The Adventure Starts Here: Stitch Fix #5 | April 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Stitch Fix #5 | April 2016

Last Friday, April Fools Day, I received another Stitch Fix box.  While many people use Stitch Fix because they don't like to shop themselves, I do it to find a few unique pieces that I struggle to find in stores.  As a result, I set up my shipments to arrive every three months.  My last shipment was in January 2016, so I was excited to receive some warmer weather pieces this time.  I included a note for my stylist, asking for a few things.  I wanted some distressed jeans, a green utility vest, and some tops with delicate detailing and floral prints.  And while I only kept one top, I feel my stylist definitely listened to my requests.  

Mori Henley Top (Size Large) - $48

This was the only top I ended up liking and keeping in my latest Stitch Fix package.  I immediately loved it because of the colors and print... I'm a huge fan of teal!  I also liked that it was sleeveless.  When going through my closet recently, I noticed that I don't have a lot of sleeveless shirts that I still liked.  While I might want to wear a camisole under it for the armholes, that's not a big deal to me.  I also am a fan of the longer back for covering the bum :)

Minerva Crochet Trim Top (Size Large) - $48

This second shirt wasn't necessarily bad.  I liked the back detail, but the v-neck in the front seemed a little odd.  It was like in between a scoop and a v-neck and I don't think it really flattered me.  While I didn't mind the print, I wasn't a fan of the colors on me.

Kendal Button Back Top (Size Large) - $58

The final shirt I got was this white eyelet blouse.  While I asked for more feminine tops, this isn't exactly what I meant.  It's a little too traditional for my taste.  And it was too short for my long torso and rather see-through.  This definitely went back.  

Kondar Cargo Vest (Size Large) - $68
I specifically asked for a utility vest, so I was happy to see this in my shipment.  Unfortunately, it was very similar to the utility jacket that I received and returned a few shipments ago.  It's a little too thick for my taste, and I have no clue what to do with the belt.  I'm not a fan of it closed and belted, but it looks silly with the strings just hanging.  I also wasn't sure if I liked the detailing on the shoulders.

I had also found a utility vest at Gap and I like it more.  I prefer the darker color, the fabric is softer and lighter, and it didn't have a belt that I didn't know what to do with.  So I sent back the Stitch Fix vest and kept the one from Gap.  

utility vest (khaki color)

Kaiden Distressed Frayed Cuff Denim Short (Size 10) - $48
I asked for longer shorts and some distressed jeans.  Didn't necessarily want the two combined, but they said that they did not have any distressed jeans in stock.  These shorts were a little snug for my liking and just a little too short for my taste.  I'm not a fan of my legs and prefer to wear a longer short... especially since I'll be on the floor and crouching down with Noah.  Thankfully, I found an alternative that I preferred from Loft.   It also helped that the Loft shorts were cheaper... I got them on sale for $38.

Loft shorts (on right) | sandals

So what do you think, do you agree with what I kept and sent back???

And if you are interested in signing up for your own Stitch Fix shipment, I would really appreciate it if you used my referral link :)


  1. Im not a fan of my legs either! Girl, Im starting to think we're heading towards BFF-dom ;) I think the white top looked pretty but since I also have a long torso, feeling like something is too short, sucks. The Gap vest is cute!

  2. LOVE that shirt that you kept. The colors are so good on you. I like the Gap vest and the non distressed shorts way better too. I think your choices were great.

  3. I love teal too and that's a great shirt. I have yet to try stitch fix because I wonder how well their clothes will fit me!

  4. I do love the top you kept, but in general not a great fix. It sounds like your stylist listened well though, so that is nice. I should be getting a fix on Friday and I am hopeful it will be good!

  5. The top you kept looks great on you! The other two both looked a little short. What's with Stitch Fix and the short tops? I kept getting tops that were too short for me and I've seen that other people had as well. I definitely prefer the Gap vest and Loft shorts too!

  6. I love these tops :) So cute

  7. The top you kept is a for sure keeper!!
    I was a fan of the white one - but too short and too see through? Bummer.
    The vest was super cute! Often times I'll tie the belt behind me, that way it's out of my way, the front stays open, and there's just a little detail in the back, too. But, I do love that one from Gap!!

  8. I like the top you kept! I also like the eyelet blouse but I agree - too short and see through are no good! I prefer a longer top too.

  9. Love love the teal top you kept. It's awesome and looks great on you. The best is yet but I like the one you found at gap better. I don't like my legs either so I hear you on shorts. The ones you found at loft look great. I need to find those sandals. Great choice!

  10. This was a good fix! I love the shirt that you kept and agree that it's nice that it's longer in the back. I love the utility vest that you found at Gap and the shorts you found at Loft! How awesome you found some better, cheaper options of the items from SF!

  11. I agree with your selection. Although, I like the eyelet blouse and the vest on you! But, if it just doesn’t feel right then there is no sense in keeping them. I don't do Stitchfix (yet) but these are some of my favorite posts! I love to see what people get and keep/send back.

  12. I feel like SF boxes can be just misses sometimes. This is not my favorite box of yours at all.


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