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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mommy Style | Hello Spring!

I'm back with another round of "Mommy Style".  I am so excited that Spring has finally arrived to the East Coast and I can finally share some new looks!  I love these transitional times where I can slowly start including some new pieces into my daily wardrobe.  While my outfits still consist many of my favorite stand bys, I have to admit I get excited pulling something new out of my closet :)

While I recently wore this dress at Easter, I wore it again to my friend's bridal shower.  I wanted to share it again because of the shoes (and since I curled my hair this time!).  I love these shoes and I just recently found a pair of sandals that are almost identical to my 2 year old pair.  If you need a pair of neutral wedges, grab these right away!    

dress - same style, new print | shoes - similar

Noah had Spring Break last week, so we had lots of play dates and trips to the park.  Lots of jeans and simple tops.  All I have to say is that I'm loving these new distressed jeans   But Chris and Noah's comments cracked me up.  When I tried them on, Noah innocently asked "who put those holes in these?".  And Chris asked me if I bought them like that.  He said he was surprised Old Navy was trendy enough to sell distressed jeans!  

 shirt - old from Loft | distressed jeans | slippers | necklace - similar
 shirt - old Hanna Andersson | jeans | soludos 

I shared this vest in my latest Stitch Fix shipment.  It really is the perfect Spring piece.  I loved wearing it with jeans during the week, that I decided to wear it again with a dress when we went to the zoo on Sunday.  

 shirtvest - in khakisimilar | jeans | soludos 
dressvest - in khakisimilar | sneakers - in ivory and navy (another great option) | necklace - similarbracelets

After a week of beautiful spring weather, we had a random 80 degree day on Monday.  So it was time to break out the shorts... I'm relieved I had applied some sunless tanner for the shower!  

shirt - Old Navy, no longer online  | shorts | sandals - similar | necklace


  1. I guess I should have got that Gap utility vest when I had the chance! I seem to br having poor luck with shopping lately and it makes me dislike spring dressing even more (cranky, much?!) You look darling!

  2. I love that vest! IT is so much fun and can go with so much. Such cute outfits. I love the shoes you wore with that dress.

  3. I love your stripes and the vest. I'm totally glad I splurged on it when I found it in the store!

  4. My thing with distressed jeans is I'm afraid I'd get the distressed part caught on something and rip it more! lol!

  5. So cute! I love the stripes, all of the stripe! I keep seeing lots of stripes everywhere so they must be cool right now which means that I should probably by some.

  6. Sadie also comments when I wear ripped/distressed jeans! "Oh no Mommy, your pants are ripped! You need new ones." Hahaha.

  7. Love your looks lately! I also saw on insta that you got white jeans at ON- do they fit well? I would love to get a pair but hate spending a lot of money. I didn't think to look there before!

  8. Seriously, Chris sounds so much like my husband..same sense of humor!
    I'm loving those to shop some of these links!

  9. I love that floral dress you have on in the first picture! It's so versatile and I would totally wear it to every event haha
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  10. Seriously you have the cutest outfits! I swear I wear the same thing every week. In fact, what I'm wearing now, I KNOW I wore last week lol. I get stuck on my favorite things and wear them over and over. I need to go through my closest and get rid of some stuff and get some new stuff that I love so I have a variety!

  11. Love all of your outfits, as always. I feel like I have never seen you wear the same thing twice!


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