The Adventure Starts Here: An Unfinished Patriotic Photoshoot | #StarSpangledKids

Friday, July 1, 2016

An Unfinished Patriotic Photoshoot | #StarSpangledKids

So while I'm always home, and my husband does have work today, I'm still calling today the start to a long holiday weekend!  Not only is it a new month and a holiday (Canada Day), but it's also the first day you can link up with our 2nd Annual Star Spangled Kids!  Chances are you have something red, white, and blue for your kids to wear this weekend, so if you haven't already done so, grab your camera and take some photos!  In addition to linking up here (you have until July 7th!), make sure to tag all your social media shares with #StarSpangledKids !!!  

Last weekend, I got Noah all dressed up, had Chris ready to encourage some smiles with his goofy antics, bribed Noah to smile for a few photos and went outside for a mini patriotic photo session.   Noah was more excited to swing the flag than really look at me, but I was trying to make it work.  We had some overcast skies which I was loving, but then the clouds shifted and it was getting a little too sunny.  Since we had only taken a few photos, I suggested we move to the backyard where there is more open shade.  I was hoping to take a few more photos in this shirt and take even more with another flag shirt Noah has.  All these plans went out the window when I saw a bear walking through my backyard as I was walking back there with Noah and Chris following behind me.  Boy was I scared!  I turned around, told Chris to grab Noah and we ran inside.  We were all a little shaken up, and our photo shoot was obviously over.  While we could have gone out again this week, I have to admit that I was a little nervous to do so on my own, so these will have to do.  Hopefully I will get a few more this weekend... maybe a few with Noah's cousins even!  

And in honor of Canada Day, here's a photo of Noah in his "Team Canada" shirt from last summer.  I'm hoping I can get another photo of him wearing it this year as well (I bought it in two sizes last year for this exact reason!).  Recently it's been acting as his Superman cape, but I think I'll try to talk Noah into wearing it the "normal way" today ;)

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  1. So him not wanting to really look at the camera you got some cute photos!

  2. Wait wait wait. There was a bear in your yard and you didn't get a picture of it?? LOL. Did you call the police? Was it the bear who walks upright on his back legs? Just kidding...but you live in NJ! Anyway, cute pictures!

  3. I still can’t believe the bear fiasco! I’m so glad you guys saw it in time. But, even with the bear thing you still managed to get the most incredible photos. Your pictures are always so clear and bright. I am loving Noah’s Mohawk. He is precious. Hope y’all have an amazing weekend, friend! Happy Fourth!

  4. I can't even imagine having a bear in my backyard!!! Crazy!! But you did get some super cute pics! I love his fauxhawk!

  5. Now all I think about is "is there going to be a bear in their backyard?" every time I see your pictures, so intense. I love Noah's mohawk! And just so you know, your link doesnt work in the link up :(

  6. These are so cute!!! That second one he is SO SERIOUS in. I kind of love it! They turned out great even though he didn't want to stand and smile. This is what I deal with everyday (even though I try to bribe and even when I ask if we can take a picture, he says yes and then breaks my heart lol). Can't wait to see all your fun this weekend!

  7. This brings a whole new meaning to thinking about the bear hunt book friend. So glad you put a quick plan into motion and everything worked out okay. That Noah, he's just so cute. Love that he had a little flag too. My girls LOVE theirs.

  8. He's just the cutest! I'm so impressed you can get so many good photos on a consistent basis. I have blurs in most of mine and tongues hanging out!

  9. I love your photos! Jude was more interested in waving his flag than looking at my camera too! And I absolutely cannot get over that there was a bear in your yard, that's crazy! Thank you so much for hosting with me!!

  10. Wait? A bear in your yard?!? That's crazy!
    Your boys are so cute!


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