The Adventure Starts Here: Mommy Style | Volume 8

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mommy Style | Volume 8

This is the time of year where you never know what the weather is gonna be like when you wake up.  One day it will be sunny and 60 while the next day will be in the 40s with rain, or god forbid, snow in the forecast!  So while I'd love to do a total overhaul of my closet, moving the sweaters out to make room for the lighter tops and spring colors, I think I'll have to wait a few more weeks to be safe.  I did however take the plunge and pack up our snow boots, winter hats, and fur trimmed coats... watch we will get a snow storm now!  I've moved some lighter jackets into our hall closet, started wearing slip on sneakers (without socks!), and added a few fun spring pieces to my wardrobe :)

Taking Noah to school...

First up, this sweatshirt.  While this isn't technically a "spring" piece, it definitely works over here on the East coast.  In fact, I've already worn this a few times... and Chris called me out on it saying, "didn't you wear that the other day too?".  Yup, I did!  Please tell me I'm not the only one who figures that if you are seeing different people then it's fine to duplicate an outfit you just wore!!!

sweatshirt - Old Navy (similar) | jeans | espadrilles 

Easter Egg Hunts...

Another new piece I recently got is this Urban Cowgirl scarf.  While this particular print is sold out, there are so many beautiful ones that it's honestly hard to choose just one.  I personally loved this print because the colors are unlike any scarf I currently owned.  I love that by pairing it with some of my favorite staples, that it made the outfit so colorful and spring-y!

scarf | shirt |  jeans | shoes | sunglass (similar)

And since it's often chilly in the morning, I love having this new khaki utility jacket in my arsenal.  While I love my olive one, there are just some outfits that I don't think it goes well with... like this one.  Having this neutral jacket will definitely come in handy this spring... another piece I've already grabbed many times!  

Heading to a play date on a rainy day...

I also love the idea of a lightweight sweater for Spring.  It will be at least 6 weeks before it really warms up here, so I have a feeling I will be wearing this navy striped sweater a lot!  And apparently I really love stripes, since I wore them twice in one outfit!

And while I love getting new clothes, I also love reaching for some of my "older" favorites.   

Easter Sunday...

I wore this floral dress from Talbots for brunch at the country club with my in-laws.  I purchased this dress two years ago to wear to Easter brunch and wore it a second time to a baby shower.  Because of the print, I don't wear this dress as much as I wish... it's not a print you'd quickly forget.  But I absolutely adore this dress... the colors, the length, and the short sleeves are perfect for a Spring party where you need to look a little more modest.  

dress is from Talbots, 2 years ago (similar)

I am also obsessed with these wedges and wish I had more reasons to wear them as well!  They are the perfect height (in my opinion) and being a wedge definitely helps since I rarely ever wear heels anymore!  I love that they are nude (go with everything) and have an ankle strap.  

shoes are Nine West, 2 years ago (similarsimilarsimilarsimilar)

Casual days at home...  

I am so excited that we have had a few days where I can get away with a light jacket or even just a long sleeve shirt and scarf!  We are definitely getting little tastes of Spring over here on the East Coast!  

I got this olive green utility jacket last Spring (from American Eagle... not really where I expected to be shopping still) and absolutely love it!  I feel like it makes simple outfits just a little more complete.  And we know how I love a good black legging, striped shirt, and leopard shoes (I wear each of these pieces a lot!).  

stripe tunic (similarsimilar), black leggings, shoes (similar), jacket (similar)

And I love adding a colorful scarf to an otherwise simple jeans and t-shirt outfit.  This cocoon tunic is so soft and I've already worn it another time since snapping this photo!  Chris brought this scarf home from work one day and I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it!  

shirt | jeans | shoes | scarf is Tommy Hilfiger (similar and beautiful print!)

How's the weather where you live... has Spring already arrived?  Any new pieces you'd like to add to your wardrobe?


  1. I have that sweatshirt too. Jeff told me my collection of grey sweatshirts with sayings is getting too big! LOL Love that Talbots dress! It's darling!

  2. You can never have too many striped tops! Im looking for a long sleeve white with black stripes and its driving me bonkers that I can't find the right one (maybe Im being a bit picky?) I totally agree that Spring outfits are all over the place.

  3. As always, I love your fashion!!! It's so crazy to me to think about "packing away your clothes and bringing out others" because I never change anything out of my closet! LOL. But I guess we don't have such drastic weather changes either so there's that!

  4. Pardon my french, baha ha! LOVE it. That dress looks really great on you too!

  5. I want a green/olive jacket like that so badly... I think it would help add some color to my black/white/grey thing I rock all the time.


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