The Adventure Starts Here: Our Summer "Schedule"

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our Summer "Schedule"

Summer is the time to relax and have fun.  And while I am a firm believer in that, I also want to have a little bit of structure.  Noah thrives on a routine.  Even before starting school, I would fill our days with a mixture of fun activities in and out of the house.  This past year, we had quite the system.  We would have an activity planned each day... school twice a week, swim, soccer, play dates, errands, etc.  Having something planned for each day made our time at home feel special and made it so that Noah rarely got bored.  Last week was our first full week at home.  He finished school two weeks ago but went straight into a VBS at his preschool.  While we had a few things planned this past week, we had 3 full days where we just stayed at home with nothing to do.  And while Noah is a homebody at heart, I find that he does better when we stay busy, even if that's just doing a craft or baking something.  When perusing Pinterest, I found that a lot of people like doing a theme a day.  For example, "Make Something Monday", "Time to Read Tuesday", "What's Cooking Wednesday", "Be Thoughtful Thursday", and "Somewhere Fun Friday".  And while all that sounds super fun and great in theory, I know that chances are we would get thrown off the schedule real fast.  Noah would want to make something on a Thursday instead of a Monday or we would get invited to go to the zoo or beach on a Wednesday instead of Friday.  So instead of assigning certain activities for certain days, I decided to create a daily schedule of sorts... one that would allow for a lot of flexibility and freedom.  

Mornings spent out of the house...
Mornings are when Noah is in the best mood.  I think this is pretty common for young kids.  Because of this, I like to plan activities out of the house before lunch.  Whether it's a play date with friends, going to the pool, or running errands, I like knowing we will get out of the house at least once a day.  

Afternoons at home...
Afternoons are when I find the hours start to drag on.  We usually finish lunch by 12:30 and then there's a good 6+ hours until Chris gets home.  And now that Noah is no longer napping on a regular basis, that's a lot of time to fill!  When I don't have a plan, I am easily tempted to just let Noah watch more TV or iPad than he should.  So I have come up with a very loose schedule to keep him busy while also giving me some downtime.  Ideally, this is what our afternoons would look like...

1-2 Playtime.  Whether it's Legos, puzzles, board games, or some imaginative play with his Octonauts, this is the time for him to just play with whatever he wants.  I want Noah to have a fun and relaxed summer, so I'm not micromanaging this hour, just telling him to go play!    

2-3:30 Quiet time.  If we are out in the car around this time, Noah almost always falls asleep.  But when we are home, he rarely takes a nap.  Regardless, I still think he should have some quiet time.   I will also admit that I need some time to myself to go on the computer and just be alone.  This is when I let Noah watch his iPad, watch a few TV shows, or put a movie in.  If he's watching a show or movie I will usually sit with him while working on my laptop.  

3:30-4:30 Create something.  I find this time of day is the perfect time to be hands on and create something.  Some days I will plan a craft for him to do, but many days he likes to just draw, color, paint, or do play doh.  I would also like to bake with him once a week during this time.  He loves doing it and we get a delicious treat out of it too!

4:30 -5:30 Play on the deck.  Once it starts to cool off a bit, I'd like to get Noah back outside to play.  He gets to play in the sand and water table while I get to sit and relax for a bit.   Originally I thought I would be able to leave Noah out on the deck while I ran in and out getting dinner ready.  But then this past weekend I spotted a bear in my backyard and it has me totally freaking out!  I'm actually a little concerned I won't be able to get Noah to play out in our yard at all for a little while, and I honestly can't blame him... I'm a little on edge too!  

5:30-6:45 Dinner.  Feed Noah and prep dinner for Chris and me.  This is also when I plan to do a quick clean up of the downstairs.  

6:45-7:30 Chris is home!  Eat a quick dinner and spend some more time outside.  I'd love to start eating our dinner out on the deck and then maybe going for a family walk around the neighborhood while Noah rides his bike.  

7:30 Get ready for bed.  When Noah doesn't nap, he needs to be in bed by 8pm.  This gives us time to do a bath and read some stories.  If he did end up napping, then I'm all for the boys playing a little longer together.  

Fun days...
While I think this "schedule" will help our days run more smoothly, I am fully aware and expecting that this schedule to be thrown out the window at times.  I will never turn down an invitation to go on a day trip or spend the afternoon at the pool with friends.  I also love that Chris plans to take a few random days off of work so that we can go do fun family things when it's not as crowded as on the weekends.  Just yesterday, Noah and I went to the beach for the day with friends and loved every minute of it.  I really believe that these are the summer days we will always remember!

I'd love to know how you do summer!  Do you try to maintain a routine or just let your kids dictate their own time?  What are your tips for having a fun summer while still keeping the house (and your sanity) in tact!?!  


  1. I am impressed with your organization and how many fun things you do with Noah at home. I can't handle being in the house for too long on any given day, so we practically only sleep and eat there, ha!

  2. Are days are similar. Connor's quiet time is usually a movie, this is when I get to blog. He is usually a bit tired from our busy mornings that he is more than eager to lay down and chill for a bit.
    One thing I want to do more of is crafts. I need to plan for one a week and slowly add more as we have time.

  3. I have a teacher friend that does the themed days during the summer – all the ones you listed. I love the flexible schedule that you have come up with! I wish I could do more with Mason during the summer, but I do work full time from home. I’m just grateful to be working at home! Can’t wait until vacation, though!

  4. I'm so impressed with your schedule! I like to think that if I was a SAHM that I'd have some sort of schedule like this too. I was actually just thinking this as I walked out of Target, alone. Most moms crave and love that time, but I miss Mason and wish he was there with me even though it would make it 10 times longer and harder. It sounds like you guys have a good routine down!

  5. Love this schedule. I think it is so good to have something to count on because YES those afternoons get so long when dad gets at or after 6:00. I also love you mentioned being flexible because lets face it #reality. I wish we could invite you to one of our afternoon pool trips. My girls would have so much fun playing and swimming with Noah :).

  6. Welcome to the Tuesday Talk group!! It's so nice to meet you. I am a SAHM and have a 3 year old and a 3 month old so I loved reading your summer schedule. We're at the exact same point - mostly not napping unless it's a car nap and I try to do lots of the same things you do. I like that you attached times to your activities and recognized that some days are not going to go as scheduled. I try to say YES to fun play dates that come our way even if we have to shift other things around. Looking forward to getting to know you better :)

  7. This sounds like a great idea! I think quiet time is a good thing, too. I have read on a few different blogs about doing this and definitely will incorporate that for my future children!

  8. I remember those days. Now that my kids are older, we usually do mornings at home doing our own things and afternoons out doing fun stuff!

  9. This is pretty much our schedule too! Though Brielana does nap solid for 90mins-2hours and thats Kinsey and mommy time :) Girl, a bear in the backyard is nuts! We have warnings about bobcats and mountain lions being sighted in the neighborhood but thankfully havent had any encounters.

  10. Aria gets movie or TV time after lunch. I sure miss naptime but a little sort of quiet time is good too! I love your plans, we are all willy nilly over here and some days it works and others not so much. I wish it was cooler so we could get outside more often though!


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