The Adventure Starts Here: Happy Earth Day | Spending our days outside!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day | Spending our days outside!

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day was started to motivate people to action regarding environment issues.  While I'm all for making our Earth a better place, we personally celebrate the day by being outside and enjoying nature.  While we do recycle, I know there is so much more we could be doing.  All I have to do is ask my younger brother, who has drastically reduced his carbon footprint, and he could give me a million ways I could do more!  I honestly don't know how he does it!  But back to enjoying the great outdoors.  We have been fortunate enough to have had beautiful weather the past 2 weeks.   We've taken advantage of it by making daily trips to our neighborhood playground and spent most of our weekend outside!  

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to have a sunny day in the mid 70s.  Before knowing how beautiful it would be, we had planned to go to the zoo as a family.  While I have taken Noah many times (we have a membership), Chris hasn't been with us since Noah was a baby.  With the beautiful weather, we knew the zoo would be a popular destination.  We got there right as it opened and while it was busier than our usual weekday visits, it wasn't that bad.  The countless field trips can definitely be worse!  This zoo isn't large by any means and doesn't really have all the typical zoo animals.  But it is still fun to walk around looking at all the animals.  We usually go on the train and the carousel, but for some reason Noah had no interest in either this visit (Chris was seriously bummed).  

dress | vest - in khakisimilar | sneakers - in ivory and navy (another great option) | necklace - similar | bracelets
Noah's shirt

Noah showing the penguins his new penguin stuffed animal

Even though many of the animals were sleeping, we still had a good time.  While Noah was excited to see the goats and for Chris to feed them, he had no desire in doing it himself.  I think he was most disappointed that the mountain lions and wolves were sleeping.  Usually they are walking back and forth and its fun to watch through the glass.  The kangaroos, birds, and butterflies weren't even out yet... I guess it still isn't warm enough for them.  We did however enjoy watching the sea otters swim around and be fed.  

howling and showing the sleeping wolves his wolf stuffed animal

Noah lost interest in the zoo sooner than we expected and would have liked.  We told him we could go home but that we weren't wasting this beautiful day playing inside.  After a quick car nap, he snapped out of whatever mood he was in, and was happy to play outside and do some gardening the rest of the afternoon.  He was so excited to help Chris plant our daffodils and tulips.  They had just recently watched an Axel Show where they used a dump truck to help garden, so Chris and Noah had to do the same!  While our hoses are now all set up, they weren't on Sunday.  So Noah and I made plenty of trips inside to fill up our watering cans so we could water all of our pretty flowers.  Then it was time to plant our vegetable seeds.  While they will eventually be moved out to our raised beds, we are starting our seeds inside.  Noah loved guessing if each seed was going to be big or small.  He's most excited about the cucumbers, carrots, and summer squash :)  We finished our afternoon outside with some chalk art. Noah really loves to color and draw pictures inside, so I was excited that he got really into drawing all over the driveway as well.  We even taught him how to play hopscotch.  He can't really hop on one foot yet, but it was adorable to watch him hopping and counting from square to square :)

shorts | shirt - solid | sandals - similar 
Noah's apron and gloves are from the Target dollar section | Mickey watering can
Chris' shirt is from Costco of all places!

Today we will be spending the entire day outside... as long as the rain holds off.  Noah has a makeup soccer class this morning, then a play date at the park, and then it's off to a MOMS Club activity.  In honor of Earth Day, we are meeting at a playground and the kids are painting some flower pots.  I'm really excited to start our weekend outside!

Do you have any plans for Earth Day???


  1. What fun adventures! We haven't been to our zoo yet this year, but I can see that changing very soon! Happy Earth Day!

  2. I love how casual and cute your outfit at the zoo is! I never think to wear a utility vest but yours is perfect! I clicked over to Old Navy the last time you linked to that dress and they are sold out of most sizes. Boo. I might need to make a trip over there this weekend!

  3. Yes I am always telling my girls it is too nice to play inside. The good part about them being older and having a fence is than now I can kick them outside :P. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the weather. Have an awesome weekend!

  4. What a fun way to celebrate Earth Day! Question about carrot seeds, do you get full sized carrots from them? Im tempted to add some to our garden but dont have any experience with them and dont want to mess up lol.

  5. I was so bummed that it rained all day here on earth day, but we really needed it. Love all of the gardening pictures. So fun to spend quality time outside.

  6. What a fun trip to the zoo! I love that yours has Sea Otters. They’re fun to watch. Great pictures and I love your outfit. I love to see you guys gardening and planting flowers. I admire it, because I have no green thumb at all. The picture of your boys both mowing…so cute! And In the second one it looks like they are racing. Outdoor adventures are the best.


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