The Adventure Starts Here: Liberty Science Center

Friday, July 15, 2016

Liberty Science Center

When Noah's cousins were here last week, we had originally planned to go to Diggerland.  But when the forecast called for sunny, humid, and feels like 100 degrees, we decided to change our plans!  Instead, we spent the morning at the Liberty Science Center.  While the whole museum is really fun, we were most excited for their new exhibit, Dino Dig.  Noah and I had gone with friends a few weeks ago, and were really bummed to find out that the exhibit only ran until 2pm and we had missed it that day.  So this visit, we knew we wanted to do it right when it opened at 10am.  

Dino Dig was set up outside.  It was basically a rooftop filled with sand with views of the NYC skyline as the backdrop.  The head paleontologist handed out paint brushes to all the kids and explained to the kids that there were different dinosaur bones buried all over for them to uncover.  Each group of kids got about 10 minutes to dig before they covered everything back up for the next group.  The kids really seemed to enjoy digging out all the bones and had shoes full of sand to show for it.  

^^^ a T-Rex's teeth
^^^ a glimpse into what I'm doing most of the time ;) 

The kids also absolutely loved the Ninja Turtle exhibit.  They loved exploring all the different set ups, from shooting pizzas at the bad guys, balancing on skateboards, doing puzzles that turn on a fan, to even trying on some ninja kimonos.    Noah went into it saying Leonardo was his favorite, but kept changing his mind during our time there.   I was pleasantly surprised when Noah requested I take his photo in front of each Ninja Turtle.  Recently he's been pretty anti camera, so it was a nice change for him to request it.  

We spent the rest of our visit wandering around and stopping at anything that caught our eye.  Noah would have been happy to stay in the Ninja Turtle exhibit the entire visit, but thankfully I was able to redirect his attention.  While Noah had no interest in rock climbing or the suspended climbing gym, his cousins loved both!  Checking out the turtles and playing in rice seemed to be more his speed.  

We really enjoy going to children museums and science centers whenever we visit new cities (Baltimore, Boston).  It was fun to play tour guide and show off our local science center to Noah's cousins.   


  1. We just went there in April! The Dino dig area wasn't open and the ninja turtle area is new too. Loved the climbing things and animals too!

  2. Such a fun outing. I would love to go on a Dino dig myself. How amazing is it that the skyline is the backdrop!? I so wish we didn't have an overly priced Science museum nearby. This is an awesome place to discover, learn, and play.

  3. That place looks AMAZING! Seriously, so cool! I love the picture of you taking a picture. Those little glimpses into blogger/mom life are so fun. Happy Monday!

  4. This is such an awesome way to spend the day. Connor loves to dig so this would be perfect for him!

  5. I want to go here! Interactive science exhibits are the best. Have you seen the Pinterest pin that has cement "dino bones" at the bottom of a sandbox?!

  6. Liberty Science Center sounds awesome! Especially the Dino Dig with a view of the NYC skyline. So cool! And a Ninja Turtle exhibit? So rad! We love TMNTs! Great photos. We visited a Children’s Museum in New Orleans, but it wasn’t as cool as this!


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