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Friday, April 8, 2016

Five on Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday!  We had quite the week.  We tried to make the best of our rainy days by playing in the puddles.  But we were relieved to get some random nice weather that allowed us to make a trip to the playground, even if we did have to bundle up for it!  In addition to school and swim class, we had a few playdates with friends and Noah saw both sets of grandparents!  We were hoping to take Noah to the zoo this weekend, but there's rain (and even a chance of snow) in the forecast.  Instead, we will be heading to our local AC Moore for another kids workshop we recently found out about.  We love going to the Home Depot one, so we thought we'd give this one a try too!  And this month, they are painting flower pots :)


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Today, I'm heading over to Old Navy.  This Spring, in order to make my shopping more purposeful, I came up with a wish list of sorts.  These are the items that I think will help complete my Spring wardrobe...

Green utility vest
6-10 inch shorts
Distressed Jeans
White Jeans (if I can ever find a pair that aren't see through)
Delicate tops

I've had luck finding a utility vest at Gap and some longer shorts at Loft,  so now I'm on a mission to find some jeans.  And as always, I'm on the look out for some cute and feminine tops.  I always like to peruse online before heading to the store so I don't just walk around aimlessly.  That's when I found this hat and purse so I definitely want to check them out in person too!  If you have a pair of white or distressed jeans that I must try, please let me know!!!


When Noah was in school this week, I spent some time going through our linen closets, our bathroom drawers, and organizing the extra toiletries we keep under our bed.  I got rid of a lot of extra makeup that I never wear and is just plain old as well as expired medicine.  I was amazed at how much "baby" medicine we still had and have no use for any more!  I was ruthless and kept only things I actually use.  It's so nice to have everything neatly organized instead of in a jumbled mess.  


I'm always looking for new recipes to try.  So when I found this chicken dish, I was excited to try it!  Unfortunately, I didn't have much success with it.  Not only was it just okay, but I ended up burning my hand!  The crazy thing is that I did the exact same thing two and a half years ago!  I think it has something to do with putting a frying pan in the oven.  When taking it out I have no problem remembering to use a pot holder.  But then once it's on the stove, my mind goes to auto pilot and forget that the handle will be hot.  And let me tell you that grabbing a piping hot metal handle hurts like hell!  I immediately screamed and started crying. Thank goodness Chris was home to make sure Noah didn't freak out and was able to make me an ice pack.  I literally had to keep the ice on it all evening and even fell asleep with it on.  I ended up using it again yesterday when it started hurting again.  I hope it doesn't scar!  And as for the recipe... Chris told me later that he would be happy if I never made it again.  Apparently the clean up was a *itch too!  


Noah recently got a new toy... the Gup X!  He's recently become a huge fan of the Octonauts show.   I actually like this show too... I have learned so much about marine life from it!  When we were at a recent play date, they had the GupX and Noah played with it the entire time!  We immediately ordered it on Amazon and saved it for a special treat (which doesn't mean much over here lol!).  Noah plays with it non-stop and gets so excited when they use the Gup X on the show!  

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  1. Aww, while jumping in puddles is fun I am hoping you guys get a break in the weather soon!! Trying to send some of this Texas sun your way. I hope the weather changes and that you guys are able to get to the zoo. I’m hoping for a zoo trip, too! That is a great list! I wish we had an Old Navy near us. And ordering online is so hard for me. My body is all kinds of weird shaped and I have to literally try on everything. Yikes, I hope your hand is feeling better. Burns are some of the worst kind of pain. I adore that last picture of Noah. You take such great photos, friend. I hope y’all have a nice and dry weekend!!

  2. I would totally have burnt my hand too. Ugh. I hope it heals fast. I have white jeans from Old Navy, and I don't think they are see through! Good luck!

  3. Oh burning yourself stinks! I totally wanted that Gap vest but the green is sold out online. :( Have a great weekend!


  4. I totally cleaned out my linen closet the other day. I ended up organizing everything and put it in clear shoe boxes (you can get them for like .94 from Target). I am so proud of how nice an clean it looks.
    And I have totally burnt myself the same you you have. What I ended up doing is just laying the pot holder (or oven mitt) over the handle once I take it out of the oven. That way I see and am like "oh yeah.... the handle is hot". ;)

  5. Loved the pictures from playing in puddles. So great! I'm so sorry you burned your hand. Ouch! I really hope it is feeling better and that it doesn't scar. Your closets look great. WAy to go momma. Have a great weekend.

  6. I burnt my finger a few weeks ago and I swear it was worse than giving birth! I just ordered some things from ON and can't wait to get them in the mail. I'm in need of some summer clothes so HOPEFULLY what I bought online works.

  7. I've been loving your rainy day photos. And I really want a pair of white jeans, but I think I'm crazy! They would just be so impractical for me right now!

  8. Oh goodness I would take one of each of those tops you shared, so freaking cute. I am THE WORST at burning myself. I barely bumped my wrist on the edge of a frying pan, my elbow flew up in the air and I smacked the crap out of it on the hood vent. What the heck?!

    I hope your weekend was awesome.


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