The Adventure Starts Here: Ten on the Tenth | April 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ten on the Tenth | April 2016

This morning, I'm joining Rebekah Gough for 10 on 10 : Ten photos taken on the 10th of the month capturing the beauty in the ordinary. After seeing a few of my favorite bloggers do it, I knew I had to join in!  While I often recap our weekends, this is the first time I'm sharing 10 pictures from a particular day (and linking up). This month, the 10th fell on a Sunday. And while we often have lots of plans on the weekend, we didn't have anything scheduled yesterday. Here's what our day looked like...

Since we didn't have any plans, we were able to wake up when Noah woke up.  For a while, Noah was going to bed super early (like around 6 pm) and we were happy if he made it to 6am!  But we somehow turned his schedule around and now he's going to bed closer to 8:30 pm and waking up after 7am.  Yesterday, he lasted until 7:30 and was happy to hang out in bed until 8... it was definitely a great way to start our Sunday!  Noah spent the morning playing with Chris.  They threw a birthday party for Chase and Zuma, and all the pups and Transformers came!  Meanwhile, I did a mini photo shoot of 3 dress options for an upcoming wedding.  After getting many opinions, I finally decided on my favorite.  The best was when Noah told me he liked all three :)

Paw Patrol mini racers - Robo Dog, Rocky, Chase
Air Pups - Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Zuma, Rocky, Chase
Transformers - Boulder (bulldozer and dump truck), Blades (airplane), Optimus Prime, Chase, Hoist, Salvage
While I linked all the Paw Patrol & Transformer figures to Amazon, often your best bet will be to try Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart in order to get the best prices. 
floral | black | purple (old) | shoes

Since weeds were slowly taking over our backyard, there was lots of yard work to do.  We played, watched some Octonauts and Team UmiZoomi, and Noah stayed in his pajamas but decided that he needed to wear his new summer sandals to complete his look :)  Then there was a trip to the grocery store.  Noah told me I had to stay home (oh darn) because no girls were allowed, boys only!  We went to the playground, played some soccer, and then came back inside to play some Candy Land (Noah won!).  

sandals | pajamas no longer available at Gap - similar, similar, similar 
big wheel | coat (no longer available at Hanna Andersson)

Before heading to dinner, Chris told Noah that when he was a baby he used to have a Superman shirt but with a cape attached.  So of course, Noah wanted a cape for his shirt!  Crisis averted when Chris came up with a makeshift cape by tucking his red "Team Canada" shirt into the neck of his Superman shirt.  Noah wore it to dinner at Chipotle, to play some more at home, and even wanted to wear it to bed!  There were huge negotiations and a few tears when I told him he had to take it off so he could take a bath.  His shirt (and "cape") went right into the wash so that they will be ready to wear again this morning!  

octonauts bath squirters (kwazii and peso) | blaze bath squirters (Zeg, Stripes, Blaze)
Paw Patrol bath squirters (set of 6, Everest, Robo Dog, Ryder)
same as the figurines above, your best bet with the bath squirters is to look at Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart so you get the best price.  

And it was quite comical how long he played in the bath, considering how adamant he was against taking a bath in the first place!  We were cracking up at his terms for taking a bath.  No bubbles and he only wanted 4 toys... his blaze boat (not pictured), Octonauts bath squirters (kwazii and peso counted as one toy lol), one flute, and one crayon.  Whatever you want dude, whatever you want!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!! Haha love the superman t-shirt with the cape!

  2. What a fun time! We love those Transformers!


  3. I'm starting to love these posts!! Candyland is one of Liam's favorite games! But we keep it at Nana's house!

  4. So I love love love Noah's hair. Connor is stick straight like mine but Noah's has volume and personality and I'm jealous of it.

  5. What a great Sunday! We had yard work this weekend too, boo hiss boo!!! It is going to be non stop for the rest of summer and our yard is big :(. The only perk of big yard, mowing it. Hope you are having a good Monday friend.

  6. Oh my goodness! I love the cape! I really need to get Mac one!

  7. Looks like a great Sunday!! :) I love that he wore his cape to Chipotle. And baths are always like that around here...he doesn't want to get in but then once he is in he doesn't want to get out! Happy Monday!

  8. He was quite the superman climbing that chipotle wall!! I love the 10 on the 10th idea. I'm going to try to remember to participate next month!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  9. Those dresses look beautiful! Maybe the vacation and timezones and jet lag helped with the sleep schedule a month later lol. Kinsey has the Supergirl version dress with a cape :)

  10. I love that he wanted a cape and Chris was able to make one out of a shirt and he was perfectly content! It really is the little things :)

  11. 10 on 10th, I love this idea. That floral flutter dress caught my eye - so pretty!! Tyson would be in HEAVEN playing with Noah and his Paw Patrol collection, impressive. :)


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