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Friday, August 5, 2016


Happy Friday!  We are currently on our way to Rhode Island to visit my brother and his family (otherwise known as Noah's 3 cousins).  I'm so excited to spend the weekend at the beach and really hope traffic isn't horrible!  Here's a little recap of our last week...


In case you are like me, and are a little behind with reading blogs, here are my posts from the week...


Last weekend, Chris and I were able to get away for a date night.  Last minute, we were given the opportunity to go to the Mets game where Mike Piazza's jersey was being retired.  While I'm not a huge baseball fan, Chris is and is/was a huge Piazza fan.  And even though I know very little about  Piazza, I couldn't help getting caught up with the excitement of the crowd.  While getting to Citi Field can be a huge pain (far away and lots of traffic), I'm glad we did it.  The absolute best part was that our seats were under an overhang so we weren't bothered by the constant rain that kept changing from light to heavy.    And I'm so relieved that Noah had fun with my mom since she watched him for almost 10 hours and went to bed with her.  


We took it easy on Sunday.  I guess I really am old, because I was exhausted after being up til midnight because of the game.  We spent the day in our pajamas and only get dressed to meet some friends for dinner.  We took the kids for hibachi, and while Noah has been before, it was his friends' first time!  While Noah is a little scared of the fire, he ended up having a great time and really loved the noodles.  He also thought it was pretty cool when the chef started singing the clean up song!


I woke up Monday morning with a pretty bad cold.  Not sure if I outdid myself on Saturday or if the cold was just inevitable, but boy did it do me in.  Thankfully, Noah was just as happy to take it easy on Monday and have a pajama and iPad day.  He really is a homebody, so this is his favorite way to spend a rainy Monday.  


Thankfully I woke up feeling a little better on Tuesday, minus a lingering cough and some congestion.  While we cancelled a play date, we were able to get back to our somewhat normal routine.  Noah was very excited that Chris left some Blaze coloring pages for him to do first thing in the morning.  Noah preceded to grab his Blaze trucks (only the "good guys") to make sure he colored all the trucks "correctly".

coloring pages

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  1. Hope you are feeling all better by now friend. Sometimes those lazy days are just what we need, especially when we're not feeling the best. Happy Friday!

  2. So glad you're feeling better! Impromptu date nights are so fun!

  3. We're headed to Rhode Island in two weeks! Where did you go? We rented a house in Narragansett - can't wait! And yay date nights! I'm not a Piazza fan (cause GO YANKEES) but that sounds like fun.

  4. So exciting that you got to go to the Mets game! We have hardly been to any Angels games and they are like 15 minutes away! I think I need to fix that ASAP!
    Hope you have a great weekend in Rhode Island!

  5. We've been meaning to take Connor out for hibachi and this was the perfect reminder to do so!

  6. Um, awesome spontaneous date night! How fun!

  7. Oh how cool! I love being at games when they do special things like that. How cool that you guys were there when they retired his jersey. Nathan and I are BIG time baseball nuts. I hope your cold is gone and that you’re feeling much better. I think it’s so sweet that when Chris isn’t able to spend as much time with Noah he does little gestures to let him know how much he’s thinking about him. So sweet!


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