The Adventure Starts Here: Month in Numbers | March 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Month in Numbers | March 2016

Good morning... I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  Last month I discovered a monthly link-up with Shoes to Shiraz where she prompts us to share a monthly recap in numbers.  I love a good monthly recap and thought this would be a new and fun way to do it.  Here is my March in numbers...

Number of plane rides: 2

Our flights to and from vacation went well.  The plane was really empty on the way down and Noah stayed up the entire time and watched his iPad and played.  On the way back, the plane was completely packed and Noah slept the entire time!

Number of nights spent in Turks & Caicos: 4

A wonderful vacation spent at the Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos.  You can read all about it here. 

Number of rides on a golf cart: 11

Noah loved riding on the golf carts around the resort.  Even if we were within walking distance, Noah preferred to take the golf cart.  

Our hotel room number:  1125

I was impressed that Noah memorized our room number in Turks & Caicos.  Even more, I'm impressed he still remembers it almost a month later!

Number of blog posts: 23

Pretty average for me... posting Monday-Friday :)

Number of egg hunts: 5

There was one in school where they had to look for the eggs with their name on it.  Then we did one at my parents' house with the cousins where they each had a different color to look for.  We (the Easter Bunny) hid some eggs around our house Easter morning.  And we went to two organized hunts... one with at the church where Noah goes to school and the other through our MOMS Club.

Number of eggs collected: 48

I'm honestly surprised he didn't collect more eggs considering there were 5 hunts.  But to be fair, many of the hunts limited the eggs each could should find.  

Number of cousins who came to visit: 3

We were so excited that my brother and his family came down for Easter weekend.  And Noah loved playing with his 3 cousins!

Number of Lightroom tutorials watched: 10

Slowly learning how to edit my RAW photos, so I'm watching lots of YouTube tutorials.  

Number of birthday parties: 3

Noah had two friends' birthday parties on the same day.  It was a long, fun, and exhausting day!  We also had a mini "party" with my parents for my birthday :)

Number of play dates: 4

This is actually a low number compared to other months.  Probably because we were away for almost a week on vacation and then taking it easy while getting back into our real life routine.  I imagine we will have more in April!

Number of muffins baked: 60

I made a batch of apple zucchini muffins to take with us on our vacation and another when we got back.  

Number of nights Chris was away: 2

Chris rarely travels for work, but this month he went to Seattle and was away for 2 nights.  I'm not a fan of being in the house alone, but this time I was surprisingly okay.  

Number of trips to the ER: 1

I'd rather this not be on the list at all.  But the night before leaving on vacation, I went to the ER with stomach pains.  Thankfully I was cleared by the doctors and was able to go on our trip.

Number of selfies taken: 63

More if you count the bursts we take to get one of Noah looking and smiling!

My new age: 32

Another year, another birthday!


  1. I was looking for an idea for revamping my monthly recap posts and I love this one!

  2. I love this monthly review.. So cute

  3. What a great month... besides the ER visits :(. Such a fun way to recap the month, you had a really fun one too!

  4. You had such a great month!! I love how you broke it down. How are you going to top March?

  5. This is such a fun link up! Do you keep a running list on your phone so you don't forget things?! You had a great March, thats for sure!

  6. I need your apple zucchini muffin recipe!!

  7. All the travelling- too much fun. I am hopping over to read your Turks's on my list of places to go. Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. These are quickly becoming some of my favorite posts! I love how the options are endless and it's a fun and different way to recap the month!

  9. PS - I love that you included your hotel room number!


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