The Adventure Starts Here: Thursday Confessions

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday Confessions

So many of my favorite bloggers have been sharing their weekly confessions, and I'm loving it!  I kept meaning to join in, and I'm finally doing it today!

I must confess...

... Noah has been giving me a run for my money lately.  My normal go with the flow kid has been on an emotional roller coaster lately.  Just the other day he had a tantrum over having (or rather not having) M&Ms with breakfast.  And lately he's been such a homebody.  Normally I'm all for just hanging out, but with this amazing weather we just recently started having, I want to go out and enjoy!  Most days I have to talk him into going to the store, out to eat, and even to the zoo!  I'm hoping this phase doesn't last long... we have lots of fun activities planned for the Spring/Summer!

... I find it amusing that Chris and I get bummed when Noah doesn't want to do certain things.  For instance with the zoo, we obviously planned to go to the zoo because we thought Noah would enjoy it.  At first he says he doesn't want to go, then he wants to leave early and not ride on the train or carousel.  So why are we the ones disappointed when really we are just doing it in the first place to make him happy!?!

... I feel like I'm vacuuming nonstop.  As soon as I vacuum, Noah spills crumbs on the floor.  Or we go outside to water the flowers or go to the playground, and even though we take our shoes off when we come inside, we still manage to bring in some mulch and dirt.  

... Going to the playground without friends makes it more work for myself.  Noah expects me to play with him, which usually includes finding "fires" to put out.  Thankfully he's stopped asking me to climb up with him.  But last week we went with friends his age and it was so nice that I could sit and chat with the mom and he was happily off playing!  

... Noah had Spring Break last week, I figured it wouldn't be that different since he only goes 2 mornings a week.  But in reality it did feel different.  With no school and no naps, I felt like I never got a break!  I realized I get a lot done in those 6 hours and am happy to have them back.

... I've learned over time that it's so easy to compare your kid to others, but please try not to.  There's always something that another kid will do before yours does.  It doesn't mean your kid isn't smart and amazing.  I learned a while back when Noah was a later walker and talker to let it go.  I'm so glad I didn't freak out, because guess what, he may not have been the first of his friends to do it, but since then he has :)

... Noah missed his first soccer practice/class because I couldn't find the field!  The address on the website was wrong and I couldn't get anyone on the phone while I was driving all over town.  I've since contacted the company and have a new updated address for my GPS.  We will be making up the class tomorrow and back to our normal class next week.  

So there you have it... my first week of confessions!  Can you relate to any of them?


  1. Girl we are so much alike. Yes yes yes to all of them. I get disappointed when cam doesn't want to do something and then question why is its what he wants. I honestly love when Cam is at preschool. It gives Emmy and I time together and I can get a few things accomplished with just one child instead of two.

  2. Meghan, I totally get what you are saying.. Owen since he turned 3 1/2 has been ALL about being at home.. I will usually have to bribe him to go somewhere with me if we really need to go.. If we are going to a friends house he is ok with that but anything else he wants to stay at home inside and play. I'm loving the warmer weather as well and just being at home all the time is boring to me. Owen also like Noah gets excited about doing something but then 1/2 way through being there he is like can we go home now. I am hoping as well that it is a phase cause I really want to do fun things this summer. Finally he is almost 4 and I feel like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel and he is starting to want to do more without being bribed. I get everything you are saying and thank you for sharing. It is hard to compare our kids with everyone, but what I started to do was just enjoy sharing the same stories that we are all going through the same things one way or the other and not so much the comparing. :) See you soon!

  3. Oh, my floors are a hot mess. We have a Roomba thank goodness, so I give it a run many days when we leave the house!

  4. Bummer for missing the first soccer practice. I know you guys were very much looking forward to it.

  5. I hate going to the park with just one kid! And having to entertain. Lol! And I'm very bad because I'm always comparing my kids to others. One of my good friends has kids who are really smart and well behaved. And it's hard not to compare!

  6. I am SO guilty of comparing myself (and my kid) to others. And it's terrible and I know I shouldn't. But I see all these kids talking and being so cute and funny and Mason doesn't. And I know why. And I'm not mad or disappointed or sad at him by any means, but it's just so hard to compare. But I've learned to love the saying "comparison is the thief of joy" and I choose joy. He is amazing just the way he is and I love him so much for that!
    And I know what you're saying about being disappointed! I get all excited about doing something with Mason and I'm like "are you excited to go to x y z" and he yells "NO!". Well alright then! lol

  7. Ohhhhh girrrrl. How did the missed soccer practice go over with Noah? That actually happened to me, kind of, when Lily started dance class. I took her on the wrong day & no one was there. She was devistated but thankfully the studio was open so she could explore the classroom.
    Yes, yes, yes on the few hours of school not being there is a drastic difference. Do you have any plans for the summer? I'm already wondering how we are going to survive. Not just from a "no time" perspective but I've noticed Lily needs that outlet.
    And yes! Park Days are definitely vacation days! Well...that is until Benny starts walking ;)
    Oh speaking of walking... Lily was an early walker but Ben obviously isn't. It doesn't matter when your child does things. Just because kid a is doing this and kid b isn't doesn't mean kid b isn't doing something completely different that kid a doesn't know how to do yet. They all "catch up" and level out eventually :)

  8. I hear you on the no break thing with no naps. I should send Aria to school just for a break. Sounds nice ha.
    oh geesh Aria is a homebody. Pretty much the only place she shows any desire to go to is her godfather's pool or Disney. Play ground? no. Publix? no. Target? no. Mall play set? no. Book store? no. ha. I'm a homebody too but not THAT extremely. I need to escape the house on occasion.

  9. Oh goodness I can't even imagine how frustrated not finding that field would have been. Playgrounds with the friends is simply just the best. I am sure its just a phase too, we all have them.

  10. I completely agree with you on not comparing kids, I do it with my own and have to stop myself; they are so different but joys nonetheless. Ive started sweeping more just to cut down on dragging the vacuum out, its part lazy part genius ;)


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