The Adventure Starts Here: Father's Day Weekend 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Weekend 2016

Father's Day Weekend... even though I'm not a father, this is one of my favorite weekends.  There's something about it that just screams taking it easy, having a barbecue, and spending some time outside.  In New Jersey, you never know what kind of weather you are gonna get for Mother's Day, but for Father's Day, you usually get some pretty good (and hot) weather.  As a result, we usually try to celebrate by going to the pool and eating out on the deck.  This year was no different.  

As usual, we celebrated Father's Day with my dad on the Saturday.  Since we live close to both sets of parents/grandparents, we like to split holiday weekends up and do one family each day.  So we do Saturday with my family and Sunday with Chris' family.  We do the exact opposite for Mother's Day weekend. So anyway, this year we spent Saturday with my parents by going to the pool and having a barbecue back at our house.  It was super relaxed, which is just the way we like it.  And we got to take some more underwater photos (using this waterproof camera), but this time I got to try out my new goggles and go under too!

On Sunday, we spent the morning at home and in our pjs.  After asking Chris if there was something special he'd like for breakfast, he requested pancakes.  So Noah helped me make the batter (just a mix with water) and I even tried to get fancy with a chocolate chip smiley face.  While I don't consider myself an expert pancake maker, Noah and Chris seemed to enjoy them and ate them up!  

We headed over to Chris' parents' house in the afternoon, but not before getting some photos of my best boys!  Noah wasn't in the mood for a traditional photo shoot, and instead preferred to make silly faces.  He even instructed Chris on what face to make and how to stand.  It was pretty cute to watch and I love how Chris just went right along with it.  

At Chris' parents' house, we had another nice barbecue.  But it was so freaking hot outside that we opted to eat inside.  Thankfully we were able to get outside later in the afternoon when it had cooled down a bit.  This time we made sure to get a photo of Noah, Chris, and Granddad.  I was so bummed that we forgot to get one of Noah, me, and my dad on Saturday!

But the best part of the day was watching the boys play.  Noah was so excited to bring his new rocket launcher and his soccer ball.  While we have tons of trees in our yard, my in-laws have a very large and empty backyard... perfect for launching the rocket.  That is until Uncle Justin aimed it towards the house and the rocket landed on the roof!  Thankfully we got it down, but it was pretty comical since Chris had just warned him not to shoot it up there.  

^^^one of my favorite photos ever!

Chris finished his Father's Day weekend just the way he wanted... by giving Noah a bath and then watching iPad with him before bed.  Chris really does just love spending time with Noah.  He works pretty long hours and just cherishes the hour (or two at most) that he gets to see him each night.  These two have so much fun together and I'm excited to see how their relationship grows even more as Noah gets older.  Happy Father's Day!

How did you spend your Father's Day weekend?


  1. I love how you split time between families. Great idea. The water photos are so fun. Way to get in them too. :) Looks like a great weekend.

  2. Your boys are so cute!!!! Fun weekend!

  3. What great pictures and all the yummy food! Looks like a great weekend!

  4. Love your fave picture too! How fun. And pool time and grilling is just the ticket. I think guys definitely like to spend a simple day with family. Esp nice if they work a lot of hours.

  5. You guys always have so much fun! I love this post! And the underwater photos turned out great!

  6. Oh goodness you guys had such a fun weekend of celebrating. I love that you took some great photos of Chris and Noah and the grandpa's too. I kind of failed at the photos this weekend after Marissa's party ended at least. Hope your enjoying your Monday.

  7. Looks like a great weekend! I'm impressed that you went under the water and took a picture! I'd look crazy if I did that, I'm sure! I love the picture that you said is your favorite ever. What an action shot!

  8. So many great pictures!!!! I'm with you, Father's Day is definitely a favorite in my book too! Also, is it just me or does Chris and his dad favor each other quite a bit?

  9. I love that Chris wears his "Daddy since 2012" shirt and your dad wears his "Papa since 2012" shirt on Father's Day! That's so sweet and special!
    Looks like you guys had a great weekend celebrating with some delicious food!

  10. Sounds like you spent some quality family time this weekend! I love that Noah was directing the photoshoot! And the rocket photo is awesome. The doggie is my favourite part!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  11. What a fun weekend. I am dying to get my hands on a water camera before our trip to the beach this Fall.

  12. What is hot for you guys in NJ? It hit the triple digits for us over the weekend. Welcome to Texas in the summer! Ha. We try to do the same thing with family on holidays…split our time so that we can spend more time with each side of the family. Love the photos. Especially the under the water ones. Those are so cool. I’m hoping we can take the GoPro for a swim on our next camping adventure! Looks like you guys had a pretty amazing weekend. I love all of the photos that you captured.


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