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Friday, May 13, 2016

Five on Friday

Friday the 13th.  A full moon.  And it's supposed to rain here today.  I think we should just stay home!  This week was pretty uneventful compared to some.  We had nice weather, Noah went to school, swim, soccer, and a nature explorer club.  Chris is crazy busy at work but did manage to get home on time a few nights.  This weekend however, we have lots planned!  We are heading down to the University of Delaware because one of my college friends is getting married!  My mom is coming down with us to watch Noah in the hotel room.  Then Sunday, we plan to spend the day in Philadelphia.  Not sure yet if we will head to the zoo, the Please Touch museum, or do some sightseeing around the city.   Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Here's my weekly five...  


In case you missed them, here's what I shared on the blog this week!  


Here are some of my favorite posts from the week.  Once again the topics are full of variety!

Sunflower State of Mind - Easy DIY Shiplap Tutorial


Noah is doing a nature explorer club this month.  We found out about it from some of his friends at school and were very excited to sign him up for May.  They take a break in the summer, so I hope the fall schedule will work with Noah's school schedule, cause we are really loving it!  Each week they explore a different part of the nature park, this past week it was the river.  Even though it was warm and sunny, it had rained all last week and the ground was super wet and muddy.  While Noah wasn't in rain boots, his sneakers were okay.  I on the other hand was silly and wore espadrilles... I know, WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!  Clearly I'm not a natural outdoorsy person and need to get on top of this since I'm a boy mom!  Noah really enjoys the class, but I think it's hilarious that he's inherited my dislike for being dirty.  While the other kids were jumping in puddles and digging in the mud, Noah didn't even want to touch the stick the teacher gave to him because it was "too dirty"!  While his OCD tendencies make clean up a breeze for me, I really do want him to loosen up a bit.  I'm hoping this class will do just that... and maybe loosen me up a bit too ;)


This week I had a rare evening out!  My mom came to watch Noah last night (until Chris got home) so that I could go to a Mom's Night Out at one of my favorite local restaurants.  I'm usually in my PJs with makeup and contacts off/out by 7pm, so it was nice to dress up a little and enjoy a glass of wine and AMAZING food with some friends :)


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  1. So glad that you got to have a girls night this week! Have a great weekend!

  2. Nature Explorer Club looks like so much fun! What a neat thing for his to participate in. I absolutely LOVE the shirt you wore to your Mom's Night Out. Looks so great! Have a great weekend.

  3. MNO are always a welcome reprieve for me. Sometimes it's just me running to the grocery story but I take my time and going solo is always a perk.

  4. The nature club sounds fun! My kids do a nature camp in the summer which they really like.

  5. I wish there was an Explorer Club around here! That sounds so fun! I giggle because both my girls would be in hog heaven being in the dirt whereas I prefer clean and tidy like Noah ;) Thanks for sharing my post! That was such a sweet surprise!

  6. Yay for mom's night out! I totally need one of those! And I love how you are sharing your favorite posts from the week. Such a perfect way to highlight other bloggers!

  7. Oh man I could use a girls night out yours looks so delicious too :D! That Explorers Club, how cute is that?! I have never heard of anything like that around here.

  8. Aww, thank you for linking to my blog post. So sweet of you! I have loved following along with your nature explorer club adventures! How neat to have an organized event like such. Yay for a mom’s night now! Loving those white pants!


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