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Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Last weekend, we were in Rhode Island visiting family (which I plan to recap next week).  Since it was a pretty busy weekend, we made a point to take it easy this week.  We spent a few days at the pool and even had a PJ day at home.  This week reminded me of how I spent summers growing up, and I loved it!  


We love spending our days at the pool.  After seeing what other kids play with at the pool, we've learned what the best toys are.  While Noah loves swimming in the big pool, we often play in the little kid splash area when with our friends.  My mom recently picked up these Avengers and Finding Dory diving toys and they have been a huge hit at the pool!  Not only does Noah like to dive for them in the 2 1/2 feet pool, but all the kids fight over which superhero or fish they want to be!  You can check out more of our favorite pool essentials here.


Our friends bring some pretty cool toys to the pool too.  These dinosaur claws are meant for the sand, the kids have a blast splashing water at each other with them.  Noah loved them so much that we just ordered a set!   


The other day, Noah randomly told me he needed a crown.  So we grabbed some construction paper, I cut out the points, and Noah got to decorating.  He was King Noah for the rest of the day and only took it off (reluctantly) for a bath and bedtime.  A few days later we were playing the Daniel Tiger game and was Prince Wednesday... so he of course had to wear his crown.  I really love this age with his imagination and creativity!


Last weekend, we went to my best friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party!  We've been friends since middle school, which means we've known each other for 20 years... man I feel old!  She hosted the party in their backyard and had the cutest ice cream theme, complete with an ice cream sundae bar.


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  1. I love all of those pool toys. So fun! I found out yesterday our pool is actually open all week next week. Made my entire day. Ha ha. Have a great weekend.

  2. So much fun. Sounds like your week was how we spent most of our summer! I am so sad the pools are closed now though, sigh. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. We've loved our pool time. I really need to get more pool toys.

  4. Our pool is only open from 4-6 pm now. Not good for us, we start school later than everyone else! So next week I have to try to swim at a friends' house!

  5. What a fun summer week! I love how Noah and his buddy have coordinating swimsuits! ;)

  6. Love your outfit with the stripes, girl! What a fun week!

  7. If this weather would make up it's dang mind, we would be in the water a ton too! But every single day it calls for showers so we make indoor plans and the next thing you know it's 4PM and hasn't rained a drop. Dear Summer, I'm over you.

  8. Those dinosaur claws are awesome! We totally need some!

  9. I love that Noah and his buddy are wearing matching swim-trunks! Those dinosaur claws look like so much fun. Isn’t it neat to have friends still present in your life from many years ago? I just love it! Great picture of you four.


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