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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Keep Swimming

When our plans to go away for Memorial Day Weekend were cancelled, I was amazed at how quickly we made new ones.  We cancelled our trip to Montreal for a couple of reasons.  One... we were supposed to leave on Friday, when there was still a chance of Noah being contagious, for a 6+ hour drive.  Wednesday evening he had a rough night of tossing and turning and his school had requested he stay home on Thursday just in case.  We didn't want to take a chance of him being uncomfortable for the entire drive or having another rough night in the hotel.  Two... we were going to be visiting my very pregnant cousin (who also has a young child) and I really did not want to risk infecting either of them.  While Noah ended up being fine, I still think we made the right decision in cancelling our trip.  And we are already talking about rescheduling the trip of the end of the summer :)  

As for our new plans... we spent a lot of time outside and at the pool.  While yesterday wasn't very nice due to Tropical Storm Bonnie, Friday through Sunday were sunny and hot (in the 90s and humid)!  After running errands and entertaining Noah at home on Friday, we were ready to have some fun!  Our neighborhood pool opened at 10 am on Saturday, and we made sure to go right away!  Noah's been getting really good at swim lessons and is so much more comfortable in the water.  He now wears goggles, sticks his head under water, and even swims a little on his own (not far, but still!).  While Chris sees videos of his progression, I was so excited for him to witness it first hand.  And I was excited to use my new waterproof camera   Last year I bought a waterproof pouch for my phone, which was perfect for last summer.  Noah was just swimming around in his floaty and jumping off the side of the pool, so I was able to have my phone handy and take it out when I wanted a photo or video.  But now that he's actually going underwater, I wanted to upgrade to something a little better.  I'm also obsessed with photos of kids swimming underwater and couldn't wait to try it out myself!  I'm so pleased with my first attempt and can't wait to practice more this summer!  

goggles | rash guard (Carters, sold out online), but this one would match well | swim shorts waterproof camera

In addition to lots of underwater swimming, Noah learned that he is now tall enough to walk in the 3 feet section of our pool on his tippy toes!  He's grown a lot since last summer, so this is a big deal!  Noah would go back and forth between the big pool and the baby pool.  He would practice his swimming in the big pool and then play with his pool toys in the baby one.  We have a few diving toys that are really meant for older kids in the shallow end, but they work perfectly for Noah in the baby pool!  He also loves taking the fish and net in the bath :)

On Sunday, we were back at the pool, but this time we went to the town pool as our friends' guests.  These are our best family friends and their kids just so happened to get sick a day after Noah did (so they obviously infected each other... just have no clue where it originated from!).  When they found out we weren't going away, they immediately asked us if we wanted to spend the day at the pool with them, to which we obviously said yes!  Our town pool is so cool and we definitely plan to join next year.  In addition to the "big pool", they have a baby pool and slide, a sprayground area, and some bigger slides too.  We packed lunches and let the kids go back and forth between the big pool and the little kid area all day.  Now that Noah doesn't nap, we were able to spend the entire day there!  We've already been invited back again, so between the town pool and our neighborhood pool, I envision us spending a lot of time poolside!  

^^^ we are obsessed with these Hanna Andersson hats (and their swimsuits).  Each year they have one color/print for boys, and every year we get Noah the new one.  It just so happens Noah wore a previous year's hat, or else he and his friend really would have matched!  
on our friend: swim hat | rash guard | swim shorts 

And while Noah doesn't nap anymore, spending all day out in the sun really wears him out!  He passed out at 5:30, sitting straight up and barely eating his dinner.  I'm just relieved I got him a bath and pajamas on first!   I think we may be bringing naps back to our summer routine ;)

pajamas (last year Hanna Andersson) - tractors are cute this year!

In case you have some pool days ahead of you, I've rounded up some of our favorite pool essentials (perfect for pinning!)... 

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  1. Bummer about not being able to go on your trip, but it looks like you still had a great weekend!

  2. Awesome pool finds and fabulous photos! :)

  3. I've never heard of a real waterproof camera! Very cool. Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. You just had the best weekend! I think Abbie would spend all day at the pool too if we let her! And those hats! I may just have to see if they make a girl version and snag that!

  5. Bummer for having to cancel plans, but yay for making new ones. I am sorry Noah had to deal with that nasty virus. So awesome that you have a neighborhood pool. I love the underwater photo. I was going to ask how you took them, so thank you for linking the camera. So fun! Glad y’all had a good weekend. That picture of Noah falling asleep sitting up is too precious.

  6. Looks like the perfect way to spend the holiday! What a good swimmer he is! I'm hoping Elin continues to get more comfortable in the water with swimming lessons this summer.

  7. You totally made the best of it, at the pool! It doesn't get much better than that!

  8. Paw Patrol towel! Mason would love that!

  9. So sorry your trip was cancelled, but I think you guys totally made up for it. The pool photos are so great! What a little fish. I think that we are going to bring naps back for the summer too. Cam has been exhausted. Ha ha!

  10. Waterproof camera (or camera case) totally needs to be on my list! What a lovely weekend; jealous of all the swimming!

  11. I loved the photo of Noah snoozing when you shared it online. It's been a while since C has crashed like that.

  12. Totally jealous of your two local pools! So fun! I cant wait to see more underwater photography too!


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