The Adventure Starts Here: Making Mealtime Fun with Back To Nature Mac & Cheese

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Making Mealtime Fun with Back To Nature Mac & Cheese

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Mealtime around here is pretty laid back.  Often it's just me and Noah eating together since Chris often works late.  As a result, Noah's become pretty accustomed to eating around the coffee table.  I am the furthest thing from strict, and he will often take a few bites, play, and come back to eat some more.  While I'm okay with this when it's just me and him, I would like to start having more family dinners around the table when Chris is home.  In order to keep Noah interested, I figured I'd better come up with a way to make mealtime more fun!   That's where Back to Nature Mac & Cheese came in to save the day!

As many of you know, Noah is really into arts and crafts.  Anything involving crayons, markers, and glue, and Noah is a happy camper.  I thought it would be fun to combine the art table with the dinner table, but I wanted to do a little more than just give him some markers and crayons.  Noah is really into sea creatures right now, so when I saw this new Back to Nature Made with Organic Pasta Silly Sea Life Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, I knew we had to get it!  And it isn't only delicious to eat... it's also perfect for arts and crafts too!

Crafty Dinner Table

Kraft paper
Painters tape
Crayons & Markers
Back to Nature Made with Organic Pasta Silly Sea Life Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

1.  Roll out your "tablecloth.”  Cut some kraft paper to size and tape to your dining table using painters tape.  While the blue tape may not be the prettiest, I find it secures the paper to the table the best without leaving a mess when you are finished.
2. Put out some art supplies and pasta. While we used the Silly Sea Life shapes this time, you could also make some pretty fun creations with the USDA Organic Crazy Bugs Macaroni & Cheese Dinner and Made with Organic Pasta Spirals & White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese Dinner.  It's all about letting your kid have fun and using their imagination!  
3.  Sit back and let your child create and have fun!  

Noah had so much fun coloring and gluing the uncooked pasta to the kraft paper table cloth.  He drew the ocean where the dolphins, seahorses, and fish live as well as some sand (the brown in the upper left corner) where he said some of the sea animals washed ashore (haha)! All this talk about sea animals and the sand makes me want to spend more time at the beach this summer.  And since June was Get Outdoors Month, it's the perfect excuse to do just that!  

The best part was that this not only kept him entertained during mealtime, but it also gave me some uninterrupted time to actually make the dinner! Talk to any mom with young kids and you will learn that is not something easily achieved! While we used the Back to Nature Made with Organic Pasta Silly Sea Life Macaroni & Cheese for our art project, I made the Back to Nature Made with Organic Pasta Macaroni & Cheese Dinner for us to eat.  We are huge macaroni and cheese fans over here so I loved that I could give Noah one of his favorite meals!  A quick and convenient meal, that is a good source of calcium and protein, and that Noah absolutely loves is a huge winner in my book!

And in case you didn't know, Mac and Cheese Day just happens to be coming up... July 14th to be exact! While I don't need a reason to give Noah Back to Nature Made with Organic Macaroni & Cheese Dinners, it really is the perfect day to give your child their favorite dish and be confident that there are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetic colors. I was amazed at the variety and fun shapes that our ShopRite carried.  Noah wanted to try each and every kind!

Now it's your turn... how would you make mealtime your playground with Back to Nature Mac & Cheese?


  1. What a fun craft! I love that it kept him busy and he got to use markers and glue and be creative. The perfect craft!
    Also, I didn't know there was a Mac and Cheese Day! I may need to re-do our dinner schedule for the week :)

  2. We have a big varity pack of mac and cheese and Aria loves picking out a different pasta shape each time she has a box. It's not this brand but before we had a few of these, she liked the frogs I believe it was...bugs? frogs? maybe both ha. So cute to use them for art and dinner!

  3. We will totally be celebrating Mac & Cheese day! What fun for a family dinner night activity!

  4. What a fun little activity! Kraft paper for the win!

  5. Such a cute idea! Mac and cheese is always a huge hit here. Plus butcher paper can do no wrong.

  6. Love this! The perfect way to get some creativeness in, especially on a day that you can't get outside!

  7. Such a cute idea! My kids would love this!

  8. This is such a fun idea. I love having craft paper out at the holidays, especially at Thanksgiving. It gives a chance to list what we are thankful for.

  9. I love the Silly Sea Life mac! That’s so awesome. Mac and Cheese is actually one of the thing that my very picky eater will actually eat! And what a fun craft.

  10. How fun is this?!! Love your crafts!

  11. You always have the BEST craft ideas!!! I'm totally borrowing this one!


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