The Adventure Starts Here: Fall Fashion for the Momma & Mini Man

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall Fashion for the Momma & Mini Man

Happy September!  While the temps are still screaming Summer, Fall will be here before we know it. Noah starts school next week, and while he will still be wearing shorts and t-shirts for a few more weeks, I can't help but do some back to school fall shopping.  Most of these items will be sitting in Noah's closet for a while, but I'm always nervous that my favorite items will sell out in his size if I wait until the weather actually turns.  

For Noah, comfort is key!  Noah is very vocal when it comes to what he wears.  And for him, elastic waistbands are a must.  After that, give him all the graphic tees and he will be one happy kid!  So while I stocked up on sweatpants, leggings, and drawstring pants, I told him that he needed to mix some solid and striped options into his wardrobe this Fall.  One thing I did give into is all the camo.  While it's not necessarily my first choice, I can't deny that it's popular and "in style" this season.   Noah is obsessed with it and has a few shirts and pants in his favorite camo print!  I also made sure to pick up a few collared shirts (button down and polo style) for the rare occasion he needs to dress up a little.  

This fall we had a little more trouble with shoes than we normally have.  While Noah has always had a wider foot, this is the first time he's really expressed that shoes feel "tight".  We went to Nordstrom (like we always do), but this time they didn't have a lot of velcro options in his size and didn't have any wide shoes for him to even try on.  We usually have such a great experience at Nordstrom, so I was really disappointed.  Many kid shoe stores have closed in our area, so I was stuck with ordering a bunch of shoes online and returning the ones that were "too tight".  We quickly learned that New Balance shoes are the way to go since they often offer "wide" (and sometimes even "extra wide").  If you like New Balance sneakers, you should definitely check out this website for discounted options!  We also had success with these sperry sneakers   Noah had this exact pair last Fall too and they were perfect for when he needs to "dress up" a little more.  If you couldn't tell... we are super casual over here!

 plaid shirt & striped polo (from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet)

And while I'm not going back to school, I couldn't help but do a little Fall shopping for myself.  While I'm really excited to pull out my jeans and tops from last year, I always get excited to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe each year.  This fall I find myself gravitating towards the lighter colors.  I figure I will be wearing plenty of darker colors come January, so I might as well enjoy these pink and purple plaids while I can!  But the item that I'm most excited to wear is my green utility vest that I got last Spring.  And the best part is that it's back in stock!  It sold out so quickly last time and whenever I shared it I had a hard time finding one at a similar price point.  So if you have any interest in adding a green utility vest to your closet this fall, I suggest you snatch this up fast!!!  While it's not pictured below, if you are in need of a lightweight cardigan, check out this one... it's so incredibly soft AND it's on sale!

utility vest (back in stock... grab it while you can!!!) | cream puffer vest
pink plaid | purple check (on sale, I sized down to Medium) | black and white stripe
booties | distressed denim (I like to size up in ON jeans)

I've been having so much fun looking back at my cold weather outfits and can't wait to wear them again this Fall!  I can't wait to give all my favorites a new life :)

riding boots | booties | mixed media top (similar) | denim | blue printed top (similar)

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  1. Noah is one stylin kid!! I love that he tells you what he likes. Cam is the same way but sometimes he could care less. Love your goodies. I really need to get that vest. :)

  2. So cute. I LOVE that adventure shirt for Noah. I bet you snatched that ups SUPER fast. Y'all are set. We have a SUPER hard time finding jeans for the girls, especially Emily so I feel ya on the shoes. That stuff is frustrating.

  3. I love Noah's wardrobe. It's very much like Connor's. I have a problem with wanting to buy all the shoes for him but have realized it's not needed. He doesn't care and it helps my bank account to not go too crazy.

  4. Love everything you found! You probably already know the shirt that says “Adventure” is my absolute favorite. And I love those booties.

  5. I've always loved those NB shoes! I snagged a pair for Wes for $14 on Amazon a while back. I just can't wait to dress for fall weather!

  6. Cute cute! We have cut back on shopping since the big guys are in uniforms and I started doing Le Tote but I do love some fresh clothes for the season!


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