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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mommy Style

While I've recently shared a few fashion posts, it's been about a month since I shared some of my everyday outfits.  While my style is pretty casual by nature, there are days where my outfits don't even seem worthy to photograph.  But when a fellow mom commented that she liked my dress at camp drop off (it was just a t-shirt dress), I figured why shouldn't I share those simpler outfits as well.  I know I love seeing what other women actually wear on a daily basis and not just when they are dressing up to go somewhere.   So here we go...

To the Carnival...

You've already seen parts of this outfit from my carnival post, but here's a full view of it.  I am so bummed that these shorts are no longer available on Gap's website, but they do still have other drawstring versions... and who doesn't like an elastic waist???  And while I love this shirt, I have to admit I was a little hesitant wearing it when Chris' first comment to me when seeing my outfit was, "are we going to a hoedown?".  

top | shorts - I ordered Tall for extra length (no longer available on Gap online, similar)
sandals (in black) | bracelets | sunglasses | cross body (in brown)

Father's Day BBQ...

I really love this embroidered dress from Old Navy.  I prefer extra length in my shorts and dresses, so I once again ordered this in Tall.  Often when I order Tall dresses, I have to go down a size, as was the case with this dress.

dress (I'm usually a large, but ordered a tall medium for length) | sandals (in black) | 
bracelets (and the white are on sale!) | sunglasses

Hanging around...

Here's an example of an outfit I wouldn't normally think to photograph.  A t-shirt and jean shorts really isn't special.  But in reality, this is what you can often find me wearing during the week when Noah and I don't have any real plans.  

tee (old JCrew, similar) | shorts (similar)

A hot afternoon with family...

While this outfit seems a little fancier than the one I just shared, it was just as simple and comfortable to throw on.  But the detailing in the top and the bright shorts just makes it look a little more put together.  Just another example of why I like colored shorts!

top | shorts (similar, similar) | sandals (in black) | bracelets 

A cooler Saturday morning out...

When Noah's cousins were here, we had a week full of hot weather!  But Saturday came and it was positively chilly (in the low 70s).  Since our plans were indoors (Lowes Build and Grow, the bookstore, and lunch), I figured why not wear jeans instead of shorts.  I'm in love with this peplum top and can't wait to wear it again!

top | jeans | bracelets (and the white are on sale!)

A simple dress...

I am such a fan of this cut dress.  Loft keeps making this dress in new prints every year and I keep buying it!  This print was actually from last summer, and while I bought a new print a few months ago, they already have a new version of it on their website.  I'm definitely tempted!

dress (same style, new print)

A birthday party...

Here's that same "hoedown" shirt again ;)  This time I paired it with a black maxi skirt and got a totally new look.  I'm also excited to pair it with white jeans for a dinner out for a another look!  

top | skirt (similar) | sandals (in black) | bracelets (and the white are on sale!) | sunglasses

A day at Sesame Place...

We seem to keep going to Sesame Place when it's ridiculously hot out!  This time, I chose some comfortable drawstring shorts, a simple tank, and some slip on sneakers.  While not my most stylish outfit, it served it's purpose for comfort.  And you better believe my hair when in a top knot within 2 minutes of being there!  

tank | shorts (similar) | sunglasses | bracelets | watch (old Marc Jacobs, cheaper option) | slip on sneakers

A day at the pool or beach...

I've worn this maxi dress a few times this summer.  I love it's flowy style and how easily I can pull it on over my bathing suit.   For any nursing mamas out there, the wide neck would be perfect for easy access!  

dress | sandals (in black) | sunglasses

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  1. There are some really fun outfits here! I especially liked the cut dress and peplum top! I might need to think about upping my hanging around the house look, but alas, what I wear is so functional (tshirt and shorts/pants) and comfortable! :)

  2. You looks so together when it's just you and Noah with no plans. I literally stay in pajamas all day.

  3. I am with Stephanie. Will you come teach me motivation to get dressed :P. But if I had your closet that may just happen all on its own. Every single time I see that plaid tank I want it. Country bumpkin or not. It is perfection.

  4. I love that first outfit! So easy and cute!

  5. So cute and comfy! That's funny Chris said your top was meant for a hoedown. My husband always has comments like that too.

  6. That blue Loft dress is super cute and looks GREAT on you!! I've been wanting a peplum top for forever, the flower-print one is so fun.

  7. I got a bunch of drawstring waist shorts over the past two summers (Old Navy and J Crew) and I love them! Even better - I can still wear them now that I’m pregnant! Loving all your outfits, as always! My favorite is that Loft Ikat blouse!

  8. I never got to wear that white Ikat top from LOFT. It broke the first time in the washer. The entire button loop thing fell off the back and now they don't have my size. I may see if I can just sew it together without the button, but I'm bummed!

  9. I think what Chris really meant to say is “are we going to Texas?” ha. You would blend right in here with that outfit. Love the shirt and the shorts! I love all of your outfits. You have the best (and biggest) wardrobe.

  10. Oh my gosh, what a smart idea to order in tall! I have never thought of that. I always feel like dresses are so short on me. Thanks for the tip! I have the same stripe dress from Gray Monroe! I wear it all the time and it really is so easy to nurse in!

  11. Love that last maxi!!!! Stripes and a maxi are two of my favorite things! :)

  12. Love your style, mama! Ordering the loft peplum now!

  13. I seriously need to branch out more. I swear I wear the same thing week after week even though I have a ton of clothes! I need to go through my closet and weed things out and maybe add a few new things.

  14. You know Im a fan of your fashions!! Love your 'hoedown' top!

  15. love it! All your shorts are so cute. I never wear shorts and almost always wear jeans or dresses but it is becoming a problem in Florida! I just signed up for my first Le Tote box and will be reviewing it soon as I try to step out of my comfort zone a little more- might have to add some shorts to my next box!


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