The Adventure Starts Here: My Month by Numbers | May 2016

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Month by Numbers | May 2016

Another month has come and gone.  Once again, I'm linking up with Shoes to Shiraz where she prompts us to share a monthly recap in numbers... you can read my past posts here.  I love recapping our months and am really enjoying this format so far!  Here is my May in numbers..

Number of...

Days it rained: 13

I know that spring is known for rain, but this seemed a little excessive for May!  I really wish we could have enjoyed some sunny but mild weather before the summer heat arrived!

Playgrounds we visited: 2

This is not to say that we only went to the playground twice this month, it's just that we didn't explore that many different playgrounds.  Most days we just went to the one down the street or seemed to go to the same playground over and over (the one with lots of shade!).  

Loads of laundry: 33

While I'm not surprised, this just proves that I do at least a load of laundry a day.  And now that we are going to the pool, I'll be doing even more loads of towels!

Art projects made: 5

We love to do arts and crafts over here.  This definitely doesn't include Noah just drawing, because if I did it would be more like 100+... he literally grabs paper, crayons, and scissors on a daily basis!  These are the crafts that I planned for Noah to do, like our dinosaur crafts, gifts for Grandma & Nonna, and drawings for Noah's teachers.  

Diet cokes: 32

I had planned to cut down, but right now one a day seems more reasonable to me.  I get headaches because of allergies and often tylenol with some caffeine is the only thing that helps... and I really don't like coffee!

Times Noah changed what his favorite color is:  5

I laugh because for the longest time Noah said his favorite color was yellow.  Then one day he said it was pink.  I know that some people think pink is a girls' color, but not only did I not care at all, I actually thought it was kind of cool he liked pink.  It literally lasted maybe 2-3 days... kids are so fickle!  Then it was orange, then blue (like daddy), green, and finally purple (like mommy).  We finally decided that Noah just likes all the colors of the rainbow :)  

Cities visited:  2

This month we went down to Newark, DE for a wedding and brought Noah with us.  On the way back we stopped in Philadelphia, PA and went to the zoo.  

Trips cancelled: 1

We had planned to go to Montreal over Memorial Day Weekend but cancelled when Noah got sick.  

Gups we own: 8 + the octolab 

Noah is absolutely OBSESSED with the Octonauts.  He's told me that when he grows up he wants to be an Octonaut.  I think that would be so cool if he studied marine life!  Anyway, as a result of his obsession, we have collected a lot of "gups"... the subs they drive around on in the show.  We have Gup AGup BGup EGup HGup IGup RGup SGup X, and the Octolab!   It's gotten to the point that he doesn't really play with much else.

Birthdays celebrated:  3

Not only did we celebrate 3 birthdays in one month, but the 3 parties were all in one weekend!  Two friends and Nonna!

Restaurants eaten at:  13

As a total, this number seems high but I honestly don't feel like we ate out that much.  But then again, we did have to eat out when out of town and ate out a lot for Mother's Day.  This also includes our little trips to McDonalds or the pizza place, but does not include when my mom brings Chipotle or Panera over for lunch... which is a lot ;)

Trips to the zoo: 2

We often go months without going to the zoo, so I think it's pretty funny that we went twice in one week!  First to the Philadelphia zoo and then to our local zoo.  

Times we went swimming: 6 

Noah had his normal weekly swim class, which sadly ends in two weeks, but we also made it to the pool three times since it opened on Saturday!  Noah is a huge fan of the water and loves going under now!  And I'm obsessed with taking underwater photos!

What are some of your "numbers" for May???

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  1. New playgrounds are so much fun to visit. I need to look around more here. Love the underwater picture. So cool. Cam changed his favorite color at least 4 times. Ha ha. I keep telling him it means he likes all colors.

  2. Love underwater pictures! So fun.
    I love when it rains, but not when it ruins plans. So if only the rain would bend to my whims it would be great.
    Love all the Octonaut toys. Aria loves that show too, so maybe she needs some gups too!

  3. It rained here SO MUCH too! I should really keep track of our landry loads sometimes... you have me very curious of how many we do.

    Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  4. I am so impressed that you kept track of all these! Especially the laundry and diet coke stats haha! I used to not like coffee as well and now I literally can't stop!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  5. Oh laundry. I'm not sure if I want to keep track of that! Sounds like a great month. I'm with ya on the diet coke. I have taking up iced coffee, but that's all I can muster.

  6. We had so much rain too! Glad you had a good month anyway!

  7. These numbers posts are so fun. I get migraines so I know headaches can be debilitating. Have you tried Excedrine? It actually has caffeine in it if you think the Diet Coke habit is really crucial to kick ;)

  8. Myles' favorite color was blue since the beginning, then recently he changed to pink. He wants everything pink now and I let him of course. I don't think colors should have a gender either! Myles has the octolab and the redland rover gup too!

  9. I wish someone would bring us lunch. I had dealing with lunch and usually snack than actually have a meal. It's just easier for me. But I would really do with some Chipotle.


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