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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mommy Style | April Showers

We had about two weeks of really nice weather.  Then this past week was full of clouds, some rain, and some cooler temps.  So it was back to wearing my spring jackets and some long sleeve shirts again.  From looking at the pictures, I've learned that it's pretty safe to say that my espadrilles are my shoe of choice for this time of year... good thing I have a few colors!  Noah's also decided that he likes to be involved in my outfit selfies, whether he's dressed or still in his pajamas!

A rainy Sunday spent out and about as a family.  While I originally had planned to wear this outfit with my white espadrilles, the rain made me change to rain boots last minute.  

gingham shirt (Loft) - summer alternative | jeans | espadrilles | necklace - similar, similar, longer coral option
umbrella - similar | jacket - similar, similar, super cute yellow rain coat | rain boots - matte version

I've found it's just as easy to put on a t-shirt as it is to put on a slightly dressier short sleeve blouse.  Noah's a pretty neat kid, so I don't really worry about spills anymore, unless it's me being clumsy.  I had to add a light jacket in the morning for school drop off, but it warmed up by the afternoon :)

jacket | top (Loft) - similarjeansespadrilles 

Back when it was warmer and sunny!  I loved adding the pop of pink to an otherwise blue outfit.  I got many compliments on my necklace that day :)

tee - similarjeans | espadrilles | necklace - similar, similar | earrings

I definitely thought it was going to be warmer when I chose to wear my new white shirt!  I took Noah to swimming and then we ran a few errands and had lunch with my mom.  Good thing I had my green utility jacket with me to keep me warm!

jacket (American Eagle) - similarsimilar, similar | white tee - in other colors, similar  | jeans | espadrilles 

Is anyone else struggling to dress for these bipolar temps???

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  1. Meghan, you have the coolest umbrellas!! I love your style! I know I've said it before, but I think we need to go shopping together. :) I need to be better about not falling back on a fitted t-shirt.

  2. Yes, I hate bipolar temperatures - freezing in the AM and hot in the afternoon? Makes things hard! But I just about always wear jeans and a t-shirt anyway.

  3. My favorites are definitely the white shirt at the end and that gingham shirt. Old Navy had some REALLY cute spring plaid in there the other day but I know I won't be able to wear them that much. We have no middle ground here hot or cold. P.S. I want to go shopping with you and Jess too ^ :)!

  4. You can pull of jackets and layers really well. I feel really bulky if I have too many layers unless of course, it's for warmth than I'll be as boxy as need be to not freeze to death.

  5. I love your jackets! That is one thing I'm really lacking!

  6. I love your jackets! And that pop of pink necklace! You always look so put together :)


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