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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekend Unexpected...

Today I planned to do a recap on our day at the Little League World Series.  We went last year and had a lot of fun, but this year did not go at all as I expected.  If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (megflinn33), you already know what I'm talking about, but if not, here's the story.  

We drove out to Williamsport, PA to meet up with our friends.  We then headed over to the Little League World Series stadium to save some seats.  While it's nice that they don't charge admittance, it means there aren't assigned seats.  We got there two hours before the game and we could barely find six seats together.  Our seats were in the direct sun, so we did our best to stay cool.  The guys took the boys on little trips around the grounds to play games, collect pins, and have some photo ops, and we made sure to have a constant stream of drinks, smoothies, and ice cream.  

And while everyone else (including the kids) handled the heat well, I didn't do so well.  At first it was just the normal feeling hot and sweaty, but when I stood for the national anthem, I felt like I was gonna fall over if I didn't sit down.  Chris was out walking with Noah, so I texted him to come back.  We left Noah with our friends and he was gonna walk with me to the bathroom.  I barely got down 2 steps before I was seeing black spots and had to sit down before I passed out.  The ushers immediately came over and told me they'd call for help.  I was then walked over to first aid, which was air conditioned, and given some cold water while they checked my blood pressure and sugar level.  My blood pressure was low, but didn't raise any red flags.  And Noah was excited because he got two first aid pins.  I joked that he should thank me for getting sick so that he could get some special pins most kids wouldn't collect ;)  He got so many pins that we just ordered this pin case.  

After resting in the cool room and drinking lots of water, I felt good enough to go home.   The good news is, the kids couldn't really care less about the actual game.  Instead, we headed back to our friend's house where the guys took the boys swimming next door while I rested inside.  At this point, I felt much better and only had a residual headache.  So we continued on with our plans to go out for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  But I guess the heat and the swimming tired Noah out, because he fell asleep while we waited for our table.  He was out!  He stayed asleep the entire time despite being moved from my shoulder to my lap so I could eat my food.  He stayed asleep when we checked into the hotel, changed him into his pajamas, and didn't wake up til the next morning.  I guess he really needed the sleep!  

The next day, Noah was up bright and early, so Chris took him swimming at the hotel pool.  Then we were off to meet our friends at Knoebels.  In case you aren't from around here, Knoebels is an amusement park where you just pay per ride and there isn't an admission fee.  We were really excited to take the kids for their first time (it would have been Chris' and my first time too), so we were really bummed when it was raining on our way over.  We hoped that it would stop soon, but it just never gave up.  We finally gave up and decided to find alternative (and indoor) plans.  We found a bounce place within half an hour and an Olive Garden right across the street... win win for everyone!  The kids got to bounce and we got to have unlimited salad and breadsticks :)

So while we didn't get to see the baseball game or go to Knoebels, it doesn't matter because we still had a wonderful weekend with our friends.   And now we know what we want to do next summer!  


  1. That is quite the weekend. I'm so glad you are okay. Wow, that kinda scary. You were obviously in good hands though. Looks like the boys had a great time. So sweet.

  2. All of those mascots, love them. So glad you didn't fall over and pass out girl. That heat has been BRUTAL lately :(.

  3. We LOVE Knoebels! My parents grew up nearby, my grandfather wrote their book about the history, and we take our kids every year. Best park ever!

  4. What a scary incident!? I am glad it wasn't anything more serious.

  5. The heat is not my friend usually, even more so being pregnant. Let's boycott. I am a fan of breadsticks though! And it still sounds like a fun weekend minus the heat.

  6. Oh goodness. Sounds crazy, but glad you are ok and just some water and rest helped you feel mostly better! And glad you made the most of the weekend.

  7. So cool that you guys were so close to the Little League World Series. We love to watch them on tv. The pin trading is so cool. My brother in law’s team went to the WS one year at Disney and I loved seeing all of the pins he got. I can’t believe how crowded it is even two hours before the game! Oh you poor thing! That has happened to me before and it’s no fun at all. I’m glad it wasn’t too serious and you were able to rest and then carry on with your plans that evening! Such a bummer that the weather didn’t cooperate for Knoebels…but sounds like you guys found a fun alternative.


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