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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Noah in August | Picture Perfect Project

One of my goals for 2016, was to take a photo of Noah each month. While I take lots of iPhone photos, I wanted to take the time to use my DSLR and get at least one photo of him each month that shows his personality, his interests, and reflects the current season. I hope that at the end of the year I will have an amazing collection of photos that represents our year. So when I saw Stephanie post about The Picture Perfect Project I knew I wanted to participate! But this month, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and share some photos I've recently taken with my waterproof camera!

When I got my underwater camera (Nikon AW130) a few months ago, I knew I'd really enjoy using it, but I didn't expect Noah to get into it too!  This is the first summer that Noah's been interested in going under the water.  He gets more confident and better at swimming with every trip to the pool.  It started with me just asking him to go under the water and I'd take his photo.  As he started swimming more, I started taking photos and videos of him in action.  And now that he's diving for toys in the super shallow area (2 1/2 feet deep), we are having even more fun!  He's even at the point now where he asks me to bring my camera and get photos and videos of him jumping in and swimming to the wall.  The photographer in me is giddy whenever he requests a photo!  

I'm also a fan of using this camera around the pool but above the water.  It gives me the piece of mind that I won't ruin my phone and let's me take fun photos near water fountains or with Noah splashing me (like the first photo).

As much as I love photographing Noah under water, I was really looking forward to testing it out with my niece.  She's 8 and absolutely loves to swim!  She definitely didn't let me down... she came up with the coolest poses all on her own and was even smiling under water!

The photos I took of her made me realize I desperately need to work on my facial expressions under water...

All the photos I took of my niece (and nephew) were at the indoor pool at the hotel we were staying at in Rhode Island last weekend.  It was definitely a different experience since I wasn't getting the natural sunlight that I normally get when I photograph Noah at our outdoor pool.  Not only was I not getting natural light pouring in, but the first time we went swimming was at night.  Instead of fighting it, I decided to embrace the dark and edit the photos to be a little moodier.  This first photo almost looks like she's swimming in ocean.

While these have nothing to do with our underwater adventures, I still wanted to share a few more Noah-isms this month!  

Somehow, we got on the conversation of marriage.  I told him that when he grows up, he can get married.  I told him... "you will meet someone you love and want to be with them all the time".
Noah: "Grandma!"

When we wake up in the morning and he asks to go downstairs, I ask him to give me a hug first.
Noah: "How many?"
Me: 10 million
Noah: "How about 1?"

We were at the pool and he was playing with some of his pool toys, trying to collect fish in the net...
Noah: "those tricky fishes"

Noah has always called me "mama".  But recently he's started calling me "mommy" every once in a while.

One day, he got a little boo boo.  I told him to go to the freezer and get an ice pack (since they cure all in under a minute).
Noah: "When people are hurt, the other people get the ice pack"
This has now evolved to "when people are cold, the other people get the blanket"

When daddy said something was really heavy... "You do have muscles.  Your muscles are your elbows."

Noah calls hershey kisses "swedish kisses"... he really likes those swedish fish!

Noah calls tomorrow, "the next day".  He was telling me a story about something that happened a few days ago.  He said, "Last time, not the next day.  It's backward days".

Noah: "Mommy, grandma, and me are the bosses.  And daddy and papa are not the bosses"
How observant ;)

Noah: "I make the rules and you make the pretend rules"

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  1. I love your underwater photos. They are so fun.

  2. Those underwater photos are totally worth sharing. They just scream summer!

  3. Pretend rules??!! Such an honest statement. Connor asked me if he could be in charge for the entire day. I let him and it didn't go as badly as I thought. I'm not certain but I do believe he forgot he was calling the shots.

  4. I love the pictures! I think Gabbie used to call tomorrow "the next day."

  5. Love the underwater pics! Great job!

  6. Mama and Grandma are the bosses! You got that right, Noah!

  7. I didnt know you bought a whole separate camera for underwater pictures, so cool! Was it Beth who got a special ziplock bag (if you will) for her underwater pictures? Anyhow, love you photographs!!

  8. These water photos are SO awesome!!
    We have an underwater camera and it is so much fun to use!

  9. You take the absolute best underwater photos!! Love them all. And the Noah-isms are always my favorite. He never fails to make me smile so big!


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