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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Noah in July | Picture Perfect Project

One of my goals for 2016, was to take a photo of Noah each month. While I take lots of iPhone photos, I wanted to take the time to use my DSLR and get at least one photo of him each month that shows his personality, his interests, and reflects the current season. I hope that at the end of the year I will have an amazing collection of photos that represents our year. So when I saw Stephanie post about The Picture Perfect Project I knew I wanted to participate! And as I often like to do, I'm also sharing some current Noah-isms.

We love spending our summer days at the beach and the pool.  So what better way to reflect July, than to share some photos of Noah doing just that!  This month, we had a sunnier day at the beach than we experienced last month.  While it's easier to take photos on an overcast day, I'm still pleased with how these photos came out even with direct sunlight.  Noah loves to play in the sand and is getting slightly braver with going in the ocean, so it's fun to just sit back and watch him.  We went with a friend, so while they dug in the sand, my friend and I were able to sit and relax (a little bit).  

bucket from Ellie and Addie

And as for the pool, Noah has gotten so much braver when it comes to the water!  Last year he was jumping in the pool, but only if he had a floaty on.  Now he is comfortable jumping in all on his own and doesn't mind going underwater, as long as he has his goggles on!  He can swim very short distances and loves going back and forth to me and Chris (or whoever else will go in the water with him).  We can barely keep him above the water now!  

And since Noah is cracking me up on a daily basis, I thought I'd share with you a few more Noah-isms this month!  

When I told Noah it was his last day of school...
"Can I go back to school?"

After his first day of VBS...
"Camp was boring"
Second day of camp...
"I like boring"
I've learned Noah likes to say things weren't fun.  When I say we don't have to go back or do that again, it magically gets more and more fun.  

Each night I ask Noah what his favorite thing we did that day.  I was shocked when he told me...
"Going through my toys to donate"

When I gave him a new Octonauts Gup...
"Thank you so much mama.  This makes me so happy!"

For his last day of swim class they had to get in the water with their clothes on. 
"That felt super weird"

The bathroom humor is at an all time high right now.  We have tried to just ignore it, but it doesn't seem to be working.  I really don't want him repeating these things at school, so I'm not sure how to nip it in the bud. 

"I like brown the best because it's the color of poop"

He calls me in when he's done so I can wipe him.  He tells me... 
"My poop is your surprise"

Noah was playing in his play kitchen.  He hands me a hot dog and says.. 
"It's super hot, you have to blow on it"
I blow on it..
"Now it's ready.  Is it yummy in your tummy?"  
Me: Yes. 
"Well there's poop in it... I tricked you!"

Me: What do you want for lunch?
"Poop... and boogers and pee."

I have a good remembery (memory)
Repending (pretending)
Renoying (annoying)

Noah put his shoes on the wrong feet.  I told him he needed to switch them, so he just crossed his legs!

Noah wanted to help me and my dad bring the furniture back onto the deck...
"I'll help, I have muscles.  You take this side, I'll take this side"

"I want to watch iPad with daddy.  I love daddy.  I don't love you. Is it okay that I don't love you?"
Me: umm no, you should kind of love me too
"I love you this much (fingers almost touching)"

One morning I was asking him some questions...
"You done talking?"


  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly they go from just wanting to play and splash to swimming? Cam is a little fish this summer and I'm so proud of him. Love your beach photos!

  2. Baha ha! I'll help you, I have muscles. I would have been rolling. Oh Noah! He is such a funny kid and I love the beach photos! Can't wait to take some of those myself!

  3. Great shots! You always take such beautiful photos! I love the action shot of Noah jumping in the pool!

  4. lol "My poop is your surprise" Aria never went there...yet. Hopefully ever. Geesh kid. And, is it okay if I don't love you. Ha right to the heart. Oh man.

    Love your beach photos they turned out great!

  5. The pictures turned out so good for all that direct sun! And the poop talk... We have a strict rule that we only talk about it in the bathroom, ha!

  6. The beach and pool are our favorite ways to spend summer days, too! You snagged some great shots of Noah at both places!
    We haven't crossed into the bathroom talk... Yet. But I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't pick up soon.

  7. So funny about love you this much. Myles told be a couple days ago that he loved his grandpa 100 (he thinks that's the biggest number) and me this much (with his fingers almost touching). I was like not very nice lol!

  8. And the poop talk strikes again. I can't even tell you how tired I get of Connor saying it but at least it's not other bad four letter words.

  9. I guess I have a 3 year olds sense of humor because these cracked me up!! I know what you mean about not wanting certain things repeated outside of the home ;)

  10. LOVE the beach photos. It makes me regret not taking more pictures at the beach on our most recent trip. Mason was more interested in being in the Ocean than playing in the sand. And it was too hot to not join him! Anyhow, love all of the bright blue in these photos. Your photography is amazing, friend. You just keep getting better and better (and they were awesome to begin with). I love that one of his favorite memories of the day was donating his toys. Not many little kids would enjoy that! What a sweet little guy you’re raising. Good job Mom and Dad! Poop talk never gets old for little boys. It’s like the most hilarious thing on the planet to them. I laughed out loud when Noah put his shoes on the wrong feet and then just crossed his legs. That’s pretty intelligent and hilarious!


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