The Adventure Starts Here: A Day in the Life | Summer Edition

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Day in the Life | Summer Edition

I'm back today with another "A Day In The Life" posts. I decided I wanted to do these quarterly to really see how our lives change throughout the year. I love reading other posts just like this, maybe it's because I'm naturally curious, or nosey! Hopefully you enjoy reading these kinds of posts as well :) You can see all of my "A Day in the Life" posts here

Today is Wednesday, July 13, 2016. Chris is 38, I am 32, and Noah is 3 1/2 years old.

7am... my alarm goes off.  Normally I don't use an alarm and let Noah wake up on his own, but since we have camp every day this week, I don't want to risk sleeping in too late.  Noah is still asleep, so I read some emails and catch up on a few blogs. 

7:15... Noah stirs and asks for me to snuggle with him.  He falls back to sleep.  I roll away and continue reading blogs. 

7:50... I finally get up and start getting ready.  Since I showered last night, I just need to fix my hair and put some makeup on before getting dressed.  While I'm doing this, Noah wakes up.  

8:25... we are downstairs, eating yogurt for breakfast.  

8:41... it's "Water Day" at Dino Camp, so Noah gets to wear his swim suit.  While he puts his shoes on, I make sure I have his towel and change of clothes packed.  Many mornings he seems to take forever in these last steps of going to the bathroom, doing his hair, and putting his shoes on, but this morning he's doing a good job and we get out the door fairly quickly.  

9am... drop Noah off at camp.  He barely even says goodbye to me and is excited to go in and play with play-doh!  

9:23... I'm back home, on my laptop while catching up on a few shows.  Noah is good at running errands and entertaining himself while I clean, so this week while he was at camp, I decided to do things that I can't really do while he's at home... catch up on all my computer stuff.  I make yearly photo albums using the digital Project Life products.  I make weekly pages about our family and monthly pages for a "Noah" book.  I will keep the family albums and Noah will get to take his own albums when he moves out.  Recently I've gotten a little behind on Noah's album, so I spent Noah's camp time catching up!  I also watched Pretty Little Liars and Fixer Upper :)

11:55... back at Noah's camp to pick him up.  He had another great day at camp!  His teacher told me that his nail was looking weird and that Noah had complained it was hurting, so she gave him a bandaid.  I knew his nails were looking odd (a few were peeling off around the cuticle area), but since it was now bothering Noah, I decided to call the doctor.  They told me to bring him in for 2:40.  We head home, have a quick lunch, and then we head out to the grocery store.  We were really running low on a few of our favorites and needed to restock or produce!  

1:49... We made it home just before the rain started.  Noah played while I put all the groceries away.  

2:03... put our dinner in the crockpot.  I had planned to put it in earlier in the morning (set to low) but then realized I didn't have the salsa.  So I picked some up at the grocery store and set the crockpot to high instead.  

2:20... leave for the doctor and arrive right at 2:40 for our appointment.  Noah keeps asking when it's his turn.  When we are still waiting at 3, the nurse asks if we'd rather see the nurse practitioner since our doctor is very behind schedule.  I agree since Noah's funky nails aren't really that serious anyway... I figure the N.P. can handle it ;)  

3:25... I think we were in the waiting room longer than we were the exam room.  It turns out that Noah's peeling nails are a side effect of the coxsackie Noah had back at the end of May.  Apparently 4% of kids who get the virus also get peeling skin and nails.  Noah already had the peeling skin about a month ago and now is lucky enough to get the peeling nails as well.  She said it's no cause for concern but to watch that the dead nail doesn't catch on anything to pull it off too soon.  And if it starts to look infected to bring him in.  Otherwise, it's just a waiting game for them to grow out and the new nail to take it's place.  

