The Adventure Starts Here: A Nature Scavenger Hunt | #FreeToBe

Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Nature Scavenger Hunt | #FreeToBe

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Isn't Spring wonderful!?!  Thank goodness we are finally getting more sunny and warm days than not.  As a result, Chris and I are constantly coming up with different ideas on how we can spend our weekends outside.  We have a park in our town that I've taken Noah to a few times with my parents, but it's always been in the fall (here and here).  And while taking a hike in the fall is absolutely beautiful, we thought it would be fun to check it out in the Spring this year... and this time take Daddy!  

To keep Noah interested and more engaged, I decided to whip up a little Nature Scavenger Hunt for him to do while we walked.  I simply printed it out on paper and stuck it to a gift bag using double sided tape.  Keep reading, because I've included a free printable of the scavenger hunt I created :)

We really lucked out with the weather.  While it was sunny, it was only in the high 50s... perfect for a morning hike.  Noah absolutely loves being outside and I love watching him explore!  It was so cute to watch him look for all the items on the list.  He kept checking in with us on what was next to find and I found that he was so much more observant as a result.  For the items that we could take with us, Noah would check it off the list and then place it in the bag.

^^^ you think this stick is too big to take with us???

But there were obviously many items (like trees and water) that we couldn't take with us in his bag.  That's when I decided it would be fun for Noah to use my phone and take some photos of the things he found as well.  He loves using my phone at home to take photos of his toys, so I figured he'd enjoy it out here as well... and I was right!  And I have to say that I was super impressed with the photos he took!  I think it may be time to get him a camera of his own!

^^^ Noah's photos of the rocks, water, and trees we found.  Noah was also obsessed with taking photos of the maps and then looking at it on the phone as we walked.  It was like he was following along with the map as we walked :)

On our hike, Noah absolutely loved finding the items and checking them off with his crayon.  He would constantly ask what was next to find and then say "X marks the spot" as he checked it off our list!  When coming up with our scavenger hunt list, I wanted to make sure to include things that I was pretty confident in finding.  But when we found a lily pad and turtle, I was more than happy to add it to our sheet :)  

As I mentioned, I included some pretty standard items that you would normally find in nature.  So even if you don't have an actual park to go to, you could still use this scavenger hunt printable when just walking around your neighborhood.  I also added the colors of the rainbow at the bottom.  While Noah can't read, he could identify each color by sight.  We all had a lot of fun trying to spot the different colors in nature... like our own little version of "I Spy".  If it was fall we would have had and easier time finding red and orange, but thankfully we did end up seeing some red and orange canoes... how lucky!  I'm sure we wound't have even noticed them if we weren't doing this scavenger hunt!

To download for free, click here

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  1. Nature hikes are so much fun. Cam loved the one we took about a month ago. Nothing feels better than getting outside and enjoying the nice weather. I love the picture of the boys trying to put the huge stick in the bag.

  2. Love your list! So fun and practical I have had some pretty hard scavenger hunt lists so I love and appreciate that you kept it real. The girls and I need to do this again soon. They have always loved doing hunts ever since they were Noah's age.

  3. This looks like SO much fun! And what a pretty day! :)

    I love All Free Clear. It's a great product!

  4. We've always used all free and clear, love it. And Aria loves doing scavenger hunts in the yard, I need to step up my game and do them out in the world!

  5. We are super fans of All Free & Clear as well as scavenger hunts!!! I love that although it was in the 50s ya'll were in t-shirts! We would be in parkas down here! LOL
    On the note of a camera, we got Lily a kod's digital camera by fisCher price. It prints pictures from a USB and is the same as a regular camera just in a hard casing. I'm sure other brands make them (probably better ones too) but she loves it. Every time I have mine out she races to get her's and definitely has a sense of pride from the photos she takes.

  6. Yay! I couldn’t wait for this post after seeing the picture of sweet Noah with his little list. Spring is wonderful, but I am over all of the rain we are getting here. I need sunshine something fierce. I love how its in the high 50s you guys are in short sleeves. Us Texas would be in hoodies or jackets. Haha. That’s cold for us. Great pictures. I love the one of Noah taking pictures on your phone. Also, can we talk about how gorgeous this area is? We've never used All Free and Clear, but now I want to try it.

  7. Noah with the two pinecones is my favorite! Scavenger hunt for the win! Also, loving your new profile picture... which probably isn't new at all, but I've haven't been blog reading on my actual computer in awhile.

  8. Beautiful photos! We love taking hikes, too. Next time, I'll be taking your scavenger hunt list along! #client

  9. Noah is a budding photographer! I'm so impressed by little one's pictures. Scavenger hunts are the way to go for observing nature, Kinsey is a big fan!

  10. I love how you pasted the list right to the bag! Why didn't I ever think of that?? I am so doing this. Thanks for sharing!


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