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Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  After last weekend's plans were cancelled because of Noah's strep diagnosis, I am really looking forward to a weekend spent out doing fun things.  We have apple picking, a girls' night out, and Sunday brunch on the agenda.  I think it's gonna be a good one :)  The weather has started to cool off here, with chilly mornings and some pleasantly warm weather by lunchtime.  We've made a point to get outside every single day, and I am once again reminded why Fall is my favorite season!  Here are a few of my favorite things from the week...


Afternoon walks.  With the cooler weather, I decided it was time to get back into the routine of taking walks around our neighborhood.  On the days were it didn't go above 80 degrees, I got out for 2+ mile walks while Noah sat in the stroller playing games on his iPad or watching YouTube on my iPhone.  I was happy to get some exercise and he was happy to get some screen time.  He even fell asleep on one of our walks!  Part of the deal with our walks, is that he also gets to ride his bike around the cul de sac and make a stop at the playground down the street either before or after.  I have really been loving this time spent outside and hope we get a long fall!  


Pesto Pasta with Zucchini.  I am so happy I found this recipe on Ellie and Addie.  While I made it with traditional pasta (that you have to boil and drain), it was still super easy and I was able to only use one pot (I cooked the zucchini in the boiling water with the pasta).  This pasta dish was so yummy and a welcome change from our usual tomato sauce dishes.  And it gave us leftovers too, which is always good in my book!


Giraffes.  Noah's favorite animal is the giraffe, and has been for a while.  When he was first learning to talk, he called the "tall talls" and I kind of miss it.  He recently started bringing this giraffe stuffed animal around everywhere and wanting to sleep with it (Not sure why it all of a sudden happened considering he's had it since May!).

So this week, we went to our local zoo with my parents.  Just this past spring they added a giraffe exhibit, which is a pretty big deal considering our zoo is not large by any means.  It's Noah's favorite exhibit and we spent a lot of time watching the giraffes eat and play.  But the most exciting part was watching the gazelles run and interact with the giraffes.  We didn't even know they were gazelles at first until we saw the baby one run around... man are they fast and agile!

^^^ the giraffe is giving "ugga mugga" to the little gazelle! 
^^^ carrying his giraffe around everywhere and showing him all the animals!


Birds.  We've done the bird exhibit at our zoo a few times, but this is the first time Noah was brave enough to feed them.  They sell sticks with bird feed on them for $2 and you get to walk around the caged in area and feed the birds.  Some are more lively and brave than the others and will climb right onto your stick and hand.  There was a blue one in particular that was getting rather territorial and would snip at the other birds who tried to share our stick with him.  One even pecked at Noah's finger a little... thankfully it didn't seem to bother Noah!   And check out how much the birds love strollers! Needless to say we had to be very careful when leaving!


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  1. I am so jealous of your weather. It is still in the 90's here. I'm so ready to stop wearing my summer uniform and break out my fall clothes. Also we are ready to be outside more since it's so hot that I'm just not comfortable with the kids being out in the extreme heat for too long.

  2. Yay for fall weather!!!!!! Walks in the fall are my fave! :)

  3. That is so cute that the giraffe and gazelle play together! What zoo do you go to, turtle back?

  4. I'm loving the cooler weather! Giraffes are my fave and I'm so glad our zoo has them!

  5. I love taking the boys out for walks too, but Owen isn't a fan. Our neighborhood is really hilly and there is literally no where to walk to for a mile, so it's not fun for him -- and Luke gets the stroller, so O has to walk. Looking forward to our move so we'll have parks and shops to walk to. Love your flats! clicking over to check them out!!

  6. Oh man I was praying the cooler weather would arrive in Missouri while we were gone but I don't think I was that lucky. Love Noah with his giraffe. So, so sweet. Hope you are having that awesome weekend you hoped for.

  7. I am so jealous of your cooler weather!! Send some this way, please. I can’t wait for it to cool off here so that we can get outside more. That pasta sounds amazing!! Yay for Giraffes. Those are my favorites. And Noah sure is brave for going in the bird exhibit. That’s one that I can’t do. I am so not brave when it comes to birds. Great pictures, friend!

  8. We just got in from a walk. I've been doing that after lunch and then we have an hour of quiet time. It helps with the long days of solo parenting oh so much.


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