4:03... Noah fell asleep in the car but woke up as soon as I carried him in (it had started to rain).  Since he had a busy day so far, I let him just hang out and watch a little iPad.  I hate to admit that Noah watches more iPad than he should.  Meanwhile, I did some laundry and watched some more Fixer Upper :)

6 pm... the dinner I'm making won't be ready for a bit longer, and he's getting hungry.  And let's be honest, he probably wouldn't have wanted what I made anyway.  So instead, I offered him a hard boiled egg and some fruit and veggies.  

6:35... the crockpot chicken is ready.  I love these simple kind of meals... just chicken breasts, a jar of salsa, and a packet of taco seasoning into the crockpot for 4-6 hours on high (or 6-8 hours on low), shredded, and then served however you like.  I chose to eat mine in a tortilla wrap with some sour cream.  And the best part... I was able to leave the rest of the chicken warming in the crockpot for Chris to have when he got home.  

6:51... on our way up for bath, I just happened to look outside and spot these wild turkeys in my backyard.  That's a mama turkey and her 10! babies.  I've seen the mama turkey before but this is the first time I've seen so many babies!  While we often see squirrels and the occasional bunny, this year we've seen so much wildlife walk through our backyard.  First we had the bear, we have twice as many squirrels playing in our yard this year, then I spotted a chipmunk who must be living in my side yard, and now these turkeys... we have a wild menagerie of animals!  

7:03... time for bath!  Noah put up a fight at first, then compromised on a super quick bath, which then lead to a long bath filled with lots of playing and practicing his floating.  It always cracks me up how he says he doesn't want a bath and most times ends up loving it!  

7:28... time for books.  Teeth have been brushed and pjs and pull up are on.  I read Noah a few books and then Noah "reads" me Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Chris and I both love listening to him read this book to us.  It gives me a glimpse into our future when he will actually be reading books to us!

7:30... Chris comes home and quickly eats dinner while I finish reading to Noah.  He then comes upstairs to watch a few iPad shows with Noah before bed.  While they do that, I take a quick shower.  

8:30... I kick Chris out so Noah can go to sleep.  While I wish they could have more time together at night, Noah needs to get to bed!  Noah and I chat about our day, I ask him what his favorite part was, and we discuss what we are going to do tomorrow.  As usual, he tries to negotiate more iPad and delay bedtime, but I tell him to close his eyes, stop talking, and try to fall asleep for 5 minutes.  As always, he falls fast asleep!  

9:15... I go blow dry my hair and get ready for bed.  I do a little work on my computer, and then off to bed myself.  


  1. These posts always make me think WOW so much goes into a day. I haven't done one in forever either because they are always so much work, but maybe I should try it again. I loved your photos. You did a great job with them. I also think I need to upgrade my crock pot to one like yours. So fancy with that timer on it!

  2. I'm watching Pretty Little Liars too. :) Interesting about Noah's nails - glad it's not really a big deal. Maybe keeping a band aid on will help it not to get caught on anything though!

  3. So interesting to read how your days goes. I would love to hear more about the digital version of Project Life and if you like it. I work on making photobooks all the time! Right before I had Grayson I had gotten all caught up and was so proud of myself. My goal was to do all the pages up to the end of my maternity leave before I came back but.....of course it never happened. Hoping to get back to it soon! I've been using my time to work on his baby book that I hand write in and a school memory book for Elin.....I work on too much memory-keeping stuff!

  4. I am going to share a DITL post next month and it's funny to see that are days are similar. Maybe it's because we are a family of 3.

  5. I love day in the life posts. I haven't done one in so long! Thank you for sharing! XOXO

  6. Nice to have some downtime while he is at camp! We are enjoying our family time right now but also excited to get back into a routine in a few weeks when school starts back up.

  7. I love these posts and getting a glimpse into my friend's daily lives. It really puts into perspective how much we actually do in one day! We make the crockpot salsa tacos as well and love them! I've recently started making similar ones with Salsa Verde. It's basically the same, but instead of the normal salsa you use 1 jar of salsa verde and 2 (small) cans of green chiles. It's pretty good!


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