The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Fun | Delaware, a Wedding, and the Zoo!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Weekend Fun | Delaware, a Wedding, and the Zoo!

We were out of town this past weekend.  We headed down to Delaware for a friend's wedding, and decided to make a weekend out of it.  Since the wedding was over 2 hours away, we knew we'd need to stay over.  And while most normal people would just leave their kid at home with family/a babysitter, we are not normal.  Not only have we never been away from Noah over night, but we co-sleep with Noah.  As a result, I was hesitant to leave him when we'd be that far away and not able to come right home.  Three cheers for grandma (my mom), who offered to come down with us and watch Noah in the hotel while we went to the wedding.  Once the logistics were figured out, we then started planning what we'd do with the time surrounding the wedding.  

I went to college (the University of Delaware) with both the bride and groom.  While we don't get to see each other that often, I've remained friends with the bride and we've always made sure to get together once a year and to show up for all the big events.  They actually both still live near campus and the bride actually works for the university now.  We drove down in the morning and made it on campus just in time for lunch.  We lucked out with some beautiful weather, so we were able to walk along the main street and eat lunch outside.  I always find it surreal walking around my old campus with Noah... makes me feel old!  Not getting carded in a college town will also make you feel old ;) 

After lunch, we walked around a bit more.  Found some great walls in an alley way/entrance to public parking and had a mini photo shoot.  We even stopped in to get Noah a Delaware t-shirt.  It was interesting trying to explain to him that they didn't make an orange one (his new favorite color).

We brought Noah's soccer ball with plans to go to the green to run off some energy.  He proceeded to chase after Chris and probably annoyed many of the college students trying to enjoy the nice weather by yelling at Chris to stop and saying "LISTEN" when he wasn't following his micromanaging.  

 ^^^ a glimpse at an older boy!

The good weather didn't last however, and right as we were getting ready, the sky turned black and the downpour began.  When you are all dressed up and in heels, it's handy to have a husband who acts as a valet to pick you up and drop you off door side.  Thank goodness the storm was short lived and that the wedding was indoors anyway.  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and it was a lot of fun catching up with a bunch of my college friends.  We ate delicious food, drank yummy cocktails, did a little dancing, and acted silly in the photo booth... it was a wonderful evening.  My mom sent me some photo updates of Noah and I was surprised to hear he was asleep before 10 (Noah has a tendency to fight sleep and wait up for me when I go out)!  

dress - Banana Republic, no longer online | shoes 

On Sunday, we decided we'd split the drive in half and stop by the Philadelphia Zoo.  I think I must have been there as a child when we lived in Delaware, but I honestly don't remember the zoo at all.  It's right downtown, and while the parking is annoying (and expensive), the zoo is pretty great!  Once inside, other than seeing and hearing the commuter trains around the perimeter, you almost forget you are in a major city.  My favorite part of this zoo is that all the animals are pretty close so that you can get a good view.  Noah was very excited to bring his Octonauts action figures and show them all the animals.  Barnacles had to see the polar bear and Peso the penguins, since that's what they are.  Noah said Tweak (the bunny) wanted to see the flamingos since she's a girl and likes pink ;)  I also busted out singing the flamingo song and made sure to get it on video.  In case you aren't Octonauts fans, the song is pretty cute and catchy.  "Zig zag zig, that's the way, flamingos dance, kalu kalei.  Head up head down, left and right, zig zag zig, all day and night".  

jacket (American Eagle) - similarsimilarsimilar | jeans | shoes

We then stopped for lunch and ice cream and to look at the map... Noah LOVES maps!  Noah was getting tired, so we decided to check out the tigers and penguins and head home.  Another really cool feature of the Philadelphia Zoo is their relatively new "360" feature.  They have these platforms where the tigers basically walk above you.  It was really cool to see them that close, but I have to wonder if the tigers like being up there.  

No trip would be complete without adding another stuffed animal to our collection.  This trip, Noah decided that his favorite animal was the polar bear.  It was the animal he was most excited to see, but as is often the case, the polar bear looked rather sad and was just sleeping in the corner rather than swimming around like I think we hope and expect to see.  Regardless, Noah still picked the polar bear as his stuffed animal, and cleverly?? named him "white bear".  

How was your weekend?  What's your favorite animal to see at the zoo?


  1. What a wonderful weekend! The pictures of you guys on campus is so cool. Such a great memory to have and I'm sure will be more there. Love all the zoo pictures and the Tigers in the 360 is so neat.

  2. What a great weekend! Stopping for a zoo trip is always a good plan if you ask me and your dress at the wedding was SO pretty (as well as the brides). Hope you are having a good start to your week!

  3. You had the most amazingly jammed packed weekend ever. I love the dress you were to the wedding... absolutely perfect for wedding season.

  4. Looks like a great time. I like showing my kids my college campus! I never went to the Philadelphia Zoo but always wanted to. Your photos are great!

  5. What a great weekend. The dress you wore to the wedding is fabulous!

  6. You looked so beautiful at the wedding! So fun! I also love your green jacket that you wore at the zoo! Looks like the perfect weight.

  7. What a fun weekend! I LOVE the dress you wore to the wedding! So pretty! You're so right about the parking at the Philadelphia Zoo. We took Mila a few months after she turned one and we haven't gone back since. It's definitely a nice zoo, but the parking was frustrating to say the least. You got some great photos! Completely random, but have you ever been to the Cape May Zoo? It's really nice - and free!

  8. Your dress with the floral and ruffles is so pretty! Yay for co sleeping :) Ive only ever spent 3 nights away from Kinsey in 5.5 years and Im sure some people think Im crazy. What a fun Zoo trip! Those flamingos!

  9. What a fun weekend! Not only did you get to see your college friends and go to their wedding but you also had a mini vacation! I'm in a wedding next weekend and we're making a small mini vacation out of it too :)

  10. I love how similar we are in our parenting! We’d rather bring Mason with us anywhere than to get him a sitter. How neat to show Noah around the college you went to. Great pictures! You two looked gorgeous for the wedding. Love your dress, pretty mama! And the zoo pictures, so great! I love the one of Noah and Chris pointing at something.

  11. It was such an intimate moment and you could really feel the love and energy in the place. Our ceremony at chicago wedding venues was the most beautiful and romantic ceremony I could have ever expected (and all our guests made sure to tell us they felt the same way once it was over!).


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