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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mommy Style | Mom Style Remix - Sneakers

Personally, my style is all about combining fashion with comfort.  As much as I might like a new trend, if it isn't comfortable, it isn't for me.  Since having Noah, I think I've only worn heels a handful of times, and it's usually for a wedding.  At 5'6", not wearing heels really isn't a big deal to me.  Don't get me wrong, when I was working in the corporate world, I wore heels almost every single day.  And I had beautiful heels... round toe, pointy toe, open toe, and almost always 3 1/2 inches tall.  And while those heels don't really fit into my current lifestyle, it wouldn't matter anyway. My feet grew when I was pregnant and never shrunk back down... so I can't wear those beautiful heels even if I wanted to.

As I started growing my shoe collection from scratch, I decided to spend my money on shoes that not only do I love, but also that I know I'll get a lot of use out of.  In the Winter, I wear boots most of the time.  Riding boots, ankle booties, and snow boots.  In the Summer, I live in flat and strappy sandals.  In the Spring and Fall, my preferred footwear is a sneaker (or slip on espadrille).  I am so glad that there are so many sneaker options right now.  Gone are the days that we have to wear our "gym shoes" out in public... there are so many cute alternatives now!  While I love the look of lace up sneakers, I also love my slip on sneakers because they are so darn convenient!  Since I wear sneakers almost every single day, I decided to get a few different pairs so I always have a pair that goes with my outfit.  In my opinion, the four pairs I own are the perfect variety... colorful lace up New Balance sneakers, a neutral pair of lace ups, a pair of navy striped slip on sneakers (these come in handy when I'm not wearing black), and a pair of leopard print slip ons (these really add something to a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit).   

For this first outfit, I thought it would be fun to pair my New Balance sneakers with just a simple black tee and jeans.  I don't know about you, but as a mom, I often end up grabbing a t-shirt and jeans.  While it's comfortable, it needs a little jazzing up to go from blah to wow!  I drew inspiration from the colorful details (and laces) in the sneakers and decided to echo the neon colors in my jewelry.  A purple watch, some tassel bracelets, and a neon pink necklace all help make this simple outfit a little more special.  My favorite part is that this outfit is so comfortable.  It is perfect to wear during the week when running around with your kids.  School drop off, running errands, or a trip to the playground.  The pops of color in the sneakers and accessories make you look put together while remaining totally practical for a casual lifestyle.  

jeans | t-shirt (similar) | sneakers (another fun option) | necklace (in coral, new style)
bracelets (I'm wearing neon here but own both sets)
watch (old Marc Jacobs, similar, cheaper option)

And while it's still too cold over here to bare my legs, I'm very excited to wear this outfit when the temperature rises.  I love wearing dresses in the summer with sandals, but always shied away from them in the Spring and Fall because I never knew what shoe to wear.  I love that wearing sneakers with dresses is currently in style as it will open up so many options for my spring wardrobe.  And once again, comfort is key.  I took a simple jersey dress and added a green utility vest for some extra warmth and added interest.  Once it gets a little warmer, I plan to wear this for a day at the zoo or a weekend away.   

Side note: I often order these types of dresses in Tall so that I get a little extra length.  

necklace (similar, I want to add this one to my collection next!)

And here's a look at some more of my recent outfits... I've linked all the details in the past posts.  You can see that I wear slip on sneakers a lot... leopard and blue stripe!  

navy stripe sneakers | leopard sneakers (mine are old from Gap, but these are a cute option)

How do you like to wear sneakers?

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  1. I love how you paired the utility vest with the dress and sneakers! Not that I wear many dresses (dang legs!!! ;) but I completely appreciate the comfort factor.

  2. Love all of the sneakers and the outfits. You are so creative with your clothes. I feel like I do the same thing every time. Boo! I need you to come look in my closet and create my outfits.

  3. I almost never wear sneakers other than at the gym. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I feel like your style has really been developing over the course of these mommy style posts! I love the tip about adoring a size tall for the added length in dresses!

  5. I'm loving all the sneaker options out there right now too, and I totally agree with justifying multiple pairs based on frequency of use :) A dress/tennie combo is a favorite of mine right now, and you make it even better with the vest on top - so cute! All are such great examples of how to make comfortable/practical "mom" items look really cute and stylish. Thanks for joining in!

  6. Oh, I'm a fan of comfort!! Love those NB sneaks. I need some leopard print slip-ons. I got some gray converse last year, I think they are going to be my go-to this spring (but my Toms usually beat everything else out). I like the look paired with that swing dress + vest!!

  7. The dress outfit, SO cute! I LOVE how well it works together I would never think to put those pieces as an outfit. I love how practical and comfy tennis shoes are.

  8. I love all of your outfit selections but I especially LOVE the dress, vest, and sneakers! I NEVER think to pair sneakers with a dress but it totally works and you look great!

  9. You are adorable in anything you put on! But I am loving all of these ideas. I have quite a few dresses like that and I never thought to pair them with sneakers. You can bet I will be doing this soon! Thanks, friend.

  10. I am so the same way - while I've never been a heel-wearer, I usually stick to boots in the fall/winter, and flats/sandals in the spring/summer. Sneakers have been new territory for me, but they're surprisingly versatile! You really show that in these outfits. Two very different and very cute looks! I love how the dress is casual enough for everyday wear, but stylish too, and a way to not wear jeans (my staple) ;) I also love your looks with the striped and leopard sneakers.


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