The Adventure Starts Here: Apple Picking

Monday, September 19, 2016

Apple Picking

Pumpkin flavored everything is probably what comes to mind when you think Fall.  But for me, September is about apples, pumpkins can wait for October!  On Saturday, we headed to our local farm to go apple picking.  While I'm not really a fan of apple pies (or any pie for that matter... it's the whole mushy fruit thing that bothers me), I really do like to eat apples and bake with them in other ways.  And while it's fun to go pick tons of apples to bake with, our real reason for going apple picking is more for the experience.   I love taking Noah each year and seeing how much he grows each year.  Besides him looking bigger, I love that he's become more involved and more excited with the process every year.  

Past years, we've picked Honey Crisps since they are our favorite.  But this year, we didn't check before going and were a little surprised when we found out the Honey Crisps weren't ready to be picked yet.  Instead, they only had "Greening", which are meant for tarts and baking, and MacIntosh.  While I grew up eating (and loving) MacIntosh apples, last year we picked a few and none of us really liked them.  So right away, we were a little bummed that this trip might not be the best.  And even though the trees were a little more bare than I had expected, there were enough for us to have a good time picking.  And the best part... they tasted delicious this year!  And while the photos make it seem like we picked baskets full of apples, we actually only picked about 10-15.  A few were duds, we ate three on the spot, and we brought six home.  At least I know we won't let any apples go to waste!  

 ^^^ using the "claw apple grabber", as named by Noah
 ^^^ in the past, Noah was never interested in eating any apples on the spot.  But this year he loved it!
 ^^^ Daddy loves to make smiley faces for Noah!
 ^^^ and Noah loves to destroy them!
 ^^^ I definitely wasn't as graceful with the "claw apple grabber" and I ended up grabbing more than just the apple... oops!
 ^^^ Noah was even tall enough to reach some of them on his own!
 ^^^ giving Daddy "high six" since that's how many we had in our basket

My jeans | shirt (old from Old Navy) | shoes (old from Loft)
Noah's shirt | pants | sneakers

Past year's apple picking adventures: 2015 | 2014


  1. Beautiful photos Meghan! I love that Chris made a smiley face on the apple. Such a fun dad. Lookes like a successful apple picking trip. We are planning to go to an orchard. Just need to fine a day that works.

  2. Despite the setbacks, what a fun day!! I just adore your sweet family. I love that Chris makes smiley faces for Noah. When I first saw it I was like, 'look a pumpkin face' and then had to remind myself that it was an apple. haha! Great pictures, as always. Looks like you guys had the whole place to yourselves!

  3. What a fun adventure for the 3 of you. We don't have the pole to help us pick high ones so we usually just shake the tree a bit and get a few of the good ones to drop. I think that might be illegal in apple picking terms but that's what we are sometimes, rule breakers.

  4. Bummer that the honeycrisps weren't ready yet. They are definitely my favorite apple for sure. At least you made the most of if and had a fun time though. We don't have any apple orchards around here so I am pretty jealous you were able to go!

  5. Ive wanted to go apple picking for forever! Theres something so fall about it lol. Ill have to look into it again, youve given me the itch ;)

  6. I just love the daddy son pics. They seem to have such a fun relationship in photos! And, I'm sure in real life too but the photos are what I know =) I bet biting into a nice fresh from the tree apple is a fun experience. Love the smiley too ha.

  7. I love that you go every year! I really wanted to go this year... but I think I'm just too pregnant to be walking around an orchard. Also, can I say that I love that you don't like pie either? I thought I was the only one!

  8. Oh that picture of Noah up on Chris' shoulders is my favorite! September is all about apples for me too! We went picking recently and I totally go my fill. Homemade applesauce is one of my favorite things to do. I'm sure i'll make another batch here soon.


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