The Adventure Starts Here: Mother's Day... What We Really Want

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mother's Day... What We Really Want

Mother's Day is going to be here before you know it... less than 2 weeks now! And while I could easily come up with a mood board full of pretty things I think most moms would like, I figure there are enough Mother's Day gift guides floating around the blogging and Pinterest world. Instead, I'm going to share some things that we moms actually want. I reached out to some of my blogging friends and asked them, "I know we will love whatever our kids/husbands give us, but what do you actually want??? I'll start... I'd love a cleaning lady.". While all the answers may not be necessarily practical (or within budget), this is what young moms REALLY want... 

Cleaning lady for sure! Or getting my car detailed...I desperately need that! - Natasha @ SchueLove

I'd love spa day - mani/pedi, facial and massage. - Jen @ And Hattie Makes Three

I would love a weekend getaway to the Texas Hill Country! - Crystal @ Hall Around Texas 

A weekend getaway that he plans would be wonderful! We don't get to take a lot of trips as it is, but when we do I'm always the planner. It would be nice to just show up and have it all planned sometime. - Vanessa @ Sunflower State of Mind

I would love to hire a mother's helper for a day. Someone to play and visit with Connor so I could tackle and actually complete a handful of projects around our home. - Stephanie @ Wife Mommy Me

I love the idea of a cleaning lady. I would love one day to do absolutely anything I want it to have a babysitting come over so I could clean, DIY, etc without interruptions. - Jessica @ Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

A cleaning lady would be amazing. I also want a day where all I have to do is lay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls. - Jess @ Being Mrs. Beer

I'd love to sleep in as long as I want. And also not have to cook a thing! I miss waking up at a time of my choosing. - Courtney @ Sweet Turtle Soup

To sleep in and not have to do the dishes! Like a "one day no adulting" pass. - Whitney @ Work it Mommy

A full day at the spa! Bonus if he plans it with a mommy friend! - Sarah @ Seeing All Sides

Probably to have a spa day where I'd get a massage, a facial, and a mani/pedi and then lay poolside with a cocktail in my hand. Oh and have calories not count also! - Elizabeth @ Chasin Mason

A Day to myself!!! ALL ALONE from morning to bedtime! LOL - Emily @ Dear Owen & Natalie @ East Coast Nat

I'll take the cleaning lady and prepped meals for an entire week! - Leah @ Leah with Love

I am asking for makeup... because my husband thinks you can get new makeup for $10 and I'd be a happier mother if I had new cosmetics.. LOL - Natasha @ Hello Happiness

Meal prep foooooor sure! - Ashley @ Being Brickner

I would love a day of surprises with clues -- or a plane ticket to Maui. - Laura @ Happily Ever Parker

A cleaning lady, hands down! I'd take a weekend trip to wine country as a back-up though. - Desiree @ Mack Monologues

Pampering, shopping, and all the cooking and cleaning done for me!! - Laureen @ Chateau Deveau

A cleaning lady and day alone! Also, someone to grocery shop for me, someone to stalk my freezer with meals. Someone to clean out my closet and be my personal shopper. A day at the spa. - Julie @ The Girl in the Red Shoes

My gifts would be really random. Like several boxes of ammo and a trip to the shooting range. I also don't want to cook a single thing that day or referee a single disagreement that the girls have. There MUST be ice cream and a guilt free shopping trip would be a welcome addition too. - Beth @ Our Pretty Little Girls

I love the idea of a spa day...with a mommy friend...and champagne...and a cleaning lady to deep clean the house while I'm there. - Sara @ Running from the Law

I am loving all the answers, and realized that we all want some time alone where we don't have our regular mommy responsibilities ;)  But if all else fails, just stick with jewelry and something personalized.  I for one would love to get one of these personalized bracelets from Made by Mary's Etsy shop.  I would love to get one in rose gold with Noah's name on it, wink wink ;)  

But in all seriousness, Chris and Noah are really good at making me feel super special and loved on Mother's Day.  Our tradition involves going out to breakfast just the three of us.  And flowers, cards, and something homemade are usually part of the holiday too... I love it!

Now it's your turn... what do you ACTUALLY want for Mother's Day???


  1. What a fun idea to get all these different answers!! I'm adding oven mitts (no seriously, I burned my hand the other day because mine are worn through) and an apple watch!

  2. First off, I absolutely LOVE that you put "what young mothers want" way to score major points :D I wonder how I can casually show Brian this blog post?! Hehe.

  3. Great post!! Do you think drew would get the hint if I somehow shared this post with him? Ha ha!! That bracelet is so pretty.

  4. These are all great answers!

  5. Fun post! I want someone to come cook for me for sure!

  6. These type of posts with thoughts from other bloggers are quickly becoming my favorite! Thanks for including the rest of us and it's fun to see what everyone else wants! Also, I looooove those bracelets! Just added them to my wishlist! ;)

  7. Ummm... LOVE this!!!! Such fun answers! I would love to sleep in and just have a day of being "off". As you know, that is definitely not something moms get to ever. ha!

  8. Oh my word this post came out FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I love and can relate too pretty much every answer up there.

  9. I love the wink wink :) I think a cleaning lady would be on top of my list!

  10. I want pretty much everything listed in some form or fashion. My biggest thing is to be able to do less on that day. I know it sounds silly but I do so much every day it would be nice to get to be a bit lazier on Mothers' Day.... oh and my birthday :)

  11. So, I pretty much just want everything that everyone described. Sounds like the perfect day! I also like that you called us young moms ;)

  12. Such a good idea to do this round-up! Loved reading the other Mom's answers. I think I was nodding in unison with them- a clean house (that you didn't have to clean) is quite possibly one of the best luxuries!

  13. I love this post! Such a great round up of fun answers. I hope all the moms out there get exactly all of that!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  14. Love this list!! I think these posts are becoming my favorite :)

  15. I'm with all the girls that want the weekend getaway!

  16. Love this compilation of Mother’s Day gift wishes. Love all of the ladies in this post, too. Thanks for including me.


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