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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Noah was off on Spring Break this week.  First off, it feels super late for Spring Break.  Secondly, it doesn't really feel like Spring Break since Noah only goes to school 2 mornings a week.  Regardless, we had lots of play dates (scheduled and spontaneous), went to our usual swim school, and made a few trips to our neighborhood playground.  I also realized that I get a lot done during the 6 hours Noah's in school each week and will happy to get that time back next week.  This week, I thought I'd share with you some of my current favorite things.  I'm definitely ready for Spring and have been getting both Noah's and my wardrobe ready for warmer weather! 


Last week, I mentioned that I was headed to Old Navy to search for white jeans and distressed jeans.  I'm pleased to say that I had great success... I found both (and for a great price)!  While I haven't worn the white pair out in public yet (still too cold for white in my opinion) I have already worn the distressed pair twice this week!  I will tell you though that I bought one size up from what I normally wear in Loft jeans.  Not sure if it's just Old Navy sizing or if these jeans are meant to be tighter, but I wanted them to be comfortable, so I'm ignoring the size on the tag and going with it.

white jeans | distressed jeans


Last week, I saw a friend of mine at swim class.  She still has to get in the pool with her child (since she's under 3) and I loved the swim suit she was wearing.  So without trying to sound too creepy, I told her I loved her suit and asked where she got it from.  As it often is, Target was the answer!  So I immediately went online to find it (the black swim suit), and found this gorgeous paisley swim suit one as well.  I'm not really up for modeling the swimsuits myself, so this will have to do ;)


Noah started complaining that a few of his shoes were feeling a little tight.  So we made a trip to Nordstrom to pick out some new kicks.  The one pair he was particularly complaining about, were his gray Sperry's from last summer.  He doesn't wear them all the time, just when he's dressing up or for a dinner out when we want something more than his usual sneaker.  I was so excited to find these, because while they look like lace ups, it's actually a very large velcro flap!  Last time Noah got new shoes, we got him a pair of black Nikes that we just loved.  So when I saw the same sneakers in navy/orange, I knew we had to get them!  And finally, I ordered Noah these leather sandals off Zappos.  Noah's had the same sandals the last 2 years (we just keep ordering the next size up) and we love them!  While he's outgrown the exact same style, See Kai Run makes a very similar sandal for the new size range he's in now (he's wearing a 10/10.5 now).  He loves these sandals so much, that he's been wearing them around the house!  

sneakers | sperry's (similar) | sandals 


Noah recently got some new shirts from Old Navy.  Before I tried on some jeans, he wanted to go check out clothes for himself.  He picked out the supermancaptain america  and curious george shirts.  My mom had ordered the see you later alligator shirt online because that's what they always say to each other when she leaves.   So far, his hands down favorite is the Superman shirt (as you can see here)!   My mom also just recently found a Blaze shirt at our local Old Navy.  It wasn't there when I went last week and I can't find it online either.  I'm not sure who's more excited about it!!!

see you later alligator  | captain america | superman | curious george


Noah has been known to sport some pretty crazy yet amazing hair.  We are constantly getting comments about how much they love his hair.  From my mom friends, blog friends, to strangers in the grocery store.   It all began when he was about 16 months old and I started spiking his hair into a faux hawk.  We had a friend who's child was born with a full head of hair.  We asked her what she used (since she was basically styling an infant's hair) and she recommended this all natural Eco gel.  It's made from olive oil and has no alcohol in it.  We bought this big container 2 years ago and use it a multiple times a week.  This stuff is  absolutely amazing!  I use it for the faux hawk, to spike his entire head, as well as to keep his random cowlicks down.  What I love is that it holds the hair all day.  The gel even keeps his hairstyle in place through naps (when he still took one).  Below, I shared a picture of his hair right after I did it, and then again after he had worn his bicycle helmet.  It's a little messed up, but still going strong!  

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  1. Love the distressed jeans. I don't think I can wear white jeans. They'd get so dirty. I can't wait to see what you pair with them. The swim suits are great! Noah hair is amazing. I need to get some of that gel for Cam.

  2. Love the new jeans and swimwear! I need to look into that gel for my boys!

  3. I have to figure out Connor's hair. I want it long but it's super straight like mine so it's not the easiest to work with sometimes.

  4. Love your new items! So sad the white jeans were out of my size (tear). And cute bathing suits! I sometimes wish little boy and girl shoes came in my size, Id totally wear those velcro Sperry's. Noah has incredible hair!

  5. All great stuff! Love the shoes - my boys need some cute casual going out type shoes like the sperrys! And the tshirts are so cute. Also, his hair! I love it.

  6. Old Navy has been a bit off with their sizes lately. I got a couple pairs of skinny jeans there a few years ago and I went back to get more not too long ago. I ended up having to go up 2 sizes. It was a slightly different style, but still. I haven't gained any weight since the last time I bought jeans there, so it doesn't make sense. (Same thing happened with Gap recently too!) I LOVE See Kai Runs sandals for Mila. She had a pair last summer and I'm ordering the exact same ones in a bigger size for this summer. Noah's hair is awesome - I love how you style it!

  7. i love that gel!! AND your jeans!! i always forget out old navy for clothes for ME!!

  8. I love See Kai Run shoes! I get those for Elin as well. They are a little pricey but I think it's worth it for the quality!

  9. Love those Sperry's! Liam had a similar pair this winter that were brown, but I'm loving the gray for spring! And the amount of product I put in Liam's hair now that it is long is so ridiculous. I put a curling gel in the back to help it fit, and then some standard stuff in the front to keep his bangs out of his face. Talk about high maintenance!

  10. Love both pairs of pants you got. I need to get to Old Navy soon. And whoa…Noah hit the new shoes and new shirts jackpot. I just ordered Mason some summer shoes and can’t wait for them to come in. I am going to have to try that gel. Mason has the biggest cowlick and we can’t find anything that works on him. We say his hair has a mind of its own!

  11. So many cute clothes and shoes in this post. Y'all are ready for spring and summer now. I REALLY need to pick up a few more things for Marissa She outgrew a HUGE chunk of her clothes over the past year. We got a few hand me downs from cousins but not enough.


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