The Adventure Starts Here: 10 Things I Learned This Summer

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

10 Things I Learned This Summer

This is our last full week of Summer. This weekend is Labor Day, and Noah starts school next Wednesday.  With summer coming to an end, I can't help but look back at all the fun we had.  I also realized that I learned a few things this summer... 10 things to be exact! 

1. Shower at night.  I usually prefer to shower in the morning... my hair looks it best when I don't sleep on it and I just feel fresher for the day.  But in the summer, we spend our days at the pool, beach, or just sweating out in the hot sun.  I quickly learned that it was a total waste of time to shower in the morning and then go do all these activities and have to shower a second time.  

2.  Sunscreen makes me break out.  While Noah and I both tan pretty easily, if we spending the day out in the sun, I am diligent about applying sunscreen to both of us.  I quickly found that I was breaking out more than usual with all the sunscreen I was applying to my face.  Thankfully I found some Neutrogena sunscreen (my sunscreen of choice)  that is specifically designed to reduce acne breakouts.  

3.  Buy lots of sunscreen at the beginning of the summer.  I learned the hard way that the sunscreen aisles are seriously picked over by August.  I get it, they have to make room for back to school and Halloween (still think it's too early though!), but it is still hot and sunny and we are still spending our days at the pool and beach... we need sunscreen!  

4.  Noah doesn't like the ocean.  While he loves playing in the sand and loves swimming at the pool, he is pretty terrified of the ocean.  He's gone in once or twice with Chris holding him, but he doesn't even enjoy walking by the water or going down to get buckets of it for his sand castles.  I definitely prefer the pool to the ocean, but I hope that as he gets older he can get over his fear.  

5.  I struggle to stay on top of cleaning.  Since our normal routine was thrown out the window this summer, I had a hard time finding the time to clean.  After spending our days in the sun, I had no motivation to come home and clean.  I hope to get back into the groove once school starts.  That or find some money in our cushions to afford a cleaning lady ;)

6.  I have a black thumb.  We attempted a garden this year and it failed miserably!  We didn't even get to the part where we transfer the seedlings to the raised box in our backyard, they all died well before that stage!  I'm gonna keep trying however with potted plants, wish me luck!  

7.  Have a back up pair of goggles.  If your kid is anything like Noah, going to the pool without goggles just isn't fun.  He won't stick his head under and is hesitant to jump in the water.  I forgot to pack his goggles when we went away one weekend and I heard about it constantly!  When we got home, I ordered a second pair that we plan to keep in the car just in case.  And from the amount of goggles I've seen in the lost in found, losing goggles is pretty common, so I think having a second pair can't hurt!  

8.  Humidity sucks!  I love a bright and sunny day, but when the humidity makes the temperature feel 10-20 degrees higher, it's just miserable!  On those days, if I can't be in the actual pool, I need to be inside with the air conditioning blasting!

9.  There is no such thing as too much ice cream!  Between ice cream at home and making trips to our local frozen yogurt shop, we've consumed a lot of ice cream!  I know that once the cooler weather arrives we will naturally eat less, but in the meantime I'm thankful for elastic waist shorts ;)

10.  Noah is a homebody.  As much as he loves the pool and the beach, if he was given the option, he'd stay home and play with his toys (or watch TV and iPad) every single day.  Since this is his personality, I usually like to keep Monday free of plans so that he can recover from our busy weekends.  Not sure what we will do in a few weeks when he has school on Monday mornings, but I'm sure we will figure something out.  

What have you learned this summer?

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  1. Yes and yes! Just about all of these are the same for me and the kids, especially the one about humidity. Ugh! If we weren't at the pool we were inside playing until later in the day when the sun wasnt' shining right where were play.

  2. The humidity here lately has been just sucking the life out of us. Having hot days are great, but that humidity is just brutal. I used to be a shower every morning kind of gal, well then Wyatt arrived & now I shower in the evening unless we have a something scheduled like a date day or family pictures or some type of event like that, then I'll shower in the morning.

  3. So funny about the ice cream! Same. Here. And ohmyword, the humidity!!! This is the first summer in Alabama where I've told hubby I can't take it anymore!! It's suffocating - and this is after five years of living in Scottsdale where temperatures to get to 120 degrees... but no humidity ;)

  4. This list is so full of truth and sun. That sunscreen is the absolute BEST too. I can't believe summer is almost over.

  5. I hope you all enjoy your last full week of summer to the fullest! I found my head nodding in agreement with so many of these, friend! And I just smile because our families really are so similar. Love it!

  6. Agree with the ice cream! No such thing as too much!

  7. I always need more sunscreen in the middle of summer! Costco still had when I needed more. And more goggles - my kids always misplace theirs and Zachary broke his last year in Florida so we had to go pick up another pair! Always good to have a spare.

  8. I have very sensitive skin so one specifically for the face is the way I go. Adult acne is such a cruel joke. My cleaning schedule gets screwy in summer too.

  9. I love this! I changed to a nigh showerer after Wesley was born and it's been wonderful!

  10. 100% shower at night! I then just wash my face in the morning, apply a SPF lotion and go about my day.


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