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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Confessions

So many of my favorite bloggers have been sharing their weekly confessions, and I'm loving it! I finally decided to join in a few weeks ago, and I'm back again today with another installment.  

I must confess...

... A little while ago, I had the weirdest and most random dream.  I dreamt that I had planned a surprise party for Chris but totally forgot about it until guests started showing up at my door.  Chris was home, I was in my PJs and I had just put Noah to bed.  We had no food or alcohol in the house and I was freaking out with what I would do!  And the even weirder part were the guests weren't even Chris' friends... they were people I went to high school with that I wasn't even that good friends with back then.  The absurdity of the dream made me laugh, and I assume it meant that I was nervous about not being prepared for something.  

... The song "Hide Away" makes me beyond happy that I'm past the dating stage in my life.  The lyrics "where do the good boys go to hide away" reminds me how I felt when I was in my 20s and had no clue where you met nice guys.  And to this day I have no advice for women still looking to meet guys.  I met Chris by getting my routine teeth cleaning and his mom asked me if I was dating anyone, haha!

... If we had unlimited money, I would love to do some major landscaping.  While we have plenty of beautiful bushes and flowers, the ones right in front of our house seem to be dead or dying.  We have some boxwoods that turned yellow and had to be majorly trimmed down.  We also have some bushes that bloomed the first year we lived here but have yet to bloom again.  And if we were going crazy, I'd love to get a cherry blossom tree for our front yard.  Chris mentioned that I've made him aware of this desire almost every time we drive into our neighborhood ;)

... I secretly love that Noah's soccer coaches (and all the coaches in this league) are British.  They are all young 20-something year old guys that are brought over for the Spring/Summer to teach these soccer classes and camps.  I am obsessed with their accents and phrases.  And if I ever thought of myself as a young mom, I quickly feel old when I realize that I'm a good 10 years older than most of them!  

... I feel absolutely ridiculous taking my outfit selfies in my front yard.  Just picture me with a selfie stick while trying to keep Noah from running out into the street.  It is so embarrassing when a car drives by or a stranger walks by and I try to hide my selfie stick and act like standing in my front yard is totally normal!  Oh the life of a blogger!  

... I have never been away from Noah over night.  He's 3 1/2 and very used to falling asleep next to me and co-sleeping throughout the night.  On the one hand it would be nice to get away for a night or two.  But when I think of the long term, there will come a day when Noah won't want or need me to sleep with him, and I will miss it.  

... I'm kind of obsessed with the new Justin Timberlake song, Can't Stop The Feeling!  I'm a fan of both videos... with the cast of Trolls and the one with the random people dancing!  I've been a huge JT fan ever since his *NSync days and I think he's just gotten better and better ever since!  His new song is so catchy and happy and I love dancing along with him!   

So what do you think... am I absolutely crazy!?!


  1. I am obsessed with JT's new song too. Cam loves it as well, so there is lots of dancing going on in our house or car when it comes on. I laughed thinking of you in the front yard with a selfie stick and trying to look normal when a car drives by. Ha ha! Love your confessions.

  2. The selfie stick part made me laugh! I can only imagine. And remember, they will probably never see you again!

  3. So I haven't heard that song yet *blushing* but wil totally add it to this weekends play list. The selfie stick made me lol. Is that what I need for good outfit pics?! Last night I dreamed I found a huge stack of checks I never cashed. Wonder what I am really thinking about.

  4. Ok I have to admit that I'm laughing at myself because I recently did a blog post where I had to take an outfit picture and I never even though to use my selfie stick! How silly of me!

  5. The Thursday confessions posts are some of my favorite!! What a crazy dream!!! It reminds me the story that Courtney (A+ Life Blog) told about having her church group over and remembering about it less than hour before they were to arrive. Something I would totally do. Haha. I feel like that any time I take a selfie, no matter where I am at. Happy Thursday friend!

  6. Tyson is going to do a British soccer camp this summer too, I can't wait to hear the coaches. :) I'm not sure I know that new JT song, checking it out now!!

  7. I totally bought the JT song. I love it! These posts are always great!

  8. I literally just laughed out loud imagining you hiding your selfie stick when people walk or drive by! haha! You crack me up. I would do the same thing!

  9. LOL you and your selfie stick!! Do you have a backyard? That might be less embarrassing ;)

  10. JT was always my favorite (and my husbands, ha!) NSYNCer. You know how I think you could fill in for his wife ;)

  11. One of Liam's t-ball dads has a British accent and I am obsessed!!! And other than the night Finn was born, I have never been apart from Liam either. He is ready, but now that Finn obviously needs me, it just hasn't happened yet.


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