The Adventure Starts Here: Our New "Back to School" Routine

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Our New "Back to School" Routine

In just less than two weeks, Noah will be going back to pre-school.  Last year he went two mornings a week, but this year he will be going three.  While Noah has no problem waking up early, we have gotten used to taking our time in the morning this summer... sometimes we don't even go downstairs for breakfast until 9:30!!!  Since we will need to leave the house by 8:30 on the days he has school, I figured it was time to make a plan on how we will get everything done in time without a lot nagging.  Next week will be the perfect time to ease into this new routine before the "live show".

Noah is a huge fan of Daniel Tiger and the "get ready" episode is one of his favorites.  In case you aren't familiar with the episode, it has a song that helps kids go through the steps of getting ready for school in the morning (as well as getting ready for bed).

Clothes on
Eat breakfast
Brush teeth
Put on shoes
And off to school

We've sung this song in the past and found it to be super helpful with keeping him on track.  While we may switch the order up a little bit and maybe add a few steps, I think the song is so catchy and worth using in our morning routine!  

When creating our new back to school schedule/routine, I worked backwards from when we need to be out the door.  And since kids can be unpredictable, I added a lot of extra time for each step to act as a buffer.  Here's the plan...

7am: While Noah is usually already up by 7, this is when I will have an alarm go off as a "just in case".  We both go to the bathroom and then head back into bed for some morning snuggles.  I may check some emails while Noah watches a show or two on his iPad or maybe read some books.  Anything to help us wake up slowly.  

7:30: Time to go downstairs.  (This is the step I need to stay on top of.  In the summer, we usually lose track of time and snuggle time lasts longer expected.)  I've decided to keep Noah in his pajamas until after breakfast just in case he has a spill.  I will let him watch one show while I make and we eat breakfast.  Once he's finished eating, it's time to get dressed.  While we are working on Noah putting his own clothes on, he still needs some guidance.   

8am: Noah gets to have some play time while I go upstairs to get myself dressed.  I imagine Noah will play with his magnatiles, do some puzzles, or draw some pictures during this time.  Some days, I envision him following me around like a shadow ;)  

8:25: Brush teeth and gel his hair.  In the past, I've had him go to the bathroom right before leaving the house.  But I want him to get used to using the school bathroom, so I think I will have him hold off and instead take him to the school bathroom right before entering his classroom.  

8:30: Put on shoes and grab his school bag.

And off to school!

Wish us luck with the "back to school transition"!

I would love to hear how you manage to get out the door on time for school every morning!  And for more back to school inspiration, make sure to check out these amazing school related posts (and link up your own)!  You have until September 15 to linkup any and all back to school posts. If you aren't a blogger and want to join in, use #2016B2S (B2S = back to school) when you share photos on Facebook and Instagram so we can check them out. Additionally, use that same hashtag to share any photos of your family preparing for the new school year along with any posts you may have including the topic "back to school". Grab our button and add it to your side bar, social media sites and posts to spread the school spirit this fall!


  1. Great routine! I'm sure it'll go great. I like that you used Daniel Tiger to help with this.

  2. Sounds like a great plan. I have definitely heard that Daniel Tiger episode playing over and over again!

  3. It sounds like you have a great routine down! I have a similar one but in my head as to how the morning should go and what time we need to leave. Sadly I'm rarely on time. I used to need to leave the house by 6:55am for my old job and we were always on time. Now that I don't have a real start time, I'm SO much more lax and I'm "late" half the time. Oops. However I still get there before my boss so I consider that a win! LOL.

  4. It is SO wise to practice a routine before having to implement it. He is going to have the best time at school this year.

  5. Liam has been sleeping in lately too, so I'm dreading waking him for school. And Daniel Tiger... Bless him. Cutest tiger ever.

  6. We've been practicing back to school mornings this week and I hope that it helps make things easier for the entire crew next week when we officially start school.

  7. Daniel the Tiger wasn’t really big when Mason was younger, so I am not familiar with him. But, I’ve heard you mention him a few times and he seems pretty clever! I love when shows help kids with the everyday tasks. Because sometimes hearing mom say to do them just doesn’t work. Ha. Sounds like you have a pretty great morning routine in place.


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