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Monday, July 11, 2016

Road Trip Essentials | #GetPackin

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As I've mentioned, Noah's cousins were visiting last week.  Since we only see them a few times a year, we tend to plan a lot of activities when we do get together!  This was especially true this visit, since they rarely stay for an entire week.   Since we had multiple day trips planned that were an hour to two hours plus away, I knew I had to come up with a game plan, especially since I would be doing many of these drives without Chris.  Earlier this summer, I mentioned how we got our car cleaned and ready for all of our summer "road trips", and today I'm sharing our road trip essentials to keep Noah entertained and happy!  

I'm sure many moms can relate to this, but as soon as we get into the car, Noah is miraculously starving and demanding requesting snacks as soon as we hit the road.   So the first thing I plan for is all the snacks I want to have on hand for our drives.  I immediately headed to Walmart and had Noah help me pick out his favorites.  I love that there are so many single serve options that make snacking so easy!   In my opinion, variety is key, and Walmart makes it super easy to buy more than one product in one convenient box!  Noah was excited to get some of his favorites (SWEDISH FISH Soft & Chewy Candy and OREO Mini Cookies) and I was excited to try out some new (to him) snacks (HONEY MAID Dippers Honey Graham Snacks and Single Serve NUTTER BUTTER Cookies - 2 pack).

Select Walmart locations have some great in-store coupon booklets, so keep an eye out.  They have coupons for RITZ Cracker Sandwiches, BELVITA Sandwich Breakfast Biscuits, SWEDISH FISH Soft & Chewy Candy 1.9 lb. bags & TRIDENT Unwrapped Gum... all perfect for your next road trip!  From now through July 24th, make sure to enter the Mondel─ôz Summer Road Trip Sweeps to win road trip weekly prizes and a grand prize! 

Mondelez Road Trip #GetPackinSweepstakes

SWEDISH FISH Soft & Chewy Candy
HONEY MAID Dippers Honey Graham Snacks
OREO Mini Cookies
Single Serve NUTTER BUTTER Cookies - 2 pack

Now that I had my snacks taken care of, I focused my attention of coming up with something to keep Noah entertained on our drive.  While the iPad is always a great standby, I wanted to come up with something a little more hands on for him.   Noah has shown a lot of interest in the alphabet, writing his letters, and how things are spelled.  At home, he's always asking how to spell different words so that he can either write them on a piece of paper or use our fridge alphabet magnets.  So I decided to run with that idea and make something so that he could practice his spelling on the road too.  After grabbing just a few supplies, I came up with some simple 3 letter words for Noah to learn.  

On The Go Magnetic Spelling Board

baking sheet
magnetic letters (I got a few sets from the dollar store so he can spell words that have duplicate letters)
magnetic tape
white card stock
printable of 3 letter words/images
laminator (not pictured)
paper trimmer (not pictured)

Note: You can still do this project even if you don't have a laminator or paper trimmer.  The laminator isn't absolutely necessary, I just wanted the word strips to be a little more durable.  And you could totally just use some scissors to cut the strips, especially if you are good at cutting straight lines!

Print the 3 letter words/images printable onto some white card stock.
Feed the pages through the laminator.
Using the paper trimmer (or scissors), cut each word/image out.
Attach a strip of the magnetic tape to the back of each word.
Make sure you have enough letters to spell each of the words.  As your kid gets more comfortable with letter recognition and spelling, you can throw in some letters that won't be used in any of the words.

Note: I personally stuck with words that Noah could easily identify with an image.  I also made sure to use upper case letter magnets and have all the examples in upper case letters.  While Noah is slowly learning his lower case letters, he is definitely more comfortable with the upper case letters at the moment.

Noah was beyond excited to play with it, so I let him try it out before we even went on our road trip.  He absolutely loved being able to spell all these words without having to ask us for help.

Finally, it was the day of our trip.  Since it was just Noah and me, I made the front passenger seat my command center.  I had all my snacks and a cooler filled with drinks within arms reach so that I could easily hand back whatever Noah wanted.  And Noah was just excited to practice his spelling in the car as he was inside.  We were all set to get on the road!  

For us, snacking isn't just reserved to the car.  I made sure to throw a few of the mini packets into my bag, and they really came in handy when the kids needed a little snack when we were at Sesame Place!  

Where are you off to this summer?  For more ideas for your next road trip, check out these road trip ideas and games!  In addition to some more tutorials, they also have some printable road trip games! 


  1. Great road trip ideas. Love the magnetic words. I've made one of those for Cam for when we travel too.

  2. We are totally going on a road trip this week! Wish us luck!

  3. Those are all our favorite snacks! And I'm definitely making s magnet board for Jude now!

  4. Those magnet boards are fun, Avery loves the one I shared last week with her sight words.

  5. This is a great idea for your road trip next week!! (client)

  6. Such a cute idea with the alphabet magnets! You are so organized!

  7. I just got a laminator and have been laminating everything. Gonna try your printable next!

  8. I love your road trip magnet board! That's so smart! Mason would love that. Did Noah just switch the words he was trying to spell when he was done with them? Was it hard not having someone be able to switch them for him?

  9. I love it! In car entertainment that isn't technology related. Good job friend. There is a time and place for everything, but often stuff like this is forgotten about.

  10. Cute magnet board! I'd be finding letters for months. But Aria would be entertained with magnets for sure, she loves the ones on the fridge. She also loves swedish fish like her mama.

  11. Love the magnet board! Swedish fish for the win. My kids love those!

  12. Such a cute idea! It always pays to be organized on road trips!

  13. Such a fun way to learn basic words while taking a road trip or even just running errands around town.

  14. I love this idea, even out of the car! I really want to get Myles more into his letters and understanding spelling and reading so this would be awesome. Good job mama!

  15. Love the magnet idea. It's fun, but also a great way to learn letters and words. I made a list of road trip essentials while on our road trips! I will have to write a post soon!


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