The Adventure Starts Here: My Month in Numbers | April 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Month in Numbers | April 2016

Can you guys believe it's May already! While I love Spring and am very excited for the Summer, I still can't believe we are already here!  Last month, I linked up for the first time with Shoes to Shiraz where she prompts us to share a monthly recap in numbers.  I had so fun doing this kind of monthly recap, so this past month I decided to keep track of a few things as the month went on.  Here is my April in numbers...

School buses counted on the way to school: 24

We started this tradition back in September when Noah first started school.  It began as a fun distraction since Noah would sometimes get a little anxious and ask if I could stay at school with him.  Now we just have fun spotting the yellow school buses and counting them on our hands.  We usually see around 5 every morning, though our record is 10, and we've seen as few as 2 (it all depends when we leave the house!).  

Trips to Target: 3

Pretty self explanatory ;)

Outfits photographed: 24

This by no means that I wore 24 photo worthy outfits this month!  But I did photograph my Stitch Fix clothes, a few dress options for a wedding, and some new jeans I got. 

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Play dates:  10

Noah had spring break this month and we planned quite a few play dates that week.  One of our play dates this month was even cancelled, and we still had plenty!

Number of times Noah fell asleep in the car: 5

While Noah no longer naps, he will sometimes fall asleep in the car.  I used to be able to transfer him no problem, but not anymore! 

Trips to the playground: 11

With the nicer weather this month, we headed to the playground a lot.  Sometimes it was to meet up with friends and other times it was just a quick trip to our neighborhood playground.  I love that Noah can ride his bike down the street and we can play, even if it's just for 10 minutes. 

Number of times Noah used the school bathroom: 2

So while Noah is a pro at potty training, he is seriously struggling with using the bathroom at school. He either holds it in or has a little accident right before pick up (thankfully this has only happened twice).   He did however get a sticker one day for at least trying to go and one day I had to take him to the bathroom right at pickup.  

Number of times Noah peed on a tree: 3

Speaking of potty training.  There have been a handful of occasions (this month and last) where Noah tells me he needs to go when we are out and no bathroom is to be found (at the playground or at soccer).  So I improvise and find him a tree or bush ;)

Number of times Noah woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom: 2

Can you tell our life right now revolves around Noah's successes with potty training???  While I don't trust him enough to stop the diaper at night, Noah has impressed me this month by occasionally waking up in the middle of the night telling me he needs to pee.  And sometimes I'm so tired I ask if he wants to go in his diaper and he says no, he wants to use the toilet.  Didn't expect it to go so well!

Holes in the wall at Chipotle: 2,552

I can't believe we even know this!  But one night at dinner, Noah was obsessed with this light box wall at Chipotle.  So as Chris and Noah were playing (and climbing) on it, Chris also counted how many holes there were!

What are some of your "numbers" for April???


  1. This is a fun way of recapping a month! Potty training is so wonderful when it's done! I'm thankful for having a boy so we can just pull over if he has to go! My son thinks it's awesome to pee outside- whatever!

  2. Ha ha! I love that Chris counted the holes. That's awesome. It's funny how kids will potty train, but struggle going at school. Noah is not the first I know of that are that way. Preschool is what finally motivated Cam to potty train. He was the last in his class and got embarrassed he was in diapers. That and he got sick and was going so much that it hurt his bottom, so he chose to potty train so it didn't hurt. Oh the motivators. I love this post. It's so fun to read about other's months. Ineed to get mine up.

  3. Lol the Chipotle one is the best and most random ever, how hilarious is that. My new goal for next month is to find something random like that to count :P! I also like the peed on a tree count. Kind of makes me wish we had a little guy :D. What a fun month and I can't believe it is May too!

  4. Peeing on a tree! Haha! Love it! I'm not all that excited to venture into potty training for our middle man this summer...

  5. Love that you guys count school buses. We used to do that too. Mason thought buses were the coolest thing and couldn’t wait to ride on one someday! Wow, that is a lot of play dates. So fun. I cannot believe he counted all of those holes in the wall. Ha!

  6. I over these number posts! If Lam is outside I always let him pee on trees, even if there is a bathroom close. It's the beauty of being a boy. Although as he gets older, I will probably have to stop this....

  7. I remember when our days were all things potty. Luckily we've moved on from that stage... I say that because I am OVER dealing with it and talking about it.

  8. LOL at the holes at Chipotle! One day Zachary and I counted pick up trucks on the way home from school and we saw a ton. :) Great wrap up post for April!

  9. Kinsey and I use to spot buses on the way to preschool too! Made me think of the old days ;) Great job on the potty training, especially at night!

  10. Peeing on trees. This will be my life in a few short years! ;)
    We count school buses all the time! It's so exciting to see so many in a row!
    Love that Chris counted all the holes, I just know my husband would do the same!

  11. Ooooo I don't miss the potty training the numbers for the peeing on the tree. hahaha. Thanks for linking up!


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