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Friday, May 6, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  We had quite a week filled with lots of clouds, rain, and cold days.  Spring... where did you go?  Chris had to work late every night but last.  Both he and Noah were so excited when he walked in the door on time and got to play before bed time!  After not seeing each other much this week, I have a feeling they will be all about each other this weekend, and I may just get some nice Mother's Day time alone ;)  That is in between all the meals we have planned with the moms in our life :)  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, whether you are celebrating your own mom or as the mom being spoiled!  


In case you missed them, here's what I shared on the blog this week!  


Last week I shared some of my favorite blog posts from the week and I really want to make it a weekly thing.  Here are some of my favorites... a wonderful mix of blogging/photography tips, recipes, and other random gems.

The Girl in the Red Shoes - When You Have a Child Who Doesn't Eat
Tickled Pink - Sidewalk Chalk Paint


Last week I shared that Noah is getting really good at writing his name and other words.  He's really good with his alphabet, so I want to start focusing on the lower case letters.  I ordered these using Amazon Prime earlier this week and Noah was so excited that yesterday's package was for him!  Not only is he learning his lower case letters, but now that we have 2 sets (upper and lowercase) of each letter, we are able to write more names and words!


Did you go all out for Cinco de Mayo yesterday?  While I wasn't out having a fiesta and enjoying a frozen margarita, I did partake in some Mexican food for dinner.  While I would have loved to go to Chipotle, I was worried it would be a little busier than usual.  So instead, I relied on good old Costco. I had some of their frozen chicken taquitos with a side of chips and guacamole... it was absolutely delicious!  


I got an early Mother's Day gift this year!  This is the first year Noah's in school, which means it was the first year that Noah handmade me something for the occasion.  Yesterday, the moms were invited to stay at drop off to play a little, listen to our adorable kids sing songs to us, and for story time.  We were then gifted these questionnaires/cards and a beautiful potted flower complete with their fingerprints.   I was cracking up at some of Noah's answers.  Most of the kids knew their mom's names, but to Noah I'm just "Mama"!  I was also a little puzzled by his answer to "What Does Mommy Do".  I really thought he'd say "go on my computer" or "take pictures".  While it could have been worse... "watch tv" or "do nothing", I didn't know what he meant by "touch".  He told me I touch him, which I'm guessing means that I hug and snuggle him a lot... which I do!  

And here's a video just in time for Mother's Day.  Just be warned that you will probably tear up (or ball like a baby) and hug your babies a little longer after seeing this video... it's so stinking sweet!  

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  1. Those early Mother's Day gifts are so adorable! Nice job Noah! Cam has been a vault about what he's made at preschool. Anytime we bring it up he says that it's a secret. I'm impressed he isn't telling me like he does everything else. The boy can keep a secret. I hope you have an amazing Mother's Day!

  2. I wish our fridge was magnetic! We have those letters but have to use a cookie sheet. I love that idea of favorite blog posts...I'll have to catch up on some of those that I missed. And I need to watch that video when I have a minute. Happy mother's day weekend!

  3. Those videos always make me sob, Yes, SOB. So I'm not watching this one now otherwise I might wake up my girls. Can't wait to read your post from yesterday that art looks pretty fantastic. I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day weekend friend, I just know it will be great!

  4. I love when the kids answer questions about their mamas! So cute! I wish we had a magnetic front fridge - so convenient!

  5. So sweet!! His little Mother's Day stuff was adorable!! Chelsea @

  6. OH that video.... Cal hitting a year has just got me lately. Happy Mother's day!

  7. I can't believe he writes as well as he does! Sadie doesn't really yet - she traces well but nothing on her own.

    And I owe you a letter! I'm sorry - work and the birthdays have totally gotten me behind on regular life stuff. In the mail this weekend I promise! I'm a bad pen pal. :(

  8. Wait, magnets stick to your stainless steel? I so wish they would to ours because I love those letters! Happy Mother's Day to you!

    And thanks for sharing my letter! <3

  9. I refuse to watch that video. No way no how am I going to submit myself to that!


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