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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Beaded Bracelets | TTBH Summer School

We are huge fans of doing arts and crafts over here.  Noah is almost always up for the crafts I have planned and loves doing "free art" on a daily basis.  Now that he's getting older, he's coming up with his own ideas and together we figure out how to execute them.  This bracelet is just one example of that...

It all began when Chris gifted me this "Noah" bracelet for Mother's Day.  It's a dainty, rose gold bracelet that has Noah's name engraved on the bar.  This is actually the only piece of jewelry that I leave on all the time, I even sleep with it on.  Noah recently asked me why I never take it off and I told him "because I want to think about you all the time".  He then did the cutest thing.  He said he wanted a "mommy" bracelet that he could wear all the time so that he could always think about me too.  My heart then burst into a million pieces and I held back the tears.  

I told him we could totally make him a "mommy" bracelet, and off we went to Michaels to get our supplies.  We were even lucky enough that Michaels was having 30% off jewelry making supplies!  But when it came time to make said "mommy" bracelet, Chris had just gotten home from work, and the bracelet all of a sudden changed to a "daddy" bracelet... womp womp!  But don't feel too sorry for me, he did end up making a "mommy" bracelet too... the next day with Chris while I got to sleep in :)

Elastic Cord (otherwise known as Stringing Enfilage... who knew???)
Alphabet beads
Crafting beads (in assorted colors)

Cut the elastic cord based on the size of your child's wrist, leaving a little extra for tying at the end.  
Tie a few knots on one side of the cord so that the beads will stay on as your string them.  
Place about 10 colored beads (number will vary depending on child's wrist size) on the string.  Depending on your child's age and fine motor skills, you may need to help them with this. 
Using the alphabet beads, spell out whatever word you would like, the options are endless!
Thread another 10 or so colored beads to finish the bracelet.  Then tie another few knots to keep all the beads secure.  
Tie the bracelet together onto your child's hand.  Since the cord is elastic, it should be tight enough not to fall off on it's own, but loose enough to gently pull off their wrist.  

Noah had so much fun making this bracelet!  From finding the letters to spell Daddy, choosing which colors he wanted on the bracelet, to threading them all onto the elastic cord.  And while he originally planned to wear this bracelet ALL THE TIME, he has been taking it on and off non-stop since he's made it.  I'm so glad I bought the elastic cord and not regular string!  

^^^ check out that concentration!

What fun crafts or teachable moments have you been up to so far this Summer?


  1. He's so cute making his bracelet! The elastic was a good call. Aria has a little bead making kit she got and she has fun with that. And oh my gosh I loved beads as a kid. I had a fishing tackle box type thing full of bead supplies. Plus I played with it by myself so happiness for all involved lol.

  2. So cute and simple. I have a funny story we did beaded necklaces with the pre-k kids at vbs and there were a few letters scattered throughout the beads. One little boy just happened to grab the F and the U and just happened to put them right by each other.... oh my.

  3. Such a great idea! Sadie would love this. Now off to Michael's!

  4. So stinking cute! Great pictures too (as always.) I love Michael's they always seem to be having some kind of sale.

  5. This would be a great gift idea for the holiday. You could do them for grandparents, cousins, teachers.


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