft, so I loved the idea of combining two of our interests!  

I was really excited to find out that this month's book was It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!.  It has been a favorite of ours to read each fall since Noah was really little.  I love the simplicity of the book, but that the photos give you the opportunity to discuss different emotions and facial expressions.  I was really excited to bring this book back out for the next several weeks.  

Chris has mentioned in the past that we seem to do all the fun stuff during the week when he's at work.  So I decided to hold off on reading the book and doing a corresponding craft until Chris was home.  The boys had so much reading the book and even imitated many of the silly jack-o-lantern faces.  These two always have so much fun together.  

After they read the book, it was time for the craft.  One day when Noah was in school, I cut out some orange pumpkins and some black eyes and mouths.  I tried to give Noah enough options so that he could make whatever face he wanted.  I found the pumpkin template by searching Google images and cut the eyes and mouths free hand.

I cut out some white circles to act as a background to the round black eyes, but Noah decided he'd rather use them as noses.  He also decided he wanted to color the stem brown :)

Here are the finished products.  While Noah technically made them all, he assigned each of us a jack-o-lantern of our own...

While this is a simple craft, Noah really had a blast doing it!  We hung them on our kitchen pantry doors (like we do with all of our crafts), and he's so excited to point them out whenever we walk by.  

Find more "It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!"activities, crafts and more over at Raising Fairies and Knights.

In addition to It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!, here are some of our favorite books for Fall and Halloween!
This is Chris' favorite book to read to Noah, hands down!  On each page, they look for a pumpkin, and when they can't find one, Chris and Noah yell out "Nooooo"!  They get very into it!

Chris got this book for Noah since he was really into construction vehicles.  It's a very simple book, but Noah loves it, for obvious reasons.

I think this is a really cute book.  And I like that there's more of a story and not just a quick board book.

I love this book.  Noah was a little scared of it last year, but he's scared of a lot of things.  I hope he grows to love this book as he gets older.

While we aren't from Boston, we were gifted this book from friends who live in Massachusetts.  Despite not knowing all the landmarks, I still found it very entertaining.  We just picked the New Jersey one up too!

We have a few books from this series.  While I wasn't very impressed with the Easter one, I really liked this Halloween one!

I'm a little torn about this book.  The story is the typical Five Little Pumpkins song.  I usually don't like books that are just song lyrics I already know, but the illustrations really are great.  And Noah really loves this book, so it's a winner in our house.

Cute book, especially if your child likes George... and really, who doesn't love that monkey!

I personally think we are starting to outgrow this book, but it's still a really cute book that Noah enjoys to read.  

This one is new to us this year, I actually just picked it up this week at Target.  Noah was so excited for it that we even read it in the book aisle.  It was really cute and Noah always loves a good lift the flap.  Little Blue Truck does it again!

What are your favorite Halloween themed books?

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  1. Cute craft! We love that book. I can't even count how many times we've read it over the years. I think I could read it without actually looking at the book and it's not out all year long. I only get it out in the fall. I have a post ready for next week with our favorite fall books and we have a lot of the same as you. We bought Little Blue Truck's Halloween too and love it.

  2. Love this! My girls love "It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse" and we just stalked up on some new festive books. Our current favorite is "Goodnight Goon" - it's pretty cute! :)

  3. I love the fun you had with this book. We have a list of favorite books too but you have a handful that are new to use. I'll be sure to check those out this week from the library.

  4. Cute idea. Noah looks so much older lately! I noticed it more on your instagram. Definitely losing the baby face and looking like a boy. :)

  5. I love Halloween stories!! They put me in such a festive mood!

  6. I haven't seen that Danny Dozer book before! How cute. I might need to look into that book for Mason. Our favorites are the Little Blue Truck Halloween book and the Pete the Cat Halloween book!

  7. This is SO cute Meghan. I love that you got Chris involved and that photo at the end is a framer for sure. Hope you had a great weekend.

  8. What fun you all had! (And I love that you waited until daddy was home so he could join in all the fun, too!) I also love the white noses - isn't it great when we they use materials in a different way than we'd planned like that? So happy you're joining us for this club, Meghan!

  9. That's a great selection of Halloween books! I also love the llama llama one. That's so sweet you got family pictures for your craft. I LOVE it! Thanks so much for joining us this month #monthlycraftingbookclub.

  10. It's a shame they didn't have any fun with this. ;) Just kidding! They are such a cute daddy/son duo! Love this craft and book!


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