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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Chris worked late a few nights this week.  And when I say worked late, he was walking in the door after 10pm.  While I feel bad for him, I'm so glad that Noah's at an age now where the late nights are too hard on me.  While he was at work, we had a nice mix of enjoying our last bit of summer (by going to the pool) and getting ready for school to start (some back to school clothes shopping and getting his feet measured).  I'm so glad Chris was able to get home on time last night... he and Noah were both ready for some boy time playing in the basement!  I know we are ready for some family time this weekend!  While we countdown to daddy getting home tonight, I figured I'd share some of our favorite things from this week...


Yesterday, we went with some friends to this old school toy store.  They have been many times before and love it because they have a bunch of train tables and even an old fashioned electric train for the kids to play with.  They even host birthday parties here!  The boys had a blast hopping from train to train pretending to be conductors.  I heard the phrase "full steam ahead" a lot!  While you technically don't have to buy anything, and the owner wasn't pushy AT ALL, it's rare for Noah and I to leave a store without at least something.  We ended up getting a couple of activity books and some new Melissa and Doug stamps and giant ink pad.  It was the perfect activity for yesterday afternoon!  

^^^ that fire station in the upper right corner is $190 all on it's own... train collecting is expensive!  


Noah's newest obsession is Super Wings!  He had seen the show on YouTube and was begging to get the toys when we saw them at Toys R Us last weekend (went in to get gifts for birthday parties).  While he wanted the larger transforming toys, I talked him into getting this set of 4 mini transforming airplanes instead.  Figured he was getting 4 for the price of one.  They take up less space in the play room and he can easily bring them in the car and out to restaurants!  He absolutely loves these guys... they come up to bed with us each night (and sleep on his bedside table) and come back down with us every morning.  Mira (the green one) even came with us to the pool.  Since he loves them so much, we ordered the second 4 pack so that he will have all the planes from the show.  It arrives today and he's anxiously awaiting for the delivery man to ring our doorbell!  

Super Wings 4 pack "B" arriving today!
Note: while we love Amazon, the first 4 pack is more expensive there and the second 4 pack isn't even available.  My recommendation is to order from Walmart (linked above) or check your local toy store.  


Big Brother!  Chris got me into this show a few years ago and I have to say it's one of my favorite summer traditions now!  While I haven't watched last night's episode yet (don't worry, no spoilers here), can we just spend a minute or two discussing how hot these two guys are that were both nominated for eviction.  Forget about personality and game play, it will be a sad day when these shirtless guys are gone ;)   


Oh goggles, why do we have such a hard time finding a pair we love!  Surprisingly, finding Noah a pair was the easy part (he tried a bunch on in swim class and then we ordered the ones he liked).  For me, I bought a pair at the beginning of the summer and then left them somewhere :(  Chris got a pair in a swag bag from a golf outing, so when I lost mine, I totally tried to poach them from him.  One day, I was at the pool with Noah alone and I totally "borrowed" them.  Chris ordered a new pair, still not sure who they were for (hehe) but after 2 wears, they were burning the skin under our eyes... I thought Chris was overreacting until I tried them and felt the same thing!  So this past week, I ordered some new goggles hoping these will be winners.  Hopefully they will be as good as they are cute and colorful :)


Finally, here are some of my posts from the past week... hopefully one will end up being a favorite of yours ;)

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  1. I love little toy stores that let you play!

  2. Oh man, I'm glad Mason hasn't discovered that show yet! Those airplanes are so cute but I'm still busy trying to find all of the monster trucks LOL. To be honest though, I think I care more than he does! LOL. But we only need like one or two more and I want to complete the set! Haha.

  3. I love big brother! It's a guilty pleasure haha.

  4. I love that you have goggles. I wear contacts and always feel like I need them at the pool, but never have got myself some too. Maybe next summer.

  5. Late work nights are so so hard! Conor is gone for the next two nights and I am dreading it!

  6. Oh those late nights are hard for everyone! Hopefully he doesn’t have many more of those in the near future. Those train stations look like so much fun. I always wanted one for Mason when he was younger, but they take up so much space! Those Super Wings are cute!! Is Noah totally hip to the whole Amazon thing? I’ve created a monster. Anytime Mason wants something he asks me to get on Amazon and order it. Yikes!!! I’ve never watched Big Brother, but maybe I should?! Ha!


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