The Adventure Starts Here: A Weekend with the Cousins

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Weekend with the Cousins

I think today is going to be a pretty lazy Monday... a day to recover!  While we often stay busy on the weekends, this one felt even busier.  My brother, sister-in-law, and Noah's cousins drove down Friday afternoon.  The reason for their visit was because they were going to a BYU football game down in Washington DC.  My parents' house was a nice half way point and they were going to babysat my youngest nephew (who's Noah's age) while they took the older two to the game.  The game was a birthday gift for my middle nephew, who will be 6 next weekend (how did that happen so fast???).  It was a whirlwind of a weekend, with lots of driving for them, and trying to fit in as much cousin time as we could.  

My brother and his family arrived Friday evening, so Noah and I headed over to my parents' house and then Chris met us there when he got home from work.  Since we won't be seeing my nephew on his actual birthday, my mom decided to throw him a little family birthday party on Friday night.  We played some party games, had Matthew's favorite (baked ziti) for dinner, opened presents, and sang to him over an ice cream cake!  The kids had so much fun playing some of the party games I grew up on.  Pass the Parcel was always a staple at our parties growing up, so I was surprised when Chris had never heard of the game!  So tell me... have you ever heard of it?  

After a late night partying with his cousins, Noah slept in Saturday.  He basically woke up, ate breakfast, and we were out the door for the day.  My brother and his wife took the older kids to the football game while my youngest nephew stayed home with my parents.  My mom is a firm believer in keeping kids busy and distracted, so we planned to spend the day with them in an effort to help entertain Aidan.  But first, we took Noah to Lowes for this month's Build and Grow.  The Avenger themed projects are officially over, but Noah was very excited to make a Fire Boat!  From there, we met my parents and my nephew at the bookstore and then grabbed some lunch at McDonalds.  The new happy meal toys are DC Comic figures, and I'm honestly not sure who was more excited for this, Chris or Noah!

After lunch, we took the two boys to the zoo.  While Noah and I had taken my parents there just a few weeks ago, Chris hasn't been since our zoo got the giraffe exhibit.  He was so excited to go and was very hopeful we'd get to feed the giraffes.  He was seriously bummed when there were signs at the entrance saying the giraffe exhibit was closed for the day.  Workers said that the field was too wet and was dangerous for the giraffes.  But they did say that the gazelles (which we later found out were actually antelopes), that are in the same area, were still out.  So we took our time looking at some other animals while still making our way to the African/Giraffe section.

So you can imagine our surprise when we walked down and saw that not only were the giraffes out, but there was one super close because a zoo worker was feeding him!  We learned that the giraffes were inside all morning and now that the field had finally dried out, they just let them out (how lucky for us).  We also learned that they usually do feedings everyday, but not until 2pm (which is why we missed it the last time we came).  The boys were really excited to see the giraffes AND it put Chris in a much better mood!

From there we saw more animals, the boys had some snacks, and Noah proceeded to avoid the camera!  The only time I could get photos of him was when he was distracted eating his Swedish Fish.  The funny part was when he would be looking away and Aidan would be smiling at the camera.  I told Aidan he was such a good model and it was time I photographed him more.  Clearly Noah is over all the photos.  I just hope he gets over that soon since we are having family photos taken in a few weeks.  That, or I will need to do some major bribing!

You can try to hide, but eventually I will get you...

On Sunday, Chris was gone for the day at the Giants game, while we went to have one last family lunch before my brother and family drove home.  Noah sure does love when his cousins come to visit.  And as much as Noah loves to follow the older cousins around, it was a treat to get some one on one time with just Aidan.  Since he's the youngest, I've never really had the chance to see him all by himself.  Those sibling dynamics have always been a factor.  Noah and Aidan usually don't end up playing with each other when everyone is around, but the two of them got along really well at the zoo.  It was nice to have a different kind of visit this time.    


  1. What a fun weekend! Cousin time is always so special and it looks like they had a blast. Love the zoo photos.

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Sibling dynamics are so crazy. Anytime I am alone with Emily it just amazes me how much different she can be than when her sister is around. I don't feel the same being alone with Marissa since she had nearly 3 years of our undivided attention.

  3. Aww what a fun weekend :) Looks like a lot of fun Chelsea @

  4. I don't think I played pass the parcel as a kid, but I learned it from friends and have done it at parties! Giraffes are so great, I love the pictures.

  5. What a fun day!! Connor is over my photo-taking ways, too!

  6. Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend! So glad Noah got to spend some time with the cousins! Mason always has a blast with his. Cousin bonding is such a special time!

  7. What a fun weekend! Cousins truly are the best friends. Mason asks almost every day to go visit his. That last picture of Noah is perfect! His eyes melt me.


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