The Adventure Starts Here: Six

Monday, August 29, 2016


Yesterday, Chris and I celebrated 6 years of marriage.  Even though it was 6 years ago, I still remember our wedding day with such detail and have such fond memories of that Saturday in August.  But as I'm sure many of you will agree, the longer you've been married (and once you have kids), anniversary celebrations start to change shape a little.  While Chris and I still acknowledged the day (and exchanged "gifts"), in many ways it was just like any other day.  Noah still woke up early asking to play with daddy right away, we had a birthday party at the zoo to go to in the morning, and Chris still had to spend the afternoon mowing the lawn.  But in addition to our normal routine, there were cards exchanged, flowers given, and a nice dinner out just the two of us.  It was the perfect way to celebrate our life together.  

Chris surprised me with these beautiful roses and some chocolate.  
Noah made me this picture (with Chris helping him spell) :)
My gift to Chris was the Mets game we went to last month and Chris gifted me the gym membership I requested.  

My mom came over to watch Noah so we could go to an early dinner last night.  We went to try out an Italian restaurant in the next town over.  Years ago, a different italian restaurant was there.  It was one of my families favorite restaurants... we had many birthday dinners there as well as my bridal shower.  We have been meaning to try this "new" restaurant for years now, especially when we found out the owners live only a few houses down from us.  We got there at 6 and felt a little strange since the place was empty.  But by the time we got our appetizers, the place started filling out.  The problems you have when you go out to eat early!  But it's exactly how we like it... we get a nice dinner out, Noah gets to play with Grandma, and we still get to put him to bed.  

 top (Stitch Fix) | white jeans | sandals (in black) | clutch (very old, similar)
 ^^^ Noah wasn't really eager to get in a family photo this year.  We finally talked him into it and asked him to hold up 6 on his fingers.  He did manage to get 3 fingers up on each hand, but quickly went back to holding up 4 fingers instead.  Years from now we will probably think this was our 4th anniversary... or that he's really into the peace sign ;)

Dinner at Prezzo was delicious.  We got the Prosciutto Wrapped Fig appetizer special to share.  I got the Lobster Ravioli while Chris got the Linguini in White Clam Sauce.  And we splurged each got a dessert, the carrot cake for Chris and chocolate mousse for me. 

Another year of being married to the best guy I know.  He's not only a wonderful husband, but he's an amazing friend, hard worker, and loving dad!  I'm so glad we were able to celebrate the life we created.  

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a fun dinner. And I just love your outfit.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a great day and enjoyed your family. It's fun how life just goes on as normal even on a special day. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your dinner looks delicious!

  4. Happy Anniversary sweet friend! We have so many similarities, even with anniversaries. Just 3 days apart! I hope you guys had the best day! I loved the snaps!!

  5. Congrats on 6 years! Dinner looked delicious!

  6. Chris and I haven't had a date night in ages because we always want to try something new further away. So it just doesn't happen. We should attempt the closer to home early version lol.

    Happy 6th Anniversary!!

  7. Happy Anniversary and wahoo for a gym membership! I love that you added that you requested it otherwise someone was bound to get offended :P.

  8. Happy anniversary!! Your dinner looks delicious! Love the picture with the peace signs! :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!! You are so right about how celebrations change over the years but they still are special!

  10. Happy Anniversary! My the next 6 be just as amazing and fun as the last.


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