The Adventure Starts Here: Mother's Day Weekend 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend 2016

Mother's Day weekend... it was pretty darn great!  My boys do a great job of making me feel loved and appreciated every day, but this weekend they just went over the top!  Every Mother's Day, I request that Chris take some photos of just me and Noah.  While Chris always obliges, it's Noah who sometimes has to be persuaded bribed ;)  Here are some of the photos Chris took as well as a few of my favorite moments from this weekend...  

Me: shirtdistressed jeans | shoes | watch (old Marc Jacobs, cheaper option)
Noah: shirt | jacket | sweatssneakers

Noah drew me a few pictures, one that even said "Noah and the Octonauts love Mama"... and you know you're special if the Octonauts like you ;)  

Chris recorded a special video (two actually) of Noah saying Happy Mother's Day. I will treasure these forever!  Just last year Noah could only say "Happy Mama" and this year he's speaking in full sentences, asking me questions, and sharing his opinions... oh my mommy heart bursts!  

Noah picked out a box of chocolate spelling MOM for me.  He immediately told me that I could eat one of the Ms and he got the O and the other M.  In the end he ate the entire thing.  While I didn't "need" the chocolate, I'm not sure if a 3 year old needs such expensive chocolate!  

Taking photos with Noah in the town where he was born.  It was amazing to take him back to our old town, walking around the "green" and the streets where we would take many walks.  I used to love pushing him around in the stroller as a baby, going to the grocery store or just to get some fresh air.  And today we were back, but instead of sitting in a stroller, he was holding my hand walking, smelling the flowers, and playing tag with me.  Oh how time flies!  

Considering how well Mother's Day morning went, it's funny to think that Chris and I were really worried about it just a few days before.  The past 2 years (2015, 2014), we've gone to another restaurant in town.  They have great outside seating and we just love the environment.  But when the forecast was in the mid 50s with random rain showers, we knew we couldn't count on eating outside.  The restaurant itself is just a normal deli, which wasn't what I had in mind for Mother's Day breakfast.  Chris called around everywhere and could not get a reservation anywhere last minute.  Then we remembered The Committed Pig and figured since they don't take reservations, we'd give it a try.  There was a half hour wait, so we used the time to walk across the street to "green" so Chris could take some photos of me and Noah.  A few bribes had to be offered, but we ended up with a few gems :)  Then it was off to  the most delicious breakfast... NUTELLA STUFFED FRENCH TOAST, need I say more!?!  We were ready to go home after that, but the sun had finally come out and when given the option, Noah chose to walk around some more.  It was so cute watching him smell all the flowers and telling us that they smelled like strawberries, bananas, and kiwi!

^^^ outside the Committed Pig, where Noah said it was "too sunny!"

When we got home, I was spoiled with some more gifts.  Flowers, cards, and a balloon.  Chris and Noah also gave me the personalized bracelet that I hinted towards in this post.  I am in love with this rose gold bracelet with Noah's name engraved in it.

While I could go on and on about how well my boys treated me this Mother's Day, we also made sure to spend some time with our own moms, Noah's Grandma & Nonna.  My parents came over Sunday evening.  They played a little with Noah, we gave Grandma her gifts, and got a few photos before heading to dinner.  I'm so glad the rain stopped and warmed up enough that we could get some photos outside.  We tried a new (to us) restaurant this year, called Seasons 52.  We had a feeling we'd like it since they have a very seasonally fresh menu, and boy were we impressed.  They gave us this amazing corner booth (which is perfect for Noah), the ambience was perfect, and the food was absolutely delicious.  My favorite part was that the desserts were in little shooters.  I love dessert, but sometimes a taste is all you need :)  

Noah: shirt (similar) | jeans

^^^ Noah is really into using the camera on my phone all by himself.  He took the top two photos without any help :)

On Saturday, we got together with Chris' parents.  We went to another new (to us) restaurant, Washington House, for lunch and then back to our house for some dessert and gifts.  Noah once again grabbed the camera and took some candid shots of our table.  We also showed Nonna all about Snapchat and had a pretty good laugh at ourselves with all the funny filters!  

I feel so blessed to be a mother and to have both our moms close by.  It's such a treat that we get to spend time with both of them over Mother's Day weekend.  And while Noah wasn't always a fan of going out to eat so much, he really was such a trooper.  He definitely had his moments where he didn't want to smile for another photo, but who could blame him after the millionth photo!  In the end, my mom and I figured it was time to give up requesting smiles and instead gave our "less than impressed" face too ;)

How did you spend Mother's Day weekend this year?  I hope whatever you did that it was wonderful!

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  1. Love all the pictures of you & Noah! What a wonderful weekend celebrating you & all of the mamas in your life!

  2. Oh Meghan, I love all of the pictures Chris snapped of you and Noah. So special. What a busy, but wonderful weekend! Glad you had such a great one.

  3. How adorable :) Looks like a fabulous weekend
    Chelsea @

  4. Wow, you had a great weekend! And I love the photos!

  5. Those pictures are totally precious! Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. Best weekend ever! I'm totally in love with all the great photos you got of you and Noah! That's fantastic! You look amazing and so happy!

  7. Those pictures of the two of you are just so sweet. Chris does an awesome job with the camera! I knew you would have a great weekend and it definitely looks like you did!

  8. It looks like you had the best weekend. You got some really great photos too! I was so chill and lazy yesterday that my wet hair/pj photo was about as good as it was going to get.

  9. Aw I love the sweet photos of you and Noah! Looks like you had the best weekend.... and send me some of that Nutella French Toast!

  10. All your yummy food!!! Ive been thinking about your nutella french toast all weekend ;) Im so glad you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend!

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  12. Great photos! Noah and the Octonauts love Mama --- SO sweet! I love that. Your boys did so great with making you feel special on Mother’s Day! And that breakfast sounds amazing. Sounds like a perfect weekend, friend. Yay for family close by!

  13. Videos & chocolates & that brunch?! Such a perfect Mother's Day!


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